While looking at the Tenfield.com site I came across an ad for a company called Poipes.com. Poipes offer the Uruguayan Football League, Uruguayan Basketball and the Uruguayan Carnival. What got my attention was not so much the live games that the site offer but the devices that you can use to watch.

Poipes offer being able to watch on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Smart TV and PC however only one connection at a time with your subscription of $US 9.99 per month. What really got my attention was their library which offers all the shows that I enjoy watching however am not always able to watch due to the time difference between Uruguay and Australia.

Poipes offer on demand the following shows:

  • Pasion
  • Sin Limite
  • La Previa
  • K-POS

These are the type of shows I want to watch but Adinettv don’t offer on demand. I don’t understand why they don’t as it’s very frustrating paying for a service which during our prime time in Australia, Adinettv offer tarot card readings for hours and hours.  I just end up watching as much football live as possible and if I’m lucky catch Sin Limite or one of the other football shows.  

Now with Poipes I can watch any time I want. I can Airplay onto my Apple TV not having to worry about connecting my HDMI cable to my TV and laptop. I have signed up (which is all in Spanish)  and I payed with Paypal.

I’m testing the service and will comment from time to time to let everyone know what my experience is. I had a few buffering issues at first for a few minutes but now I have been watching for an hour without any drop outs. The quality is the same as Adinettv though that is very dependent on your own download speeds which aren’t very good in Australia.

It’s been a great experience and enjoying Pasion though not very happy watching the highlights of Fenix losing!!!

Well done Poipes for bringing Uruguayan Futbol to the future. 



It’s been a while

Tony Pacheco Campeon

It’s been a while since I have written a post but we are now at the business end of the South American qualifiers. Peñarol are the current champions thanks to Tony Pacheco coming back from a broken leg that could have easily seen the end of his career. Peñarol now find themselves without a coach and at the bottom end of the table.

Alvaro Recoba Campeon

Nacional were the previous champions thanks to Alvaro Recoba, however now seems to be at the twilight of his career.  I was in Uruguay to see Recoba win the title and thankfully the coach played him for the whole game.

Now I come to the national team who is currently sitting in 5th position fighting for automatic qualification. There are 2 games to go as Uruguay face Ecuador away and Argentina at home. This brings back all the emotions some 4 years ago when we were playing Ecuador away, losing 1-0 and out of the World Cup in South Africa only to dramatically win the game 2-1 with the last kick of the game. Enjoy the footage.

 One point should secure our 5th spot and a playoff with Jordan. A win gives us the possibility of direct qualification. A loss means we need something from the Argentina game. To think we were so close to be eliminated during the last World Cup Qualifiers and the to see Uruguay in a Semi Final at a World Cup was an unforgettable experience that I will always have with me. The feeling that I had after the Ghana game and to see the Uruguayans in full song was magic. Enjoy the footage as I can here this song in my head as I get ready for the Saturday game. Lets hope both Suarez and Cavani are on fire, Lugano and Godin are rock solid and the midfield workhorse performance and Muslera catches everything in the clouds of Ecuador. Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!

The Price of Oil

The Price of Oil

The price of oil has had a direct impact on the Uruguayan League. Peñarol made the Copa Libertadores Final in 2011 and now not only find themselves out of the Copa Libertadores but also out of the Uruguayan League Championship. After Peñarol lost the Clasico there has been a lot of talk about sacking the President of Peñarol. In all fairness I have to sympathize with the Peñarol President. At the start of the Uruguayan Championship which is played in two stages called the Opening (Apertura) and Closing (Clausura) Championships Peñarol found themselves without a coach as Diego Aguirre was lured to the Qatar League with money that only the price of oil could achieve.

One of the decisions that Diego Aguirre made was to release Tony Pacheco from Peñarol. Pacheco is a Peñarol Legend and was treated disrespectfully in my opinion. I always believe that the coach decides on the players and the system so I was satisfied that Tony Pacheco should leave, as the coach did not see him in his plans. The problem I have is Diego Aguirre making the decision to release Pacheco who signed for Wanderers and then Diego Aguirre decides to leave Peñarol after only a few games and sign for Al-Rayyan Sports Club. Once again I can understand Diego looking after his families interest but all the great work that he accomplished in 2011 has now been destroyed in 2012. The loss in the Clasico which knocked Peñarol out of the Uruguayan Championship came from a legend player called Alvaro Recoba who scored the winner from a free kick. 

Peñarol’s legend and free kick specialist Tony Pacheco is playing for Wanderers thanks to Diego Aguirre and that was the difference in the Clasico as Nacional were able to bring on Recoba and Peñarol had no one with the type of experience that is required in this type of game. 

Tony Pacheco

Recoba the difference

Both Presidents have been critised as Nacional is out of all cup competitions and is now on the verge of playing the Uruguayan Championship Finals, which is all they have left for 2012. The teams are always having players sold and the coaches having to adapt with the players they have and the budget that is available. Peñarol is in the process of buying land to build a stadium and has found itself going through 4 coaches during the current Uruguayan Championship. Now the new coach Jorge da Silva will have time to build a new team for 2013 and lets hope the price of oil doesn’t have another major impact on Peñarol!!!!

Los Presidentes

Now the focus moves from El Clasico

El Clasico

To Uruguay vs Russia (Friendly)

Uruguay No Mas!!!


Peñarol made the Copa Libertadores Final in 2011 against Santos and now find themselves out at the group stage for 2012. Peñarol did have to qualify for the group stage against Caracas and have never really recovered from the early loses in the group stage for the 2012 tournament.

Nacional and Defensor after some necessary wins today get to fight another day.

Considering that Peñarol had not qualified for the Libertadores for so many years compared to Nacional and Co, however Peñarol made the final in 2011 which is something that Nacional have not been able to achieve since the 1980’s.

The CONMEBOL rankings are out and Peñarol (15th) finds itself FIRST in the rankings with Nacional (17th) SECOND (which isn’t FIRST)!!

 Peñarol had to beat U de Chile who is ranked 4th and Nacional had to beat Alianza Lima ranked 50th to maintain the Libertadores dream. Peñarol had the chances to win the game against U de Chile but as Peñarol pushed for a win they ended up losing the game. Peñarol will now focus on the Clausura in an attempt to win the Uruguayan Championship and qualify directly to the Libertadores 2013.

Below is the table of the top 15 teams in CONMEBOL: 

Below is the table of the Top Goalscorers (Notice Nacional does not make the list!!): 

Now before you start thinking that I’m not supporting the other two teams still alive in the Libertadores I need to clarify the following:

In the 1980’s I was able to witness some amazing games by both Peñarol and Nacional in the Libertadores.

That amazing game that Diego Aguirre won against America de Cali in 1987 will remain in my memory for the rest of my life.

The other amazing game was Nacional against PSV Eindhoven in the 1988 Intercontinental Cup.

I will always support a Uruguayan team against any other country and I wish both Defensor and Nacional all the best in the 2012 Libertadores.

Who knows, maybe one day the Bolsos will know what it’s like to win a 4th and 5th Libertadores.

22 Days: Matías Aguirregaray


Matías Aguirregaray

What a sensational performance by Matías Aguirregaray for Peñarol in the Classico today. Not only did he score a great goal showing his strength and balance but he was everywhere. This Manya is only 21 years old and was part of the Uruguayan Sub 20 and after this performance if it was up to me he would be going to South Africa as a wildcard. Matías Aguirregaray was born in Porto Alegre in Brazil but his blood is sky blue with a touch of black and gold.

When I saw the nacional players wearing  jackets because it was too cold but the Peñarol players with no jackets and huevos enormes, I knew the Championship was coming home.    


Dale no me jodas bolsos cagones, tanto frio no ace!!!!

Peñarol drew with nacional 1-1 to clinch the title after a 3 match finals series. nacional won the opening Championship and Peñarol won the Closing Championship. Peñarol also won the Annual Table which dictates how the finals series gets played.

The first classico was won by nacional 2-0 which created another 2 classicos which the AUF where already counting their pesos. Due to massive crowd problems in the usually safe Olimpica section between the Manyas and bolsos during the first game, the next two classico saw the Olimpica nearly empty. 

The AUF will learn their lesson and build a wall of china with barbwire and split the Olimpica into two sections and use the tower for surveillance. The 2nd Final was won by Peñarol 1-0 which meant a draw would be enough and it was.   


Peñarol Campeon 2010


Peñarol El Mas Grande
Diego Que Grande







160 Days “Uruguay 20 del Mundo”


I will keep this post short as I don’t want to sound bias as I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.   

In the beginning there was a railway being built in Uruguay. The british arrived in Uruguay to assist in the building of this railway. During their time in Uruguay they would play two sports that the Uruguayans had never seen before. One was cricket and the other was football.    

Cricket took 5 days and the Uruguayans said; “Loco I have to wait 5 days before I can try to pick up chicks?” You crazy man, forget this game.   

Football on the other hand only took 90 minutes and even quicker if you played really fast. The Uruguayans said: “Loco I like this game but I have to go now cause some girls are waiting for me” 🙂   

The poms explained to the Uruguayans how to play the game and then they played a game. After the game the Uruguayans would sit together while drinking their mate’ and discuss the game of football and argue and talk and argue and talk some more, then argue some more. This would last for hours and they would continue it the next day.   


Finally the Uruguayans agreed that football would be the English style but the Uruguayans would play futbol instead. On September 28th 1891, Club Atlético Peñarol was founded. They were originally called Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club to keep the poms happy.

FIFA has officially recognised Peñarol as the best team of the 20th Century. Peñarol’s record speaks for itself: 3 time Inter-Continental winners, 5 time Libertadores Champion, 1 Super Copa and played a less known team called nacional back in 1900 with Peñarol winning 2-0 which was the beginning of the end for nacional.    

Peñarol are regarded as the most successful team and the most supported team in Uruguay with 9 International trophies and winning 6 more Uruguayan titles and more classicos then nacional.   


With an understanding of the foundation of Uruguayan futbol I can now start on La Celeste. With futbol played in such majestic fashion,  the Uruguayan Olympic Futbol Squad were unbeatable in the 1920’s. The Uruguayans had developed their own style which would see them win 2 Gold Medals at consecutive Olympics in 1924 and 1928.   


FIFA were looking closely at Uruguay and decided to organise the First World Cup which would be hosted by Uruguay. Uruguay was the obvious choice playing sensational futbol and already two time Champions of the World as FIFA declared that the 1924 Olympics the first World Champion decider.   

Now back to South Africa, Uruguay is team 18 with a FIFA ranking of 20 in the World. Uruguays history:  10 Previous World Cup appearances with 2 World Cup Wins in 1930 and 1950. 4th in 1954 and 1970, Quarter Final in 1966, Round of 16 in 1986 and 1990. 14 time South American Champion.   


The first ever International played outside the United Kingdom and Ireland was between Uruguay and Argentina who have since played a record 161 times and the good news is that Argentina are improving.   

Not many teams that qualified for South Africa can claim to have the “pichichi” highest goal scorer in the Spanish League. Diego Forlan has won the pichichi twice and is a goal scoring machine. Uruguay were able to qualify for the World Cup playing badly so the potential is there. Uruguay don’t have to deal with all the issues when playing the South American Qualification Marathon, altitude, South American referees, stadiums falling down, artificial pitches.   


Uruguay are the only team in the world to win a World Cup with a population less then 4 million. The second country to win with a small population is Argentina with 40 million. The fact is that Uruguayans are better then any other country on a per player to population basis. Uruguay has players in every league in the world and even has a striker in the Eskimo league, his name is Walter Quefrio Quease.   


 Uruguay are in Group A with South Africa, Mexico and France. Uruguay have the players, has a coach, have the suffering fans, has the experience, has the history, has been there before, has had the preparation after 20 games to get to South Africa. Has been in every type of position you can be in.    


Uruguay are the most dramatic team in World Futbol, it wont be easy and there will be times when you will fear, you will doubt, you will pull whatever hair you have left from your head, you will start drinking, taking drugs, bashing people, hugging people, screaming, fainting, smashing holes in the wall, driving off a cliff, decide to take up diving, parachuting, bungy jumping, archery, get a gun license, take up painting, call your phyciatrist and his psychologist, take up a faith, become an atheist, look for the exit, see the light, call a friend, make a deal, start singing, start chanting, start dancing, drive around just honking your horn, attach flags to vehicles, some more drinking and eating and celebrating like it’s 1950.     

My Prediction: World Cup Winners, Champions of the World 🙂





Candombe Uruguayo





What about the Local Game?

Tacuarembó 0-1 Peñarol
Tacuarembó 0-1 Peñarol

That’s right, “What about the local game” ? There isn’t much interest in the Closing Tournament as nothing has really changed. The futbol is depressing and now that Peñarol have sacked their coach Saralegui and hired Ribas, we have now successfully been knocked out of the Copa Libertadores before they even started. Saralegui took the team from the hopeless state it was in and came close to winning something. Just when things were looking promising the genious’ at Peñarol decide to change the coach.

As previously suggested on this blog the El President Corbo from the AUF has resigned. He had some negative comments to say about the job but at the end of the day what did he accomplish? Not much at all!!!! Hast la Vista Baby……

This morning Peñarol beat Tacuarembo 1 nil in Tacuarembo and after watching the game, Peñarol was very lucky to get away with that result. The team looks nothing like the team from the Saralegui era. They look slow, non motivated and playing a style of futbol I can’t work out. Tactically I have no idea what the goal is and by the amount of scoring up front, the strikers don’t seem to know what the gol is either.

Below are some highlights from the second half of Peñarol vs Tacuarembo: Try to enjoy 🙂

Tacuarembo vs Penarol
Tacuarembo vs Penarol


Jose Maria Franco Golaso

Franco Golaso
Franco Golaso

Peñarol upset Villa Espanola with a fantastic gol from Jose Maria Franco. The score ended 3 nil to Peñarol in a game that could have easily ended up the other way. Caballero had an incredible game between the posts for Peñarol. He saved everything that came his way and that confidence translated with a resounding win late in the game.

Below is the footage of the game, have a look at the last couple of minutes where Franco scores one of the gols of the tournament.

Franco y Pacheco
Franco y Pacheco




Nacional No Show Again

Sand Timer
Sand Timer

The game between nacional and Villa Espanola at the Parque Central was suspended by the legendery (Manya) referee Liber Prudente, to the surprise of the crowd. The referee stuck to the rules and decided to suspend the game at 3.30pm (Uruguayan Time) 31.08.08.

Villa Espanola was on the field at 3.24pm as the referee had previously advised that both Teams needed to be present by 3.25pm as the game needed to start at 3.30pm.

Due to nacional’s history of not turning up for games or the famous La Fuga where nacional did not show up for the second half of the clasico it’s no wonder that the referee suspended the game as I’m sure he thought that nacional were not showing up.

La Fuga
La Fuga

The AUF Tribunal has awarded Villa Espanola the 3 points and the final result will be nacional 0-2 Villa Espanola.

El Chengue
El Chengue

On other news relating to nacional, El Chengue has been signed by Gremio in Brasil. Gremio has a back log of shirts they need to give away so they have signed Richard Morales (El Chengue) to throw the shirts into the stands at all their home games.

nacionals new sponsor
nacionals new sponsor

El Chengue Returns

El Chengue Returns
El Chengue Returns

Well since nobody wanted El Chengue (knowing that he would give away your teams jersey), he has had to swallow his words and not retire from nacional. El Chengue has returned to nacional and will need to be at his best to try and recover from the humiliation that Peñarol forced on him. It’s hard to blame a player that knows that there is no way that nacional could beat Peñarol, so his suffering will continue.

Welcome back Chengue and thanks for the memories which will now continue in the Apertura.

Dia del Baile
Dia del Baile

nacional win pointless Liguilla 2008

Bolso Liguilla 2008
Bolso Liguilla 2008

Nacional have won the Liguilla 2008 in a play off against Defensor Sporting as they both finished the mini league in first place. It’s a competition set up with only 6 teams to see which teams qualify for the Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

Before this so called final between Defensor and nacional the teams had already been decided as to who qualifed. Defensor qualified to la Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. Peñarol qualifed for a play off to La Copa Libertadores and River Plate qualified for La Copa Sudamericana.

My belief is that the winner of the Apertura (Defensor Sporting) and the winner of the Clausura (Peñarol) should automatically qualify for La Copa Libertadores. As these tournaments are a competition with 16 teams. Then the winner of the Annual Table should qualify for La Copa Sudamericana. The second spot for La Copa Sudamericana could also be decided on the best position in the Annual Table.

So there really wasn’t any point to this final as no one was really interested in who lifted the trophy. nacional celebrated as if it was the only trophy they have ever won. Oh, it was the only trophy they lifted this year!

Peñarol won the Clasicos 4-2 and 2-0 gainst nacional. 2-0 against the winners of La Liguilla 2008. So why not develop a trophy for the winner of El Clasico? You have a full stadium with passion and it’s a table between 2 teams, instead of 6!!!!!

Watching the final between Defensor Sporting and nacional showed the lack of technical ability, futbol style and intensity. I drank 10 cups of coffee trying to stay awake. I also drank 3 V drinks and needed to take 6 asprins as my headache was getting stronger as the game progressed. I also needed eyedrops as my eyes were going red with the luck nacional was having as Defensor hit the post quite a few times.

Now is a time for rebuilding as most of Peñarol’s players are going to Europe and Saralegui is preparing a new squad. As for nacional they also will need to rebuild but not so much from players leaving overseas but from the retirements of players like El Chengue.