Five Reasons to Believe

Ghiggia predicted the 5-0 scoreline
Ghiggia predicted the 5-0 scoreline

Ghiggia predicted the 5-0 scoreline between Uruguay and Jordan and now more than ever there is reason to believe.

Here are five reasons in pictures:

Mono Periera scored the first goal against Jordan
Mono Pereira scored the first goal against Jordan
Cristian Stuani scored the second against Jordan
Cristian Stuani scored the second against Jordan
Lodiero scored the third against Jordan
Lodeiro scored the third against Jordan
Cebolla scored the fourth against Jordan
Cebolla scored the fourth against Jordan
El Matador scored the fifth goal against Jordan
El Matador scored the fifth goal against Jordan

I urge all the Jordanian players, coaching staff, fans and journalists to come to Montevideo to celebrate with Uruguay. It’s going to be an experience you will never forget. Everyone will be partying like it’s 1950 again. You will be playing in the stadium where the first World Cup was held and playing in the country where the first World Cup was won by Uruguay.

Don’t worry about the result as it really doesn’t mean much considering all the world’s troubles. Football for Uruguay is something more than a game and helps people forget all the daily issues that they need to deal with, it’s an escape from reality and the passion will be there.

The stadium won’t be as intimidating as it usually is, sure the people will be passionate but it’s not like it would be if it was the first game. Now with a five goal start and considering they are five away goals which count as two, everyone will be very calm and enjoying it as a spectacle.

Jordan come and enjoy the food, music, beaches, port and make sure you visit the Museum of Futbol………


Kanguro Soccer

Football Australia Best Player of All Time
Football Australia Best Player of All Time
Harry Kewell

The above picture is of Harry Kewell after the 1997 (2-2) draw to Iran in Melbourne in the World Cup Qualifier for France 1998. Australia had a 1-1 draw in Iran and did not qualify to France 1998 on the away goal rule. Both Iran and Australia ended up 3-3 on aggregate however Iran scored two away goals which sent them to France.

The following qualification campaign play off was against Uruguay. Australia won the first game in Melbourne 1-0 thanks to a Muscat penalty and then Australia lost 3-0 to Uruguay in Montevideo to once again not qualify for the 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup.

Australia had not qualified to the World Cup since 1974 and once again ended up having to qualify via a play off with Uruguay. The first game was in Montevideo and Uruguay won 1-0. The second game was played at Stadium Australia and Australia won the game 1-0 and as the aggregate was 1-1 the game went into extra time. Still 1-1 after extra time the game went into a  penalty shootout which Australia won 4-2 to make the Germany 2006 World Cup after a 32 year absence.

For the 2010 South Africa World Cup Australia was now in the Asian Confederation and qualified first in the group who had Japan (Qualified 2nd), Bahrain, Qatar and Uzbekistan.

Now for the 2014 Brazil World Cup Australia (24th in the World) will play against Iran (48th in the World) and Iraq (84th in the World). The games will be played at the same stadium that Australia beat Uruguay to qualify for the 2006 Germany World Cup. I can understand the Football Federation using this marketing strategy as it was the greatest Australian Soccer moment. In reality there is no way you can compare Uruguay (4th in the World) to the games that Australia will play. Australia being in Asia has actually made it far more simpler to qualify for the World Cup and has made it difficult to have anybody too excited about the upcoming games. Now you have Brett Emerton offering all sorts of discounts in the hope that the stadium will be full. The reality Brett is there no comparison to the Uruguay game but I wish you all the luck in the world.

The other issue I have with the FFA (Football Federation Australia) is the current administration selection. First we had a Rugby Union man, next an AFL man and now a Rugby League man. These codes are not only learning from the inside how FIFA work but are infiltrating our game with no real benefits to Football Australia. Look at the current mess with the Western Sydney Wanderers from wanting to cover up the Legendary Ray Price Statute at Parramatta Park to bringing the team into the league in a hurry to offset the Greater Western Sydney Giants AFL team.

All the FFA considers is whether there are any ethnic connections to a team. When you look at the current teams that established football in Australia it was only a few that caused issues. One team I can think of that never had any issues would be Marconi in Sydney’s west. Lets look at that team. Marconi have their own Stadium, their own Club, their own training facilities, their own parking. The FFA will say but they have the Italian colours? Italian fans? However when I look at the current A League teams they seem to be very United Kingdom in their fan base which is one of the reasons I have not renewed my Sydney FC membership. I don’t feel in any way part of Sydney FC as they have slowly distanced themselves from my support. Only now that they have competition from the West have they started offering better membership packs and offers.

Once again administrative Football in Australia works on reactive plays and not pro-active plays. FFA you don’t need to fear any of the other football codes. Rugby League, AFL, Union and Cricket will always be the number one sports in Australia. You need to respect these sports and focus only on Football. Legends like Ray Price should be respected as they represent a time when many respected Rugby League and I believe it was the best time for Rugby League before the Super League destroyed the game. No FEAR FFA as football will always BE.

Ray Price Statue
Ray Price Statue

The World Game No More

Johnny Warren and Les Murray
Johnny Warren and Les Murray

The time has come to say adios to The World Game on SBS. In the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s the program was a love and hate affair for me. In those days I could only see futbol from the BBC (ABC), which was an English Premier League program and then there was SBS. Not only did you need a special antenna to watch the channel but it was also dependent on the weather. SBS were and still are a European based futbol show. I have previously sent letters, phone calls and now with social media have had my fair share of criticism of the lack of South American coverage.

I finally received a response many a year ago from SBS advising me that it’s a case of demographics (not in writing but over the phone). Australia has 1.1 million residents from the United Kingdom, half a million from New Zealand and 220 thousand from Italy. Compare that to 30 thousand from Argentina, 30 thousand from Chile and 10 thousand from Uruguay. All television programs live by their ratings and it would be in SBS’s interest to show a friendly game between England and Liechtenstein instead of a Copa America group game between Argentina and Brazil.

For this same reason The World Game was quick to get on the bandwagon of the Suarez incident and why they were very quiet when it came to the John Terry incident. Les Murray wrote a blog called Why Suarez is a Racist I wonder what Johnny Warren would have thought of that? Francis Awaritefe born in England was also quick to jump on the racist bandwagon. However when I ask any of the SBS journalists if it’s ok for Evra to say things about Suarez’s sister or to call him Sudaca (Derogatory term to South Americans) then there is silence.

SBS wants to be on the side of the 1.1 million Brits then the 80 thousand odd South Americans. I don’t see the same type of articles written about John Terry. Not only was his trial set after the Euros but then quickly ended with no action. I don’t hear Francis Awaritefe or Les Murray have much to say on that matter.

It actually feels fantastic to remove all the World Game journalist’s from my twitter and Facebook accounts. I no longer watch any of the SBS futbol programs which is quite a relief not hearing Craig Foster, especially David Zdrilic and/or Les Murray. We live in a time when I can watch the futbol and programs I want, and I choose to switch SBS off. I certainly wont be affecting their ratings but it feels great.

My last discussion on an SBS related article, was relating to the booing that Suarez got. During London 2012 the Great Britain crowd tried to boo their way to a Gold Medal as they booed Suarez at every game even booing him during the Uruguayan National Anthem. They booed South Korea when they took the penalties that eventually knocked Team Great Britain out. Amazingly they booed Neymar the next super star of World Futbol in the game between Brazil and Honduras.

Brazilian coach Mano Menezes said: “Possibly the reaction of the crowd was connected with the potential of a Team GB semi-final”. “The booing of Neymar is to do with the cultural values of the British crowd and what they expect on a pitch. Neymar needs to learn how to deal with this. The booing is normal.”

What I find interesting is that everyone is just dismissing the booing. What about FIFA Fair Play? What about the Olympic code? What about the English FA doing something about it? Instead what we have is everyone trying to resolve the issue themselves. First there were the Liverpool fans wearing T-Shirts supporting Suarez (You’ll never walk alone). Then there was Kenny Dalglish who was apparently sacked for the way he handled the Suarez incident by the Liverpool owner John W Henry. Now current coach Brendan Rogers has told Suarez to move on and put the Evra incident behind him. Well Brendan how can Suarez move on if the crowds are booing him at every game? How can he move on if Journalists continue to ask him if the booing is affecting him?

Now because of the constant questions about the booing Suarez has decided to say they must be booing me because they are afraid of me. If you believe this like Matt Price of SBS who actually believes that Suarez doesn’t realize that the booing is because of the racist tag. Typical blog entry from The World Game. Well Matt it’s actually because he doesn’t want to talk about Evra and has been asked to not talk about Evra.

The Liverpool fans have now started with signs that read:

Boo if you're scared of Suarez

We Won They Lost

Uruguay Lineup against Great Britain
Uruguay Lineup against Great Britain London 2012 Olympics

When Uruguay win we say ” We Won” and when Uruguay lose we say “They Lost”. Today Uruguay lost 1-0 against Great Britain at the London Olympics which sends Uruguay out of the tournament at the group stage. To be disappointed you need to have an expectation. My disappointment happened during the UAE game as I could see that Uruguay were not playing well and both strikers of Suarez and Cavani were out of touch. This concern was never resolved by el Maestro as the pair were unable to score at London 2012. On paper Uruguay looked strong in attack but on the field Uruguay were weak in defense and out of touch in attack. The midfield was held together by el Cacha however there were no other defensive midfielders to get the ball back and maintain possession.

I did not expect Uruguay to win today as in the previous two games el Maestro could not resolve the issues with the substitutions. Today however el Maestro froze and only made one substitution which was Lodiero for Vuidez. Sure we had chances to score but for the whole of the second half we knew we needed to score two goals without conceding to progress to the next round and Tabarez did very little!

The stage was set for Suarez to silence the stadium and in return knock Great Britain out of the Olympics. I have written previous blog entries stating that the decider was going to be against Great Britain and if Suarez was there he would score and that he would be booed. What affected me the most (being Uruguayan) was hearing the crowd in Wales today boo the Uruguayan National Anthem. This is a disgrace not only for the Olympic Football Tournament but for Great Britain as hosts. It reminded me of the game against Australia back in 2005 when the Australian crowd booed the Uruguayan National Anthem.

Suarez commented after the game that booing the Uruguayan National Anthem was disrespectful to the Olympians of Uruguay. Interesting to see that the FA, FIFA and the Olympic Committee do not comment with regards to this type of unsportsmanlike behavior. If it affects me I can only imagine what it does to the players on the field.

Uruguayan National Anthem
Uruguayan National Anthem

Having said that, Uruguay did not play well and did not deserve to progress in the tournament. What Uruguay did do was give it all they had. Remember this is an under 23 team who has gained valuable experience at an international tournament. These are young players that will slowly be introduced to the National Team. They got Uruguay to the Olympics which is a great achievement considering we have to knock out either Brazil or Argentina to qualify.

Well done muchachos and thank you.

Olympian Diego Rodriguez
Olympian Diego Rodriguez

Vamos Que Vamos

Vamos Que Vamos
Vamos Que Vamos

What a difference a week makes. After the draw with Venezuela I read many a negative comment about the way Uruguay played, about the state of the pitch, about the referee, about the coach and the players. Then one week later all is forgotten as Uruguay after leading 2-0 and comfortably against Peru found themselves level (2-2) in an 8 minute spell. El Maestro made some early changes introducing Gaston Ramirez and Cristian Rodriguez for Diego Forlan and Alvaro Pereira, they changed the course of the game.

A great goal by Rodriguez after a fantastic header by Coates made it 3-2 to Uruguay. Then El Maestro made another sub to close the game bringing on Sebastian Eguren on for Luis Suarez. Eguren ended up closing the game by scoring Uruguay’s fourth goal. Uruguay 4-2 Peru.

Uruguay played much better then the game against Venezuela and ended up with 3 crucial points to maintain at the top of the qualification campaign. On the other hand Venezuela played at home and lost 2-0 to Chile. That’s the difference as a team like Venezuela needs to win at home but was not able to stop the Chilean’s in a game where Venezuela could not sit back and just kick the ball out. At some stage you need to try to win a game and Venezuela was lost.

Now we turn our attention to the Final/s of the Uruguayan Championship between Defensor and Nacional. It’s a complicated system but to put it simply, Defensor needs to win on Saturday to force another 2 games. If Defensor lose on Saturday and there must be a result including penalty kicks, then Nacional will be crowned Champions of Uruguay.

Past Present and Future

Past Present and Future
Past Present and Future

It was great to be at the Uruguay vs Venezuela game and witness the 1-1 draw here in Montevideo. If you only hear the result you might find it worrying, however being at the game brings great confidence. To watch Venezuela play reminds me of watching a team play against Barcelona, not much technique or skill but really talented at kicking the ball out or defending with the whole team in your own penalty box and continually wasting time . Now I’m not saying by any means that Uruguay play like Barcelona, especially the way they played against Venezuela but I could see the Vino Tinto were parking a fleet of buses.

To see Venezuela celebrate the draw as if they have qualified for the World Cup and the way in which they played the game, clearly shows exactly what Uruguay will be up against from now on. When a team becomes the 2nd best team in the World like Uruguay, little teams like Venezuela who have never qualified for the World Cup or won a Copa America will defend for their lives. There is nothing wrong with that, as the Vino Tinto don’t have anything else. Sure they could qualify for the World Cup for the first time in their history but they will only be there to participate and nothing more.

Uruguay on the other hand are there to win the World Cup and have the players to do it. Just imagine if that World Cup Semi Final against Holland in 2010 we had Lugano in defense and Suarez in the attack. What a different game it could have been. Uruguay have one game in hand and now play Peru at home. Even if we are to draw or lose, everybody has to relax as it’s a long qualification campaign. There is no crisis here. What there is, is a chance to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and we all know what happened last time the World Cup was held in Brazil.

Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!

Uruguay No Mas!!!
Uruguay No Mas!!!

15 Games Undefeated Record

Record Uruguayo

El Maestro creates history once again with La Celeste reaching 15 games undefeated with today’s friendly result against Russia 1-1. The majority of the games have been away games and against reputable opposition, so a well deserved Congratulations to Oscar Tabarez. Another record that could easily be broken is Uruguay’s all time leading goal scorer with Diego Forlan on 32 goals and with Luis Suarez scoring today against Russia which brings him to 27 goals equaling the great Óscar Omar Miguez Antón who was part of the 1950 World Cup winning team and played for Peñarol. Lucho will have an opportunity to score some more goals when Uruguay play Venezuela and Peru in the coming weeks.

Otro Gol de Suarez

Uruguay was in auto pilot for most parts of the game against Russia and el Maestro did not stray from the starting line up. It seemed he was not interested in trying different players but seemed to want to give players like Lugano and Forlan playing time. Uruguay seemed lazy in attack with Cavani being played out of position, Forlan out of touch and Suarez the most dangerous in the attack. The midfield was strong and the defense shaky at times.

Uruguayan Lineup against Russia

After a long European season for most of the Uruguayan players it’s understandable that they seemed to be in tourist mode for this game. Lets hope they get it together in time for the two World Cup Qualifiers against Venezuela and Peru.

Uruguay in Russia

The Price of Oil

The Price of Oil

The price of oil has had a direct impact on the Uruguayan League. Peñarol made the Copa Libertadores Final in 2011 and now not only find themselves out of the Copa Libertadores but also out of the Uruguayan League Championship. After Peñarol lost the Clasico there has been a lot of talk about sacking the President of Peñarol. In all fairness I have to sympathize with the Peñarol President. At the start of the Uruguayan Championship which is played in two stages called the Opening (Apertura) and Closing (Clausura) Championships Peñarol found themselves without a coach as Diego Aguirre was lured to the Qatar League with money that only the price of oil could achieve.

One of the decisions that Diego Aguirre made was to release Tony Pacheco from Peñarol. Pacheco is a Peñarol Legend and was treated disrespectfully in my opinion. I always believe that the coach decides on the players and the system so I was satisfied that Tony Pacheco should leave, as the coach did not see him in his plans. The problem I have is Diego Aguirre making the decision to release Pacheco who signed for Wanderers and then Diego Aguirre decides to leave Peñarol after only a few games and sign for Al-Rayyan Sports Club. Once again I can understand Diego looking after his families interest but all the great work that he accomplished in 2011 has now been destroyed in 2012. The loss in the Clasico which knocked Peñarol out of the Uruguayan Championship came from a legend player called Alvaro Recoba who scored the winner from a free kick. 

Peñarol’s legend and free kick specialist Tony Pacheco is playing for Wanderers thanks to Diego Aguirre and that was the difference in the Clasico as Nacional were able to bring on Recoba and Peñarol had no one with the type of experience that is required in this type of game. 

Tony Pacheco

Recoba the difference

Both Presidents have been critised as Nacional is out of all cup competitions and is now on the verge of playing the Uruguayan Championship Finals, which is all they have left for 2012. The teams are always having players sold and the coaches having to adapt with the players they have and the budget that is available. Peñarol is in the process of buying land to build a stadium and has found itself going through 4 coaches during the current Uruguayan Championship. Now the new coach Jorge da Silva will have time to build a new team for 2013 and lets hope the price of oil doesn’t have another major impact on Peñarol!!!!

Los Presidentes

Now the focus moves from El Clasico

El Clasico

To Uruguay vs Russia (Friendly)

Uruguay No Mas!!!


When a Dream becomes a Legend, Montevideo (God Bless You) is the story of La Celeste. Well it would have been if I was the director. The stars of the movie Montevideo; El Maestro, Diego Lugano, Edison Cavani, Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez. The story will continue next month when I make the epic journey to Montevideo to watch La Celeste play in two World Cup qualifiers on Uruguayan soil. It’s the only time in the qualifiers that La Celeste play two games in Montevideo within one week. Uruguay will play Venezuela on the 2nd of June and against Peru on the 10th of June at El Estadio Centenario.

Then tonight the journey continues with Luis Suarez playing in the FA Cup Final for Liverpool against Chelsea. There is never a dull moment with Suarez and I’m hoping for a huge game from him and let’s hope he can also make it as controversial as possible so that the English press can sell as many newspapers and magazines as possible. Come on Luis maybe instead of preventing a goal with your hands try a Maradona, in honour of Las Malvinas!!!

Edison Cavani also has an important game against Bologna in an attempt for Napoli to make the magical 3rd spot in the Seria A. Cavani also has the Copa Italia Final to play later this month against Juventus. Diego Forlan will probably not be part of the Milan derby when Inter Milan meet AC Milan in a game that could decide the Seria A. Depending on the Juventus result, a win is the only option for AC Milan. Diego Lugano doesn’t seem to be in Carlo Ancelotti’s plans for Paris Saint-Germain and Oscar Tabarez will be studying all things London Olympics with some World Cup qualifiers on the side.


Luis Suarez is the current leading goal scorer in the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers and was the best player at the Copa America 2011. Keeping the unique record of best player titles in La Cop America.

Luis Suarez (Uruguay) – 2011

Robinho (Brazil) – 2007

Adriano (Brazil) – 2004

Amado Guevara (Honduras) – 2001

Rivaldo (Brazil) – 1999

Ronaldo (Brazil) – 1997

Enzo Francéscoli (Uruguay) – 1995

Sergio Goycochea (Argentina) – 1993

Leonardo Rodríguez (Argentina) – 1991

Ruben Sosa (Uruguay) – 1989

Carlos Valderrama (Colômbia) – 1987

It will be great to see Luis lift the FA Cup.

Vamos Lucho Vamos Carajo!!!

God save the Queen

It sure has been an interesting morning for all Uruguayans. I got to see Luis Suarez score three goals in the Premier League, Edison Cavani score against Roma for Napoli and thanks to YouTube, watched the first half of the Uruguayan Sub 23 game against Egypt which ended 0-0. There is no doubt in my mind that 2 of the 3 over age players for the London Olympics have to be Suarez and Cavani. Luis Suarez during the game against Norwich was constantly booed every time he touched the ball. This has been happening to Luis ever since the Evra incident. I guess if Luis ever wanted to make a documentary it could easily be called “This is England”.

A country that has crucified Luis for the Evra incident and has avoided the John Terry incident by deferring his case until after the 2012 Euro Championship. If John Terry is found guilty will the English public also boo him at every game? Every time he touches the ball? Every time he plays for England? Is racism in England dependent on who the player is?

To have Luis Suarez playing at the Olympics at Old Trafford with the whole crowd booing him will be a great example of what England really is. Luis Suarez is very strong mentally and the more the crowd boos him the closer he will come to scoring. I’m confident that Suarez will be booed throughout the tournament and lets hope when Uruguay receives the Gold Medal the English will play the Uruguayan anthem as loud as possible (at 11).

Now lets look at the players that would make my under 23 Uruguayan Olympic Squad:

Luis Suárez (25) Liverpool, England

Luis Suárez

Edinson Cavani (25) Napoli, Italy

Edinson Cavani

Egidio Arévalo Ríos (29) Club Tijuana, Mexico

Egidio Arévalo Ríos

Abel Hernández (21) Palermo, Italy

Abel Hernández

Sebastián Coates (21) Liverpool, England

Sebastián Coates

Tabaré Viudez (22) Nacional, Uruguay

Tabaré Viudez

Matías Aguirregaray (23) Palermo, Italy

Matías Aguirregaray

Diego Polenta (20) Bari, Italy

Diego Polenta

Gastón Ramírez (21)  Bologna, Italy

Gastón Ramírez

Nicolás Lodeiro (23) Ajax,  Holland

Nicolás Lodeiro

Jonathan Urretaviscaya (22) Vitória S.C, Portugal

Jonathan Urretaviscaya

Adrián Luna (20) CE Sabadell FC,  Autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain

Adrián Luna

Juan Cruz Mascia (18) Nacional, Uruguay

Juan Cruz Mascia

Leandro Cabrera (20) CD Numancia, Spain

Leandro Cabrera

Martín Campaña (22) Cerro Largo, Uruguay

Martín Campaña

Starting with Martín Campaña from Cerro Largo there is no need to think of Muslera as an over age Goalkeeper option. From what I have seen Martín is more than capable of performing exceptionally at the Olympic Tournament. In defense there is no need to think of Lugano as an over age option with Sebastián Coates who is only 21 years old and is prime to continue in the Montero, Lugano style.

So that leaves the midfield to consider for an over age player. I can not look past Egidio Arévalo Ríos (El Cacha) as the third over age player. I have posted a video of El Cacha highlighting the work he performs in the midfield. We need someone with both World Cup and Copa America experience in the midfield and what a great option El Cacha would make. There has been calls for Forlan to be included but I believe we have two under age options which are capable of a great tournament (Tabaré Viudez and Nicolás Lodeiro). Either Viudez or Lodeiro can play the number 10 role as creative midfielder or play maker.

The attack would naturally be Suárez  and Cavani as the over age players and a nice option of Abel Hernández who is only 21 on the bench. I also would like to throw in an 18-year-old by the name of Juan Cruz Mascia, as I like to have a balance of youth and experience. This sure looks like a Champion team and all I can say to England is:

“God save the Queen”!!!


A flashback, or involuntary recurrent memory, is a psychological phenomenon in which an individual has a sudden, usually powerful, re-experiencing of a past experience or elements of a past experience. These experiences can be happy, sad, exciting, or any other emotion one can consider. Brazil are hosting the 2014 World Cup and the closer we come to 2014, the more flashbacks that are occurring in Brazil. For those that don’t know, the last time that Brazil hosted the World Cup in 1950 they ended up losing the last game 2-1 to Uruguay. It was a different tournament to the modern format as four teams qualified for the last stage in which everyone played each other once.

The teams that qualified for the last stage were Uruguay, Brazil, Spain and Sweden. By the time the last game was to be played between Brazil and Uruguay, Brazil were on 4 points and Uruguay on 3 points. The results were Uruguay 2-2 Spain; Brazil 7-1 Sweden; Brazil 6-1 Spain; Uruguay 3-2 Sweden; Sweden 3-1 Spain (2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw). This meant that Brazil with only a draw would win the World Cup! Brazil lost 2-1 against Uruguay and Uruguay were the World Cup winners for a second time.

Psychologists all around Brazil have reported a jump in cases relating to flashbacks of intense sadness and fear attributed to that 1950 game at the Maracana Stadium. The fear is causing havoc in the preparations for the 2014 World Cup. Builders and tradesmen have fallen to the Flashback condition and have not been able to work as the fear has left some paralyzed. This has left the preparations for the World Cup in a dangerous situation where FIFA have had to step in and publicly criticize the 2014 World Cup committee. Seven out of the twelve stadiums are in serious trouble and might not be ready by 2014. Ricardo Teixeira (President of the CBF) has resigned from the 2014 World Cup committee stating health issues (Flashbacks?!!!).

There is also an issue with FIFA relating to the sale of alcohol in the stadiums, which at present is illegal in Brazil. FIFA has asked for a Government ruling to allow alcohol to be sold only for the World Cup month. The Brazilians are worried that with the current Flashback issue and the Brazilian fans drinking alcohol could lead to depression and despair if Brazil are to lose again on home soil.

Not many people are aware of the next fact but Brazil’s biggest defeat was 6-0 against Uruguay at Viña del Mar, Chile on the 18th of September 1920. Mano Menezes (Brazil NT Coach) will hope that the Flashbacks don’t begin and the fear starts settling into his DNA.

Will Mano make it to 2014?

Mano Menezes
Mano Menezes

Now lets look at the Brazilian World Cup preparations so far:

1-0 loss to France (February 9, 2011 Saint-Denis, France)

2-0 Win to Scotland (March 27, 2011 London, England)

0-0 Draw to Netherlands (June 4, 2011 Goiânia, Brazil)

1-0 Win to Romania (June 7, 2011 São Paulo, Brazil)

0-0 Draw to Venezuela (July 3, 2011 La Plata, Argentina)

2-2 Draw to Paraguay (July 9, 2011 Córdoba, Argentina)

4-2 Win to Ecuador (July 13, 2011 Córdoba, Argentina)

Lost 2-0 on Penalties after a 0-0 Draw to Paraguay (July 17, 2011 La Plata, Argentina)

3-2 Loss to Germany (August 10, 2011 Stuttgart, Germany)

1-0 Win to Ghana (September 5, 2011 London, England)

0-0 Draw to Argentina (September 14, 2011 Córdoba, Argentina)

2-0 Win to Argentina (September 28, 2011 Belém, Brazil)

1-0 Win to Costa Rica (October 7, 2011 San José, Costa Rica)

2-1 Win to Mexico (October 11, 2011 Torreón, Mexico)

2-0 Win to Gabon (November 10, 2011 Libreville, Gabon)

2-0 Win to Egypt (November 14, 2011 Doha, Qatar)

2-1 Win to Bosnia and Herzegovina (February 28, 2012 St. Gallen, Switzerland)

With the following friendly games for the rest of 2012

Denmark (22 May 26, 2012 Hamburg, Germany)

United States (May 30, 2012 Landover, United States)

Mexico (June 3, 2012 Arlington, United States)

Argentina (June 9, 2012 East Rutherford, United States)

Sweden (August 15, 2012 Solna, Sweden)

Japan (October 16 , 2012 Wroclaw , Poland)

Not much of a preparation so far and the results aren’t very convincing . In an effort to ensure that the Flashbacks continue to be an epidemic in Brazil and for Brazilians all around the world, I end this post with my Sienzuf Presents video.

Obrigado e até a próxima vez.

Rn = Ro + KG (W – We)

I guess the first question would be what does Rn = Ro + KG (W – We) mean?

The first thing it means is that Brazil has found a way to be above Uruguay in the men’s football rankings which is quite fitting since every time they play, their games are displayed on my TV schedule as “The Brazilian World Tour”! I guess because Brazil have five stars above their emblem on their shirt representing 5 World Cup Wins as well as hosting the 2014 World Cup they need anything they can get and they believe they are the Harlem Globetrotters!!

The ELO (not Electric Light Orchestra) World Football Rankings is a ranking system developed by a mad scientist I’m sure. The equation goes something like this: (make sure you have your scientific calculator handy)

Rn = Ro + KG (W – We) 

Rn = The new team rating
Ro = The old team rating
K = Weight index regarding the tournament of the match
G= A number from the index of goal differences
W= The result of the match
We = The expected result

There is another formula that could be used which is:

P = KG (W – We) 

P = Points changed
K = Weight index regarding the tournament of the match
G= A number from the index of goal differences
W= The result of the match
We = The expected result

World Football Elo Ratings
World Football ELO Rankings

Status of match

The status of the match is incorporated by the use of a weight constant.

  • World Cup Finals (60)
  • Continental and Intercontinental Tournaments (50)
  • World Cup and Continental Qualifiers and major Tournaments (40)
  • All other Tournaments (30)
  • Friendly Matches (20)

Number of goals

The number of goals is taken into account by use of a goal difference index. G is increased by half if a game is won by two goals, and if the game is won by three or more goals by a number decided through the appropriate calculation shown below;

If the game is a draw or is won by one goal

G = 1

If the game is won by two goals

G = \frac{3}{2}

If the game is won by three or more goals

  • Where N is the goal difference

G = \frac{11+N}{8}

Result of match

W is the result of the game (1 for a win, 0.5 for a draw, and 0 for a loss).

Expected result of match

We is the expected result (win expectancy with a draw counting as 0.5) from the following formula:

W_e = \frac{1}{10^{-dr/400} + 1}

where dr equals the difference in ratings plus 100 points for a team playing at home. So dr of 0 gives 0.5, of 120 gives 0.666 to the higher ranked team and 0.334 to the lower, and of 800 gives 0.99 to the higher ranked team and 0.01 to the lower.