Uruguay vs Argentina “One of the Oldest”

Uruguay vs Argentina 1928 Olympic Final
Uruguay vs Argentina 1928 Olympic Final

Uruguay and Argentina have a unique football history which started in 1901 when they first played each other. The game was held in Montevideo and Argentina won 3-2 which was both countries first international. This result could have set a precedent for the future however it provided an opportunity to physically, tactically and technically find a way to beat Argentina when the important games came around.

In Uruguay’s history Argentina is very prevalent as we also played them in 1902 to receive our biggest loss in the history of the Uruguayan National team… we lost 6-0 in Montevideo.  Soon however the real games would be played between Uruguay and Argentina…

In 1916 the South American Championship (Copa America) were held in Argentina and was played as a round robin between; Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Uruguay beat Chile 4-0… Argentina beat Chile 6-1…. Uruguay beat Brazil 2-1….. Argentina drew with Brazil 1-1… This left the last game of the round robin between Uruguay and Argentina… The First Final as such. The rest of the story will provide a glimpse of what was going to be seen between two great rivals in international football.

The final was played at the Gimnasia and Esgrima Stadium in Buenos Aires and after only 5 minutes of play the game needed to be abandoned due to a riot within the spectators which then spilled onto the field and the wooden tribunes were torched and the match was ended as the stadium was on fire. The match was re-scheduled to Racing Club Stadium and the result was 0-0 which meant Uruguay were the first South American champions having beaten Brazil and Argentina only managing a draw. Uruguay had won it in Argentina.

This tournament also provided the first opportunity for Uruguay to show just how far ahead they were in relation to racism compared to other countries not only in the region but around the world. The first game that Uruguay played against Chile in the tournament ended with a Uruguayan win but also with an official complaint from Chile regarding Uruguay selecting “Coloured” players. Uruguay fielded Isabelino Gradin and Juan Delgado who were both coloured. The complaint was dismissed by the South American Football Association.

The next South American Championship were played in Uruguay in 1917 and was once again a round robin between Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Uruguay beat Chile 4-0… Argentina beat Chile 1-0… Uruguay beat Brazil 4-0… Argentina beat Brazil 4-2…. So once again we had a final between Uruguay and Argentina however this time a draw would not be enough for either team. Uruguay won 1-0 in Montevideo at the Parque Pereira to win the first two South American Championships. We then went on to beat Argentina in the final in 1920, 1923, 1924, 1926 and 1934. The only final they beat us in the 1920’s was in 1927.

The next time Uruguay was to meet Argentina in a final that wasn’t in the South American Championship was at the 1928 Olympics held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Argentina defeated Egypt 6-0 and Uruguay beat Italy 3-2 in the Semi Finals. The final was a 1-1 draw between Uruguay and Argentina and a replay was scheduled 3 days later. The second final was won by Uruguay 2-1 over Argentina to be Gold Medal winners and as per FIFA’s announcement before the 1924 Olympic Tournament it would be classed as a World Championship and the winner of the tournament would be world champion. Uruguay won the 1924 and 1928 Olympic Tournaments and was declared World Champion in 1924 and 1928. Once again Uruguay was able to defeat Argentina in a final and be declared world champion and current South American Champion ahead of Argentina.

Then came the World Cup in 1930 and once again Uruguay were to meet Argentina in a final, a World Cup Final. The final was held in Montevideo and the result was Uruguay 4-2 in front of 93,000 fanatical fans. Uruguay were crowned first World Cup Winners of the Jules Rimet Trophy.

Jules Rimet Trophy
Jules Rimet Trophy

Now lets jump to the present. Uruguay has 15 South American Championships, one more than Argentina. Uruguay has two Gold medals in football and so has Argentina. Uruguay has two World Cups and so has Argentina. Argentina is ranked 2nd in the world and Uruguay is 7th in the world. In 2011 Uruguay once again was able to win the Copa America (South American Championship) in Argentina. The World Cup qualification head to head; 2004 Argentina 4-2 Uruguay…… 2005 Uruguay 1-0 Argentina…. 2008 Argentina 2-1 Uruguay…. 2009 Uruguay 0-1 Argentina….. 2012 Argentina 3-0 Uruguay…. 2013 Uruguay vs Argentina ????

What I can see is that Uruguay also gets the result they require depending on the game. I wouldn’t be too concerned about friendly internationals. I wouldn’t be too worried about the World Cup Qualifiers as the above results would show Argentinian superiority however we came 5th in 2005, 2009 and most likely in 2013. Uruguay have won 2 out of 3 play offs and now against Jordan Uruguay would be favourites and this could mean qualifying 3 out of 4 play offs. The objective is to reach the World Cup and then go on to win the World Cup.

Fray Bentos paper mill
Fray Bentos paper mill

The game on Wednesday (Australia time) will have the extra tension due to the recent paper mill dispute that has previously seen the bridge that links Uruguay and Argentina closed by Argentina. The Argentinian Government is not happy that the Uruguayan Government did not consult them over the 10% increase in production. The Argentinians believe that this will cause pollution to the water supply and wants the mill closed down. There had been an agreement in place the previous time (2006) that Argentina took the case to The Hague but the case was rejected by the International Criminal Court and now are not happy that Uruguay is increasing production.

The other interesting fact about the game against Argentina is in relation to the seeding at the World Cup. At the moment Uruguay and the Netherlands are battling for the final seed. If Uruguay beat Argentina they are automatically the last seed with no dependence on the Netherlands game. The Netherlands play Turkey and will be looking for a win to ensure their place as a seed and be allocated in pot 1. So far we have the following countries in pot 1: Brazil; Spain; Argentina; Germany; Italy; Colombia; Belgium. Being in Pot 1 will mean you get to avoid all those countries at the group stage. It’s definitely in Uruguay’s interest to beat Argentina and then go on and beat Jordan in the play off, qualifying for the World Cup and go into pot 1….

Uruguay vs Argentina


Top Secret

Uruguayan fans tomando mate'
Uruguayan fans tomando mate’

I have been preparing for the game against Ecuador and reading quite a few posts, especially the comments being made by the Ecuadorians. What seems to be the constant is the continuous comments stating that both Uruguay and Argentina get preferential treatment. I can understand the Ecuadorians believing this as their history is non existent.  Even when Ecuador do qualify for the World Cup they don’t do too much, they don’t do much at the Copa America, they don’t do much at La Copa Libertadores or the Copa Sudamerica.

If all their concerns were justifiable, then Uruguay would not have the results they have achieved at a world stage. What is very clear is that the altitude assists Ecuador but the question is what assists Uruguay?

Is it the fans?

Is it the stadium?

Is it the Garra Charrua?

Just what is Uruguay’s secret?

In this World Exclusive I divulge highly sensitive information which has been classified Top Secret by the AUF.

Yerba Mate’ as described in Wikipedia: Mate’ is served with a metal straw from a shared hollow calabash gourd and the straw is called a bombilla. Yerba mate leaves are dried, chopped, and ground into a powdery mixture called yerba.

Suarez tomando mate'
Suarez tomando mate’

 The Uruguayan’s and Argentinian’s were the best football teams in the 1920’s which was not too long after the British showed them the game. Sure the Brazilian’s, Paraguayan’s and Chilean’s also drink mate’ but the secret is not only in the drinking but the ritual that is performed. Below is an example of the ritual that the Uruguayan team perform on the pitch before the game:

Tota y Ruso tomando mate'
Tota y Ruso tomando mate’

Just why do we have the best strikers in the world?

Cavani tomando mate'
Cavani tomando mate’
Luis Suarez Drinking Mate'
Luis Suarez Drinking Mate’
Luis Suarez Best Player at the Copa America 2011
Luis Suarez Best Player at the Copa America 2011
Diego Forlan Best Player at the 2010 World Cup
Diego Forlan Best Player at the 2010 World Cup
Coates Best Young Player at the Copa America 2011
Coates Best Young Player at the Copa America 2011

Lets look at some players that are recognised as the best ever:

Maradona tomando mate'
Maradona tomando mate’
Messi tomando mate'
Messi tomando mate’

Now lets look at some more Mate’ drinkers: 

Pepe Mujica tomando mate'
Pepe Mujica tomando mate’
Pope tomando mate'
Pope tomando mate’
Che tomando mate'
Che tomando mate’
Einstein tomando mate'
Einstein tomando mate’

I know a lot of Uruguayan’s wont be happy with this information being released so close to the game. I just wanted to assure all the people in Ecuador that the result is not dependent on cheating, fixed referees, conspiracies or bribery of any kind. Uruguay have players that Ecuador could only dream of, players playing in the best leagues in the world. Uruguay can not only play at altitude but at sea level, our players have won awards from being the best player at a World Cup, best player at a Copa America, best young player at a Copa America to leading goal scorer in Italy and Spain. This is what Ecuador is playing against, even our coach has coached at the highest level. When was the last time a coach from Ecuador was in charge of AC Milan?

I’m not going to go into the traditional ritual that is performed by La Celeste, only to say that it’s going to be a hard game with chances for both sides. The difference could well be the altitude but I won’t complain too much about that. What I will say is that our Captain is ready to continue the tradition and is in charge of the ritual. He is the Captain and will lead the way with La Garra Charrua and sights on automatic qualification to Brazil.

Lugano tomando mate'
Lugano tomando mate’

The crazy one won’t be there but the spirit from all previous campaigns will.

Loco tomando mate'
Loco tomando mate’

It is with the people

Portable mate'
Portable mate’

and the spirit in the Shirt:

La Celeste
La Celeste

Boycott FIFA

I finally have found something to talk about as the 2018 and 2022 World Cup decisions have hit a raw nerve.  Back in the 1930’s most of the Europeans didn’t show up for the 1930 World Cup, just like most of the South Americans didn’t show up for the 1934 World Cup.

FIFA has tested my patience for the last time and the only way for a change is to remove FIFA. I urge as many countries as possible to boycott both the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups. The time has come for action and a new Football Federation is created. Then it will be for the good of the game.

I certainly don’t want Uruguay/Argentina 2030 (100 Years) to spend all that money preparing only to be out voted by a bunch of highly corrupt people. That money can be better spent, just like Australia could have spent their 42 Million on something more constructive instead of a FIFA Diploma for their presentation.

The time has come for a change.

15 Days: Fear the Shirt


La Celeste

Let the conspiracy begin as FIFA are up to their old tricks again. Looks like Uruguay will play with La Celeste against France and against Mexico, however for some reason not against South Africa. Now lets study the South African Shirt and how the colours would be an issue.   


Bafana Bafana

Looking at the above picture you have to wonder why Uruguay will play in White. Then again is this what FIFA wants Uruguay to do? 


I can understand the fear that happens when La Celeste is seen, as opposition players have been recorded as jumping out of buildings, jumping out of ships, jumping out of planes, jumping out of trains, jumping out of grandstands and running with fear in their hearts. 

I believe FIFA should enter their own team in the World Cup to make it easier to have results go in the interest of the FIFA game.  


FIFA United




134 Days: FIFA is Europe


FIFA is Europe

Looks like FIFA has given the strongest hint so far that Australia and any other Non European country can forget hosting the 2018 tournament. The Europeans know that outside of Europe they have never won a World Cup. What this means for Australia is a chance to host the 2022 tournament. 

I guess we will have to wait another 12 years to see the World Cup in Australia. Australia had a great opportunity to host the World Cup after the Sydney Olympics however no effort was made to make a bid. The 2014 tournament will be held in Brazil and my guess for the 2018 tournament is that it will be held in England.  

The world cup has been in South America, Central America, North America, Europe, Asia and now Africa so that leaves Oceania and the Middle East. Australia should get 2022 and I’m sure FIFA (Federacion Internacional de Futbol All over Europe) will want the 2026 tournament back in Europe. Especially knowing that the World Cup Centenary will be held in Uruguay/Argentina in 2030. 

I guess one step at a time and let’s focus on South Africa. Should be one interesting World Cup. 







Andres' Camping Site Sign


142 Days: “32 Day Update”

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil

It’s been 32 days since I spoke about something other than the Teams involved in the World Cup for South Africa 2010. In so saying that, I have to include in my 32 day update no other than the FIFA President himself. Mr Sepp Blatter has advised that FIFA will not punish Henry for his double handball against the Irish. As a handball is not a serious offence 🙂 (Tell that to the English).

FIFA have always enjoyed making up the rules as they go and I’m amazed that they didn’t allow Ireland and Costa Rica in to the World Cup as Team 33 and 34!!! FIFA could organise a World Cup with wildcards in it, just like Rocky who got a shot at the World Title without qualifying for the privilege. I guess we will have to wait for that one.

The AUF have managed to keep everyone confused as to Uruguay’s next friendly game as we were playing Chile at one stage, then Switzerland, then South Africa and now we could be playing nacional instead. nacional today managed to become BIMBO champions after beating Danubio on penalties (Recoba played for Danubio and waved). nacional deserve to be BIMBO Champions as I can not imagine any other team living up to that expectation. Congratulations bolsas 😉

Talking about bolsas, I have an exclusive on the spot interview with Andres who will be travelling to South Africa wearing the Celeste. Hear his astonishing Predictions and more.

In other news relating to the South African trip, the final day for the Third Ticket Sales Phase ends on the 22nd January. Lets hope those orange ticks (awaiting allocation) become Green ticks (allocations awarded) as the suspense is affecting my sleep. 500,000 tickets have been requested so far so let’s hope it’s not just One scalper who’s got them all ;(

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on the 32 Teams to play in South Africa, unfortunately I do moderate all comments and had to leave 99% off the blog, due to profanity. I understand that my Predictions upset a lot of people however please remember that they are only My Predictions and should be 99.9% right. Interesting enough the people who get upset the most seem to be the English, the Germans, The Chileans, The Africans, the Middle East, the Brazilians and Argentinians, the nacional supporters and all women in general. So this next picture will be as non sexist as I can possibly make it.