United Kingdom in Denial

Sir Alex Ferguson

The England National football team is the joint oldest in the world; it was formed at the same time as the Scotland National football team. A representative match between England and Scotland was played on the 5th of March 1870, having been organised by the Football Association. Now I’m no expert when it comes to the United Kingdom and will focus mainly on some statistics which are quite interesting to me. 

I’ll start with Sir Alex Ferguson who was 12 years old in 1954 when Uruguay beat Scotland 7-0 at the World Cup which was the worst defeat by Scotland ever. Then there was the game on the 13th of June 1986 in Nezahualcoyotl, a suburb of Mexico City for the World Cup. Scotland needed to win to progress to the next round of 16 and Uruguay just needed a draw. Sir Alex was coach of Scotland and Uruguay had a reputation for being a physical team. The end result was 0-0 with Uruguay playing with 10 men after the quickest red card to date at any World Cup game, as it took the French referee Joel Quiniou 56 seconds to show the red card to Jose Batista (Uruguay).

The hot head Ferguson chewing gum, his face flushed with anger (or could have been the alcohol?), told reporters at the press conference after the game that the Uruguayan players were a disgrace to football (a word also used to attack Suarez 25 years later), and went even further with the phrase: “What else could be expected of players from that cursed nation !” However, Ferguson was not sanctioned by FIFA for that outburst. Is it possible for the Scot with a title awarded by the British Crown capable of such grievances against a whole nation?

For those that are too young to remember below is the footage of the 0-0 draw and another interview with some of the Scotland players. Gordon Strachan clearly states that Scotland were just not good enough!!!!

Sure you could say that Scotland have a small population of 5.2 million and that could easily explain why they have never got passed the first round in the World Cup and why they have never got passed the last 8 in the European Championship. Now look at Uruguay with a population of 3.2 million who have the following record; 2 Gold Medals at the Olympics; 2 World Cups; record 15 Copa Americas!

The United Kingdom are in crisis as England with only “One World Cup” to their name have just lost Fabio Capello as coach who had a 66.7% win rate, which no other coach in the history of the England Football National team can beat. (Not even Sir Alf Ramsey can beat Capello’s record).

Another Italian is in charge of the Republic of Ireland, who if not for a Henry handball nearly got them to the 2010 World Cup. Giovanni Trapattoni has a 42% win rate which is nothing to sneeze at. Not bad for a team that suffered it’s worst loss in it’s history in 1982 going down to Brazil 7-0.

I wont even discuss Wales who have only qualified for one world cup in 1958 and made it to the quarter finals and have never qualified for the European Championships. I also apologise in advance if I have left any countries out that should be included in the United Kingdom but I’m sure their record is dreadful anyway!!!

England now have a caretaker coach of Stuart Pearce who has started with a 0% win rate! The English FA is still to appoint a National Coach with the European Championships just around the corner. England will be facing France, Sweden and Ukraine; while the Republic of Ireland will be facing Spain, Italy and Croatia.

Scotland did not qualify for the European Championships and its no wonder why Sir Alex Ferguson in his rage would want to attack Luis Suarez, a football player from Uruguay. Just like the way he treated Diego Forlan, Sir Alex continues with his depression with his National Team of Scotland. Really it’s enough for anyone to start drinking!!!

El Maestro