We’re on a Mission from God


We're on a Mission from God

Sometimes I feel I’m in the Blues Brothers, driving around South Africa with a mission. I sometimes hear in my head the Blues Brothers theme playing and feel “We’re on a Mission from God”. Not trying to upset the religious folk out there but I’m an atheist, thank God.    


Blues Brothers Speedometer

Yesterday was an amazing game that totally drained every bit of energy I had left. We had driven for 12 or 16 hours from Port Elizabeth and arrived the morning of the game. After waiting for McDonald’s to open at 6am, we proceeded to have breakfast. We then arrived at our accommodation and I think I fell asleep for 30 or 40 minutes. We got ready and headed off to watch Holland vs Brazil. We watched the first half only and then proceeded for an endless journey to the stadium. 

It started with a drive to the designated area to park and catch a bus. We parked the car and walked for 10 to 15 minutes to the bus. Caught the bus which seemed to take the scenic route around Jo’Berg. After what seemed like a 30 or 40 minute bus ride we got dropped off about a 40 minute walk from the stadium. We walked and walked to the stadium only to be walking further away from the stadium but finally arrived after the marathon journey. 

I knew it was going to be a tough game as everyone and his dog were instant Ghana fans. Everyone we spoke to said they felt sorry for us having to play against all of Africa. I guess they don’t understand that we have done all this before. During the qualifiers Uruguay played in hostile environments and are very experienced with these type of games. 

The noise coming from the stadium could never pass the regulatory frequencies that are allowed, as these vuvuzelas have no rhythm and are just a loud noise. I believe they were actually as much a problem for Ghana as they were for Uruguay. The Ghana fans were playing drums and had a nice rhythm going but were drowned out by the rhythmless South Africans. 

The stadium erupted everytime Ghana attacked and went mad when Ghana scored. They seemed to get a little scared after the Forlan goal as the stadium went totally quiet except for the Uruguayan fans. The Africans were complaining about everything, Suarez diving, the referee, the offsides, the freekicks but only if they were against Ghana. I got the feeling that a lot of the African fans didn’t know the rules and seemed confused with the missed penalty kick and then the penalty shootout. 

When El Loco stepped up to take the penalty kick to win the game, most around me did not realise that if El Loco scored it was the end of the game. After seeing El Loco take the penalty kick in the Copa America I knew he was going to do the same thing and I prayed that the Ghana Goalkeeper had not done his research. When El Loco scored the stadium went dead quiet and people around me did not understand what had happened. I explained to them that Africa is out of the World Cup, Ghana has lost the game and Uruguay are in the Semi Final. 

Save of the Tournament

Who said that the volleyball training wouldn’t pay off. A lot of people are comparing this to Maradona and Henry but I would like to remind everyone that the difference is that Suarez got caught. He got sent off and a penalty was awarded. Now if Ghana cannot score that penalty it’s not Uruguay’s fault. These things happen in futbol and you have to move on and for Africa move on out of the World Cup 2010. 


Golazo Forlan
Muslera Que Grande
Esta Loco
Grande Muslera y Suarez
Uruguay No Mas
Uruguay Que No Ni No

 Holanda te vamos a cojer, Holanda te vamos a cojer, te vamos a cojer, Holanda te vamos a cojer!!!!!!!!


Holanda te vamos a cojer



Bafana Bafana Te Metimos Tres Banana


It’s been a marathon couple of weeks and here I am at 1:15am South African time drinking mate with internet access at speeds I haven’t seen since the 1990’s. Staying in a Guest House ready for a blog entry. I have so much to say and I have no idea where to start so excuse me if I ramble on.

I am Uruguayan and a pure futbol fanatic, so the whole purpose of this trip to South Africa was to watch futbol and most importantly to see La Celeste play in a World Cup. It’s been a lifelong dream that has been realised.

South Africa has been an interesting place to visit and I was advised of many things to look out for and I do take that seriously and am prepared at every moment, however after seeing the South Americans I feel safe and insecure at the same time. To start with, a Brazilian and Peruvian were arrested for stealing South African ladies handbags, the ultras for both Uruguay and Argentina walk the streets as if they are in South America and I wouldn’t be approaching them unless you want to find a new storage area for you’re vuvuzela.

The futbol coverage in this country reminds me a lot of the Australian Soccer Coverage. Not only do they call it soccer over here but most people are only interested in Rugby Union. The experts talk about the strangest things, from asking the Question as to why Nigeria is not the favourite against Greece (Nigeria lost the game!!!) they say that the African teams are never taken seriously. In my opinion you first have to win something and secondly you have to have a healthy FIFA ranking and thirdly you need to play futbol to be taken seriously.

It’s midnight the following day and I’m still trying to finish this blog entry. I never thought I’d say this, but man I miss our internet speeds in Australia.

I love the media here as they are so biased it’s like a comedy routine. The build up to the Bafana and Uruguay game had me in stitches and angry. The experts here were stating that Bafana should rest their players for the game against Uruguay as this was their easy game and they could focus on the tough game against France. They were saying that the game was going to end up in favour of Bafana either 2 nil or 3 nil. They were talking about who they were going to face in the second round and gave no respect to Uruguay at all. Just the sort of coverage you get in Australia.

Walking into the stadium Andres was advised that the result would be 3-0 in favour of Bafana just like it said on his ticket. We looked at the ticket and we were trying to understand what they were trying to say. These guys have no idea and it’s a laughable situation.

Now that the game is over not only did they not show the highlights to the game but everyone seems to say that they only care about the Rugby Union. Congratulations South Africa, as you beat Los TeRRos (Uruguay Rugby Union Team) 1000 to 3 at the Rugby Union World Cup in Australia. I think that South Africa will beat Uruguay at cricket as well.

Just a reminder Africa, this is the World Cup in Futbol and before you talk show some respect as the Champions of the World have only been from two continents, South America and Europe.

Now for my own highlights show:






4 Days: Futbol Carnival


Futbol Carnival

 As I sit here reading my tweets from no-one and every-one just after midnight, I start dreaming of the Futbol Carnival ahead. The information for this World Cup is amazing thanks to the technology on hand. I’m getting tweets from Diego Forlan letting me know that he has arrived and that he has finished training. I get information from reporters that are in Africa covering the event. Tweets from fans, politicians, SBS, CBN, ESPN and Tenfield to name a few.  

The latest news at hand, that the South African World Cup is cursed. With the amount of injuries happening people always look for a culprit. There has to be some-one to blame. Even Forlan got tackled by Gargano and there was an injury scare.   

Then there are thoughts that a terrorist could do something, there could be a volcano, tsunami, meteorite could hit Tabletop Mountain, South Africa might run out of Coca-Cola, the new ball is so unpredictable it might not show up for the final. With all this happening within a split second, I have to sit back and laugh as I eat my frog legs in anticipation of the Greatest Event known to mankind.  



Below is a video explaining the Uruguayan roots of Candombe: 


It’s going to be a dream come true to see La Celeste in colour: 


Uruguay in Black and White


Uruguay in Colour

28 Days: Uruguayo Uruguayo Uruguayo


Forlan Campeon
Forlan Campeon

Uruguay (Forlan) 2 – 1 Australia (Mark Schwarzer), this is how easily that game back in 2005 could have ended if Forlan was fit. Forlan is now fit and if he manages to stay fit after the Spanish Cup Final he’s off to South Africa and to score goals and more goals. Uruguayo Uruguayo Uruguayo Uruguayo Uruguayo Uruguayo Uruguayo Uruguayo Uruguayo



Vamos Forlan Vamos!!!!

160 Days “Uruguay 20 del Mundo”


I will keep this post short as I don’t want to sound bias as I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.   

In the beginning there was a railway being built in Uruguay. The british arrived in Uruguay to assist in the building of this railway. During their time in Uruguay they would play two sports that the Uruguayans had never seen before. One was cricket and the other was football.    

Cricket took 5 days and the Uruguayans said; “Loco I have to wait 5 days before I can try to pick up chicks?” You crazy man, forget this game.   

Football on the other hand only took 90 minutes and even quicker if you played really fast. The Uruguayans said: “Loco I like this game but I have to go now cause some girls are waiting for me” 🙂   

The poms explained to the Uruguayans how to play the game and then they played a game. After the game the Uruguayans would sit together while drinking their mate’ and discuss the game of football and argue and talk and argue and talk some more, then argue some more. This would last for hours and they would continue it the next day.   


Finally the Uruguayans agreed that football would be the English style but the Uruguayans would play futbol instead. On September 28th 1891, Club Atlético Peñarol was founded. They were originally called Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club to keep the poms happy.

FIFA has officially recognised Peñarol as the best team of the 20th Century. Peñarol’s record speaks for itself: 3 time Inter-Continental winners, 5 time Libertadores Champion, 1 Super Copa and played a less known team called nacional back in 1900 with Peñarol winning 2-0 which was the beginning of the end for nacional.    

Peñarol are regarded as the most successful team and the most supported team in Uruguay with 9 International trophies and winning 6 more Uruguayan titles and more classicos then nacional.   


With an understanding of the foundation of Uruguayan futbol I can now start on La Celeste. With futbol played in such majestic fashion,  the Uruguayan Olympic Futbol Squad were unbeatable in the 1920’s. The Uruguayans had developed their own style which would see them win 2 Gold Medals at consecutive Olympics in 1924 and 1928.   


FIFA were looking closely at Uruguay and decided to organise the First World Cup which would be hosted by Uruguay. Uruguay was the obvious choice playing sensational futbol and already two time Champions of the World as FIFA declared that the 1924 Olympics the first World Champion decider.   

Now back to South Africa, Uruguay is team 18 with a FIFA ranking of 20 in the World. Uruguays history:  10 Previous World Cup appearances with 2 World Cup Wins in 1930 and 1950. 4th in 1954 and 1970, Quarter Final in 1966, Round of 16 in 1986 and 1990. 14 time South American Champion.   


The first ever International played outside the United Kingdom and Ireland was between Uruguay and Argentina who have since played a record 161 times and the good news is that Argentina are improving.   

Not many teams that qualified for South Africa can claim to have the “pichichi” highest goal scorer in the Spanish League. Diego Forlan has won the pichichi twice and is a goal scoring machine. Uruguay were able to qualify for the World Cup playing badly so the potential is there. Uruguay don’t have to deal with all the issues when playing the South American Qualification Marathon, altitude, South American referees, stadiums falling down, artificial pitches.   


Uruguay are the only team in the world to win a World Cup with a population less then 4 million. The second country to win with a small population is Argentina with 40 million. The fact is that Uruguayans are better then any other country on a per player to population basis. Uruguay has players in every league in the world and even has a striker in the Eskimo league, his name is Walter Quefrio Quease.   


 Uruguay are in Group A with South Africa, Mexico and France. Uruguay have the players, has a coach, have the suffering fans, has the experience, has the history, has been there before, has had the preparation after 20 games to get to South Africa. Has been in every type of position you can be in.    


Uruguay are the most dramatic team in World Futbol, it wont be easy and there will be times when you will fear, you will doubt, you will pull whatever hair you have left from your head, you will start drinking, taking drugs, bashing people, hugging people, screaming, fainting, smashing holes in the wall, driving off a cliff, decide to take up diving, parachuting, bungy jumping, archery, get a gun license, take up painting, call your phyciatrist and his psychologist, take up a faith, become an atheist, look for the exit, see the light, call a friend, make a deal, start singing, start chanting, start dancing, drive around just honking your horn, attach flags to vehicles, some more drinking and eating and celebrating like it’s 1950.     

My Prediction: World Cup Winners, Champions of the World 🙂





Candombe Uruguayo





Penalty!!!! OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Which is the most freightening word to say to a Uruguayan. The word would have to be “Penalty” aka “Penal”. Watching the game against Ecuador and knowing that the very last kick of the game is a Penalty for Uruguay which Mr Forlan is taking and if he scores we win the game 2-1 and are still alive. As the Uruguayan commentator says: “Me Quiero Matar” translation: “I want to kill myself”. Due to the agony as he awaits the penalty kick, knowing our history!!!!  All these thoughts come to mind, the game against Australia, The Copa America, The Sub 20… The list goes on.

However somehow in some way Forlan scores just under the cross bar, even though when it left his boot I thought it was heading to the top part of the stands; it went in.

Uruguay won a dramatic game and now we have a classico of vintage proportions in the Relic Stadium Centenario. I say we let Argentina play with their ball for the first half and we play with our ball for the second half just like in 1930.

We might avoid the calculator alltogether but there are many scenarios.

Scenario 1: Uruguay beat Argentina, Chile beat Ecuador and Brasil beat Venezuela = 4th Uruguay, 5th Argentina

Scenario 2: Uruguay beat Argentina, Ecuador beat Chile and Brasil Draw Venezuela = 4th Uruguay, 5th Ecuador

Scenario 3: Uruguay beat Argentina, Chile draw Ecuador and Brasil Draw Venezuela = 4th Uruguay, 5th Argentina

Scenario 4: Uruguay draw Argentina, Chile draw Ecuador and Brasil Draw Venezuela = 4th Argentina, 5th Uruguay

Scenario 5: Uruguay draw Argentina, Chile beat Ecuador, Venezuela beat Brasil = 4th Argentina, 5th Uruguay

Scenario 6: Argentina beat Uruguay, Chile beat Ecuador and Brasil beat Venezuela = 4th Argentina, 5th Uruguay

Scenario 7: Argentina beat Uruguay, Ecuador beat Chile and Venezuela beat Brasil = 4th Argentina, 5th Ecuador

Scenario 8: Argentina beat Uruguay, Chile draw Ecuador, Venezuela beat Brasil = 4th Argentina and 5th ??? not sure as Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela end up on 24 points..What the?????? I need help on this one…

Since I’m exhausted I will stop at Scenario 8 as there are many more scenarios…

The Sub 20 lost against Brasil 3-1 and had a great tournament. It’s great to know there are young players still coming through. I’ve received a lot of negative comments about Uruguay from fellow South Americans which surprises me as there is no harm in supporting your own country and dreaming of winning a tournament like the Sub 20 or the Mundial itself. Somehow some fans seem to enjoy Uruguay losing more then they enjoy their own country winning. That’s the human mind I guess and to all those who left those comments on YouTube, try to focus on your own country and their performances first, before making comments against La Celeste.

Now we await the game against Argentina and we keep dreaming of Sud Africa 2010.

Some highlights Ecuador vs Uruguay: