11 Days: ¿ Just Who Can Score ?



Looking at the goal scorers for the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers, some interesting facts for the 5 South American World Cup Representatives. 

  • Chile took out the honour with 10 goals from Humberto Suazo.
  • 9 Goals from Brazil’s Luis Fabiano
  • 8 Goals from Bolivia’s Joaquin Botero (Bless the Altitude)
  • 7 Goals from Uruguay’s Diego Forlan
  • 6 Goals from a few players but I will only mention the player’s going to South Africa from here on: Argentina’s Lionel Messi
  • 5 Goals from Uruguay’s Sebastian Abreu and Luis Suarez; Brazil’s Kaka and Nilmar; Paraguay’s Nelson Valdez.
  • 4 Goals from Uruguay’s Diego Lugano and Carlos Bueno; Brazil’s Robinho; Chile’s Matias Fernandez

Now lets look at the assists: 

  • 5 assists from Uruguay’s Luis Suarez; Brazil’s Maicon; Chile’s Matias Fernandez
  • 4 assists from Uruguay’s Diego Forlan and Cristian Rodriguez; Argentina’s Lionel Messi; Chile’s Jorge Valdivia

Now we look at Yellow (Y) and Red Cards (R) 

  • Argentina’s Carlos Tevez 4 (Y) and 3 (R)
  • Argentina’s Javier Mascherano 7 (Y)
  • Uruguay’s Diego Perez 6 (Y) and Martin Caceres 4 (Y) and 1 (R)
  • Argentina’s Martin Demichelis 6 (Y)
  • Chile’s Alexis Sanches 4 (Y) and 1 (R)
  • Brazil’s Luis Fabiano 4 (Y) and 1 (R)
  • Paraguay’s Dario Veron 4 (Y) and 1 (R); Julio Caceres 6 (Y)
  • Uruguay’s Diego Lugano 5 (Y); Diego Godin 3 (Y) and 1 (R); Cristian Rodriguez 5 (Y) and 1 (R)

 When analysing this data it becomes obvious who the players are to look out for. Starting with Discipline, it becomes confusing as there are strikers getting yellow cards for goal celebrations. Most of the time when a striker scores they tend to take their shirt off to celebrate which incurs a yellow card for unsportsmanlike behaviour. It’s very hard to determine anything from this statistic without further examination.

I have left Cristian Rodriguez in the statistics even though he is not travelling to South Africa to highlight the fact that compared to some other players discipline record, his suspension was rather harsh to say the least. The rest is clear as far as Forlan, Suarez, Suazo, Messi and Fabiano are the danger men for South America.

Will a South American win the Golden Boot and win the Golden Cup?  


FIFA Golden Boot
FIFA Golden Boot


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FIFA World Cup


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South America





30 Days: The Greatest Players


Vamos La Celeste

El Maestro has selected 26 players which will be reduced to 23 players on the 1st of June 2010. With another magical number of 30, it seems appropriate to name the squad. Back in ’30 Uruguay won the first ever World Cup held on Uruguayan soil beating our classico opponent of Argentina. With that in mind lets’ look at the 26 players selected and analyse which 3 players will miss out on the South Africa World Cup. 


Fernando Muslera (Lazio Italia)

 Our Number one Keeper who brings stability to the team as is our foundation. It took a while to fix our keeper issues but now I’m calm and relaxed knowing the Lazio man is our keeper and even more importantly fantastic at penalties 🙂

Juan Castillo (Deportivo Cali Colombia)

Our number two keeper and let’s hope it stays like that throughout the tournament.

Martin Silva (Defensor Uruguay)

Our number three keeper and let’s hope it stays like that throughout the tournament.

Diego Lugano (Fenerbahce Turquía)

When Montero retired I was worried about our defence, however Lugano is the foundation at the back and Captain. Diego is crucial to our team and I’m looking forward to a great tournament from El Capitan.

Diego Godin (Villarreal España)

The other Diego who has been solid at the back and rightfully won his place on the team. Lugano and Godin are a fantastic pairing and will be hard to beat.

Andrés Scotti (Colo Colo Chile)

I remember being at North Sydney Oval and Scotti walked past me and it was like an eclipse as the sun disappeared. He is a huge player with a big heart and I’m a huge fan.

Jorge Fucile (Porto Portugal)

I also remember being at North Sydney oval when some people where asking for Fucile. I was there with Andres and we looked at each other and said: “Who the hell is Fucile?” Now we know exactly who he is and a great attacking wing back who will cause issues for other defences out there.

Martín Cáceres (Juventus Italia)

Wow what a hard choice to make but what a great problem to have. Fucile or Caceres at the back? I would start with Caceres as his performance during the Qualifiers were outstanding

Mauricio Victorino (Universidad de Chile)

I haven’t seen him play lately and being a bolso makes me make the following decision. Sorry Mauricio but I would not include you in the 23.

Maximiliano Pereira (Benfica Portugal)

Maxi was great in the qualifiers and an asset to the team. Endurance and powerful with a few challenges that are required at the highest level (as per picture).. He He

Walter Gargano (Napoli Italia)

They say that Gargano continues running even after the game as he doesn’t know how to stop once he has started. He plays with his heart and when he gets his long passes worked out they can change the game in an instant. Forza Napoli Forza!!!

Egidio Arévalo Ríos (Peñarol Uruguay)

A suprise call up but rightfully deserved as nacional will find out in El Classico on Thursday. Plays similar to Gargano and would be a perfect replacement in the midfield and to throw in the magical spice of “Garra Charrua”.

Sebastián Eguren (AIK Estocolomo Suecia)

I still remember that goal against Colombia in Colombia and just for that goal should be in the 23 players. Great midfield player who on his day can change the game.

Diego Perez (Monaco Francia)

My favourite Uruguayan player, he is a powerhouse endurance passing fouling tactically technicaly gifted and skillful player that Uruguay has. Must play every single game in Africa.

Alvaro Pereira (FC Porto Portugal)

With Alvaro we have the midfield under control. He had some great games near the end of the qualifiers and deserves his place on the team as an integral member.

Alvaro Fernández (Universidad de Chile)

A lot of people are a fan of Alvaro but again as we can only take 23 players I need something when considering a player. Once again being a bolso I would have to leave Fernandez out of the 23 squad. Sorry loco but not only did you play for nacional but now your playing in Chile 🙂

Jorge Rodríguez (River Plate Uruguay)

A great asset to the team as he is coached by the ex Uruguayan coach Carrasco. Just in case we need a half time chat to the team Carrasco style, where he can explain that the ball is made out of cow leather and the boots are made out of bull leather and we all know what the bull does to the cow right????

Alvaro González (Nacional Uruguay)

Well Ok we’ll leave this nacional player in as someone needs to carry the oranges.

Ignacio González (Valencia España)

I never understand his selection and El Maestro must have an answer. He had a sensational performance against Brazil in the Qualifiers back in Brazil a couple of years ago now. He is a great player but does the team need two number 10’s?

Nicolás Lodeiro (Ajax Holanda)

The other number 10 and the only difference is the age. Not much experience but I would take him as nacho could get injured while ordering lunch and Nico would be a great replacement.

Luis Suárez (Ajax Holanda)

Goal scoring machine who also sets up other players. First Class Ticket please!!!!!

Diego Forlán (Atlético Madrid España)

Another Goal Scoring machine and without the Captaincy responsibilities and without worrying playing the number 10 role, Diego (Uruguayo) can concentrate on what he does best and that’s score goals, plenty of goals.

Edinson Cavani (Palermo Italia)

He misses goals that have no explanation but he also scores goals that have no explanation. Even his goal celebrations have no explanations.

Jorge Martínez (Catania Italia)

I’m a fan of Malaka Martinez and would be included in my 23 squad. When he got woken up in the early hours of the morning by his agent who said “Pack your bags your off to Catania”. His first question was: “Where the hell is Catania?” He has saved Catania from relegation and has scored some crucial goals for the team. He now knows where Catania is 🙂

Sebastián Fernández (Banfield Argentina)

I haven’t really seen him play but from what I’ve seen, he is a great player with a goalscoring instinct however Sebastian would not make my 23 players.