While looking at the Tenfield.com site I came across an ad for a company called Poipes.com. Poipes offer the Uruguayan Football League, Uruguayan Basketball and the Uruguayan Carnival. What got my attention was not so much the live games that the site offer but the devices that you can use to watch.

Poipes offer being able to watch on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Smart TV and PC however only one connection at a time with your subscription of $US 9.99 per month. What really got my attention was their library which offers all the shows that I enjoy watching however am not always able to watch due to the time difference between Uruguay and Australia.

Poipes offer on demand the following shows:

  • Pasion
  • Sin Limite
  • La Previa
  • K-POS

These are the type of shows I want to watch but Adinettv don’t offer on demand. I don’t understand why they don’t as it’s very frustrating paying for a service which during our prime time in Australia, Adinettv offer tarot card readings for hours and hours.  I just end up watching as much football live as possible and if I’m lucky catch Sin Limite or one of the other football shows.  

Now with Poipes I can watch any time I want. I can Airplay onto my Apple TV not having to worry about connecting my HDMI cable to my TV and laptop. I have signed up (which is all in Spanish)  and I payed with Paypal.

I’m testing the service and will comment from time to time to let everyone know what my experience is. I had a few buffering issues at first for a few minutes but now I have been watching for an hour without any drop outs. The quality is the same as Adinettv though that is very dependent on your own download speeds which aren’t very good in Australia.

It’s been a great experience and enjoying Pasion though not very happy watching the highlights of Fenix losing!!!

Well done Poipes for bringing Uruguayan Futbol to the future. 



It’s been a while

Tony Pacheco Campeon

It’s been a while since I have written a post but we are now at the business end of the South American qualifiers. Peñarol are the current champions thanks to Tony Pacheco coming back from a broken leg that could have easily seen the end of his career. Peñarol now find themselves without a coach and at the bottom end of the table.

Alvaro Recoba Campeon

Nacional were the previous champions thanks to Alvaro Recoba, however now seems to be at the twilight of his career.  I was in Uruguay to see Recoba win the title and thankfully the coach played him for the whole game.

Now I come to the national team who is currently sitting in 5th position fighting for automatic qualification. There are 2 games to go as Uruguay face Ecuador away and Argentina at home. This brings back all the emotions some 4 years ago when we were playing Ecuador away, losing 1-0 and out of the World Cup in South Africa only to dramatically win the game 2-1 with the last kick of the game. Enjoy the footage.

 One point should secure our 5th spot and a playoff with Jordan. A win gives us the possibility of direct qualification. A loss means we need something from the Argentina game. To think we were so close to be eliminated during the last World Cup Qualifiers and the to see Uruguay in a Semi Final at a World Cup was an unforgettable experience that I will always have with me. The feeling that I had after the Ghana game and to see the Uruguayans in full song was magic. Enjoy the footage as I can here this song in my head as I get ready for the Saturday game. Lets hope both Suarez and Cavani are on fire, Lugano and Godin are rock solid and the midfield workhorse performance and Muslera catches everything in the clouds of Ecuador. Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!


Peñarol made the Copa Libertadores Final in 2011 against Santos and now find themselves out at the group stage for 2012. Peñarol did have to qualify for the group stage against Caracas and have never really recovered from the early loses in the group stage for the 2012 tournament.

Nacional and Defensor after some necessary wins today get to fight another day.

Considering that Peñarol had not qualified for the Libertadores for so many years compared to Nacional and Co, however Peñarol made the final in 2011 which is something that Nacional have not been able to achieve since the 1980’s.

The CONMEBOL rankings are out and Peñarol (15th) finds itself FIRST in the rankings with Nacional (17th) SECOND (which isn’t FIRST)!!

 Peñarol had to beat U de Chile who is ranked 4th and Nacional had to beat Alianza Lima ranked 50th to maintain the Libertadores dream. Peñarol had the chances to win the game against U de Chile but as Peñarol pushed for a win they ended up losing the game. Peñarol will now focus on the Clausura in an attempt to win the Uruguayan Championship and qualify directly to the Libertadores 2013.

Below is the table of the top 15 teams in CONMEBOL: 

Below is the table of the Top Goalscorers (Notice Nacional does not make the list!!): 

Now before you start thinking that I’m not supporting the other two teams still alive in the Libertadores I need to clarify the following:

In the 1980’s I was able to witness some amazing games by both Peñarol and Nacional in the Libertadores.

That amazing game that Diego Aguirre won against America de Cali in 1987 will remain in my memory for the rest of my life.

The other amazing game was Nacional against PSV Eindhoven in the 1988 Intercontinental Cup.

I will always support a Uruguayan team against any other country and I wish both Defensor and Nacional all the best in the 2012 Libertadores.

Who knows, maybe one day the Bolsos will know what it’s like to win a 4th and 5th Libertadores.

Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz

Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz

As I sit here watching the Napoli vs Chelsea 1st Leg of the Champions League game on SBS HD with commentators Martin Tyler and his side kick nobody, I can’t help but think of Suarez. The comments from commentators that are meant to be professional however decide to comment like fans would in the stadium. An example is when Cavani gets fouled and the referee awards a freeekick to Cavani however side kick nobody decides to tell Cavani to get up and get on with it. Yes Mr Nobody, Cavani got on with it all right, he scored and set up the third goal and was involved in the 1st goal for Napoli’s 3-1 win over Chelsea. A classic example of Napoli having a player like Cavani who cost $16 Million and Chelsea with Torres who cost $70 Million and on the bench without coming on.

Then you have Suarez who won Most Valuable Player at La Copa America 2011 in which Uruguay were Champions on Argentinian soil. There has been a lot said over the Evra incident and I will give you my thoughts. In the report Evra states that he said to Suarez “the cunt of your sister” before anything was said about his skin colour. Ok that’s all I need to know!!! From that moment on, everything is in play. If Suarez wants to say something about Evra’s skin colour then he is within his own right. I’ve had enough here in Australia being called a wog. As soon as you call me a wog then anything could happen, it just depends what head space I am in.

So I begin my countdown to the London Olympics which are on this year (2012) in July. Tabarez has named the entire World Cup/Copa America squad and the under 23 players in contention for a place in the Olympic Squad as he states that they are all Olympians. Bravo Maestro, as now no-one including nobody knows if Suarez will be playing. Uruguay will however be playing to bring back the Gold from London which is achievable. Imagine a Cavani and Suarez attack. Opa!!!!!!! Then El Maestro still has one more over age player to select. How about a relentless midfielder like El Ruso, El Cacha or El Mota? How about some backs like El Tota, El Pelado or  Coates? Maybe Muslera instead? Then you have Forlan who won the Best Player of the World Cup 2010, would be great as a playmaker. Forlan, Cavani and Suarez for Gold!!?

Diego Forlan
Edison Cavani

Maybe we can look at helping the Argentinos to buy back Las Malvinas since we are now buddies in our attempt to co host the 2030 World Cup? We can always look at melting the Gold and if they don’t want to sell, we can always buy some Greek Islands????

Saludos y Hasta Pronto

Nacional No Show Again

Sand Timer
Sand Timer

The game between nacional and Villa Espanola at the Parque Central was suspended by the legendery (Manya) referee Liber Prudente, to the surprise of the crowd. The referee stuck to the rules and decided to suspend the game at 3.30pm (Uruguayan Time) 31.08.08.

Villa Espanola was on the field at 3.24pm as the referee had previously advised that both Teams needed to be present by 3.25pm as the game needed to start at 3.30pm.

Due to nacional’s history of not turning up for games or the famous La Fuga where nacional did not show up for the second half of the clasico it’s no wonder that the referee suspended the game as I’m sure he thought that nacional were not showing up.

La Fuga
La Fuga

The AUF Tribunal has awarded Villa Espanola the 3 points and the final result will be nacional 0-2 Villa Espanola.

El Chengue
El Chengue

On other news relating to nacional, El Chengue has been signed by Gremio in Brasil. Gremio has a back log of shirts they need to give away so they have signed Richard Morales (El Chengue) to throw the shirts into the stands at all their home games.

nacionals new sponsor
nacionals new sponsor

El Chengue Returns

El Chengue Returns
El Chengue Returns

Well since nobody wanted El Chengue (knowing that he would give away your teams jersey), he has had to swallow his words and not retire from nacional. El Chengue has returned to nacional and will need to be at his best to try and recover from the humiliation that Peñarol forced on him. It’s hard to blame a player that knows that there is no way that nacional could beat Peñarol, so his suffering will continue.

Welcome back Chengue and thanks for the memories which will now continue in the Apertura.

Dia del Baile
Dia del Baile

¿ Will Nacional Show Up?

La Fuga
La Fuga

This Monday morning Sydney time El Classico between Peñarol and nacional will kick off. The real question is whether nacional will show up for the game and /or the second half. The famous game back in 1949 where nacional did not show up for the second half.

 Now due to this game nacional will always be remembered as Chickens (Gallinas).

Escudo nacional
Escudo nacional

Will SportBet have odds on nacional showing up or not, will the Uruguayan Futbol Federation offer ticket buyers a money back garantee if nacional don’t show up? It’s bound to be a dramatical game as always with Peñarol hoping to make a come back in La Liguilla and defeating it’s arch rival. Lets hope it finishes like the last time they played.

Vamos Manya Vamos