Five Reasons to Believe

Ghiggia predicted the 5-0 scoreline
Ghiggia predicted the 5-0 scoreline

Ghiggia predicted the 5-0 scoreline between Uruguay and Jordan and now more than ever there is reason to believe.

Here are five reasons in pictures:

Mono Periera scored the first goal against Jordan
Mono Pereira scored the first goal against Jordan
Cristian Stuani scored the second against Jordan
Cristian Stuani scored the second against Jordan
Lodiero scored the third against Jordan
Lodeiro scored the third against Jordan
Cebolla scored the fourth against Jordan
Cebolla scored the fourth against Jordan
El Matador scored the fifth goal against Jordan
El Matador scored the fifth goal against Jordan

I urge all the Jordanian players, coaching staff, fans and journalists to come to Montevideo to celebrate with Uruguay. It’s going to be an experience you will never forget. Everyone will be partying like it’s 1950 again. You will be playing in the stadium where the first World Cup was held and playing in the country where the first World Cup was won by Uruguay.

Don’t worry about the result as it really doesn’t mean much considering all the world’s troubles. Football for Uruguay is something more than a game and helps people forget all the daily issues that they need to deal with, it’s an escape from reality and the passion will be there.

The stadium won’t be as intimidating as it usually is, sure the people will be passionate but it’s not like it would be if it was the first game. Now with a five goal start and considering they are five away goals which count as two, everyone will be very calm and enjoying it as a spectacle.

Jordan come and enjoy the food, music, beaches, port and make sure you visit the Museum of Futbol………


The Uruguayan Jordan handbook

Cebolla Gol
Cebolla Gol

Cristian Gabriel Rodriguez Barotti aka Cebolla (Onion) lived up to his nickname. He got his nickname during his Peñarol days for making the opposition cry. Cebolla recently turned 28 years old and is reaching the peak of his football career. Cristian is currently playing for Atletico Madrid and has come on as a sub on numerous occasions and has previously played in Portugal for Benfica and Porto.

During the last World Cup qualification campaign for 2010 Cebolla was involved in an incident in the final game against Argentina in Montevideo. When the game finished Cebolla and Argentine defender Gabriel Heinze were involved in an incident where it was alleged that Cebolla assaulted Gabriel and was suspended for 4 games. The four match suspension weighed heavily on not being selected for South Africa 2010. This would have been devastating for Cebolla who would have been an automatic selection for the World Cup.

You could feel and sense just what this game meant to Cebolla today,  his performance was outstanding and not only did he score the first goal but was instrumental in the midfield with powerful runs and a relentless attitude. Cebolla has waited 4 long years for this game and now Uruguay are just two games away from reaching the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

Golazo Cebolla
Golazo Cebolla

Uruguay have once again achieved the 5th position in the CONMEBOL World Cup qualification which means they go into a playoff against the fifth round winner of the AFC World Cup Qualification. Jordan beat Uzbekistan over two home and away legs on penalties 9-8 after the two 1-1 draws.

Jordan FA
Jordan FA

El Maestro has found the Uruguayan Jordan handbook with highly classified material. Jordan have never qualified for the World Cup, have appeared only twice in the Asian Cup reaching the quarter final stage. Jordan is two-time champion of the Pan-Arab Games, while hosting the West Asian Football Federation Championship and the Arab Nations Cup. Jordan are ranked 71 in the World with their highest ranking being 37 and their lowest ranking being 152.

Where's the Uruguayan Jordan handbook
Where’s the Uruguayan Jordan handbook

Jordan’s head coach is Hossam Hassan Hussein born in Cairo Egypt. The 47-year-old manager was a prolific goalscorer in his day and is Egypt’s all time scorer, scoring 68 goals in 176 appearances.

Talking about leading goal scorers, Uruguay also have their current leading goal scorer of all time still playing.  Luis Suarez is Uruguay’s all time leading goal scorer (39 Goals) and has also won the leading goal scorer of the 2014 CONMEBOL World Cup qualification (11 Goals). Luis Suarez edged out Lionel Messi by scoring a penalty today to put him 1 goal in front of Messi which is impressive considering Suarez was not always the penalty taker during the qualification rounds.

Suarez Leading goalscorer 2014 World Cup Qualification
Suarez Leading goalscorer 2014 World Cup Qualification

Congratulations to Argentina for winning the 2014 World Cup qualification tournament and qualifying to Brazil.

Congratulations to Colombia for reaching the World Cup Brazil after the frustration from the 2002 qualification where they ended up level on points with Uruguay (27 Points) but Uruguay had a +1 goal advantage qualifying in 5th spot and earning a playoff against Australia which Uruguay won 3-1 on aggregate to qualify for Korea/Japan 2002. Colombia also had the frustration of the 2006 World Cup qualification where they missed out by 1 point to see Uruguay secure 5th spot again and a playoff against Australia. This time Uruguay stayed with Colombia as Uruguay lost on penalties 4-2 after a 1-1 aggregate.

Congratulations to Chile for qualifying to Brazil in 3rd place.

Congratulations to Ecuador for qualifying to Brazil after the frustration of missing out on the 2010 World Cup by 1 point which secured Uruguay for a playoff against Costa Rica. Uruguay won on aggregate 2-1 to reach South Africa 2010 and come 4th in the tournament, Uruguay’s best result since 1970.

Congratulations to Uruguay for securing 5th spot when it really looked unlikely. Two games away from qualification to Brazil 2014 and because of the win today 3-2 over Argentina, Uruguay will be seeded in Pot 1 which is a fantastic achievement to maintain the FIFA ranking in the top 10 and keep all the Uruguayan’s suffering at the same time.

Gracias Cavani
Gracias Cavani

Top Secret

Uruguayan fans tomando mate'
Uruguayan fans tomando mate’

I have been preparing for the game against Ecuador and reading quite a few posts, especially the comments being made by the Ecuadorians. What seems to be the constant is the continuous comments stating that both Uruguay and Argentina get preferential treatment. I can understand the Ecuadorians believing this as their history is non existent.  Even when Ecuador do qualify for the World Cup they don’t do too much, they don’t do much at the Copa America, they don’t do much at La Copa Libertadores or the Copa Sudamerica.

If all their concerns were justifiable, then Uruguay would not have the results they have achieved at a world stage. What is very clear is that the altitude assists Ecuador but the question is what assists Uruguay?

Is it the fans?

Is it the stadium?

Is it the Garra Charrua?

Just what is Uruguay’s secret?

In this World Exclusive I divulge highly sensitive information which has been classified Top Secret by the AUF.

Yerba Mate’ as described in Wikipedia: Mate’ is served with a metal straw from a shared hollow calabash gourd and the straw is called a bombilla. Yerba mate leaves are dried, chopped, and ground into a powdery mixture called yerba.

Suarez tomando mate'
Suarez tomando mate’

 The Uruguayan’s and Argentinian’s were the best football teams in the 1920’s which was not too long after the British showed them the game. Sure the Brazilian’s, Paraguayan’s and Chilean’s also drink mate’ but the secret is not only in the drinking but the ritual that is performed. Below is an example of the ritual that the Uruguayan team perform on the pitch before the game:

Tota y Ruso tomando mate'
Tota y Ruso tomando mate’

Just why do we have the best strikers in the world?

Cavani tomando mate'
Cavani tomando mate’
Luis Suarez Drinking Mate'
Luis Suarez Drinking Mate’
Luis Suarez Best Player at the Copa America 2011
Luis Suarez Best Player at the Copa America 2011
Diego Forlan Best Player at the 2010 World Cup
Diego Forlan Best Player at the 2010 World Cup
Coates Best Young Player at the Copa America 2011
Coates Best Young Player at the Copa America 2011

Lets look at some players that are recognised as the best ever:

Maradona tomando mate'
Maradona tomando mate’
Messi tomando mate'
Messi tomando mate’

Now lets look at some more Mate’ drinkers: 

Pepe Mujica tomando mate'
Pepe Mujica tomando mate’
Pope tomando mate'
Pope tomando mate’
Che tomando mate'
Che tomando mate’
Einstein tomando mate'
Einstein tomando mate’

I know a lot of Uruguayan’s wont be happy with this information being released so close to the game. I just wanted to assure all the people in Ecuador that the result is not dependent on cheating, fixed referees, conspiracies or bribery of any kind. Uruguay have players that Ecuador could only dream of, players playing in the best leagues in the world. Uruguay can not only play at altitude but at sea level, our players have won awards from being the best player at a World Cup, best player at a Copa America, best young player at a Copa America to leading goal scorer in Italy and Spain. This is what Ecuador is playing against, even our coach has coached at the highest level. When was the last time a coach from Ecuador was in charge of AC Milan?

I’m not going to go into the traditional ritual that is performed by La Celeste, only to say that it’s going to be a hard game with chances for both sides. The difference could well be the altitude but I won’t complain too much about that. What I will say is that our Captain is ready to continue the tradition and is in charge of the ritual. He is the Captain and will lead the way with La Garra Charrua and sights on automatic qualification to Brazil.

Lugano tomando mate'
Lugano tomando mate’

The crazy one won’t be there but the spirit from all previous campaigns will.

Loco tomando mate'
Loco tomando mate’

It is with the people

Portable mate'
Portable mate’

and the spirit in the Shirt:

La Celeste
La Celeste

We Won They Lost

Uruguay Lineup against Great Britain
Uruguay Lineup against Great Britain London 2012 Olympics

When Uruguay win we say ” We Won” and when Uruguay lose we say “They Lost”. Today Uruguay lost 1-0 against Great Britain at the London Olympics which sends Uruguay out of the tournament at the group stage. To be disappointed you need to have an expectation. My disappointment happened during the UAE game as I could see that Uruguay were not playing well and both strikers of Suarez and Cavani were out of touch. This concern was never resolved by el Maestro as the pair were unable to score at London 2012. On paper Uruguay looked strong in attack but on the field Uruguay were weak in defense and out of touch in attack. The midfield was held together by el Cacha however there were no other defensive midfielders to get the ball back and maintain possession.

I did not expect Uruguay to win today as in the previous two games el Maestro could not resolve the issues with the substitutions. Today however el Maestro froze and only made one substitution which was Lodiero for Vuidez. Sure we had chances to score but for the whole of the second half we knew we needed to score two goals without conceding to progress to the next round and Tabarez did very little!

The stage was set for Suarez to silence the stadium and in return knock Great Britain out of the Olympics. I have written previous blog entries stating that the decider was going to be against Great Britain and if Suarez was there he would score and that he would be booed. What affected me the most (being Uruguayan) was hearing the crowd in Wales today boo the Uruguayan National Anthem. This is a disgrace not only for the Olympic Football Tournament but for Great Britain as hosts. It reminded me of the game against Australia back in 2005 when the Australian crowd booed the Uruguayan National Anthem.

Suarez commented after the game that booing the Uruguayan National Anthem was disrespectful to the Olympians of Uruguay. Interesting to see that the FA, FIFA and the Olympic Committee do not comment with regards to this type of unsportsmanlike behavior. If it affects me I can only imagine what it does to the players on the field.

Uruguayan National Anthem
Uruguayan National Anthem

Having said that, Uruguay did not play well and did not deserve to progress in the tournament. What Uruguay did do was give it all they had. Remember this is an under 23 team who has gained valuable experience at an international tournament. These are young players that will slowly be introduced to the National Team. They got Uruguay to the Olympics which is a great achievement considering we have to knock out either Brazil or Argentina to qualify.

Well done muchachos and thank you.

Olympian Diego Rodriguez
Olympian Diego Rodriguez


When a Dream becomes a Legend, Montevideo (God Bless You) is the story of La Celeste. Well it would have been if I was the director. The stars of the movie Montevideo; El Maestro, Diego Lugano, Edison Cavani, Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez. The story will continue next month when I make the epic journey to Montevideo to watch La Celeste play in two World Cup qualifiers on Uruguayan soil. It’s the only time in the qualifiers that La Celeste play two games in Montevideo within one week. Uruguay will play Venezuela on the 2nd of June and against Peru on the 10th of June at El Estadio Centenario.

Then tonight the journey continues with Luis Suarez playing in the FA Cup Final for Liverpool against Chelsea. There is never a dull moment with Suarez and I’m hoping for a huge game from him and let’s hope he can also make it as controversial as possible so that the English press can sell as many newspapers and magazines as possible. Come on Luis maybe instead of preventing a goal with your hands try a Maradona, in honour of Las Malvinas!!!

Edison Cavani also has an important game against Bologna in an attempt for Napoli to make the magical 3rd spot in the Seria A. Cavani also has the Copa Italia Final to play later this month against Juventus. Diego Forlan will probably not be part of the Milan derby when Inter Milan meet AC Milan in a game that could decide the Seria A. Depending on the Juventus result, a win is the only option for AC Milan. Diego Lugano doesn’t seem to be in Carlo Ancelotti’s plans for Paris Saint-Germain and Oscar Tabarez will be studying all things London Olympics with some World Cup qualifiers on the side.


Luis Suarez is the current leading goal scorer in the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers and was the best player at the Copa America 2011. Keeping the unique record of best player titles in La Cop America.

Luis Suarez (Uruguay) – 2011

Robinho (Brazil) – 2007

Adriano (Brazil) – 2004

Amado Guevara (Honduras) – 2001

Rivaldo (Brazil) – 1999

Ronaldo (Brazil) – 1997

Enzo Francéscoli (Uruguay) – 1995

Sergio Goycochea (Argentina) – 1993

Leonardo Rodríguez (Argentina) – 1991

Ruben Sosa (Uruguay) – 1989

Carlos Valderrama (Colômbia) – 1987

It will be great to see Luis lift the FA Cup.

Vamos Lucho Vamos Carajo!!!

Person of the Year 2012

The stage is set for El Maestro to continue the history of the Uruguayan Football Olympic Team. Uruguay have participated in two Olympic Tournaments (1924 and 1928) winning both and maintaining an undefeated record. The draw has placed Uruguay in Group A with hosts Great Britain, United Arab Emirates and Senegal.

Uruguay also has an undefeated record with regards to the Copa America when hosted in Uruguay. Since 1916 Uruguay have never lost a Copa America game in Uruguay. That is quite an amazing record which gives me hope that Uruguay can also maintain their Olympic Record.

Uruguay play against the United Arab Emirates at Old Trafford, Manchester on the 26th of July. Uruguay then play against Senegal on the 29th of July at Wembley Stadium, London. The final game which could be the group decider when Uruguay meets Great Britain at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales on August 1st.

El Maestro who qualified for the 2010 World Cup via a play off with Costa Rica. Who came 4th at the 2010 World Cup and who won the Copa America 2011 is again in Group A, having to play the hosts. Could this be the year that El Maestro not only brings home the Gold from London, maintains Uruguay’s undefeated record at the Olympic games and is awarded Time magazines Person of the Year?

The Olympic Football Tournament is an under 23 competition with 3 over age players allowed. Just who those three over age players are is still a mystery. All the polls I have seen on most sites lean towards Suarez, Cavani and Forlan. Some sites mention Lugano, el Cacha and el Ruso. The under 23 team plays Egypt tomorrow and it will be a great game to see how they perform against African opposition.

Now that Uruguay have made history with Tabarez by being 3rd in the World as per the FIFA rankings, amazingly our next friendly game with the under 23 team will be with Chile and will go towards the FIFA rankings (Bizarre!!!)

As El Maestro has been quoted as saying that in London we could be a total disaster, however we could also be a great success. I believe if Uruguay bring Gold back from London, the pound should reflect this with a small adjustment.

Uruguay First Red Card in Africa


La Cede Uruguaya Cape Town
La Cede Uruguaya Cape Town

 Great news as Uruguay has made history in Africa on the first day of the World Cup. Uruguay is the first country to receive a red card in a World Cup held on African soil. I would like to congratulate Nicolas Lodiero for an incredible accomplishment being so young and inexperienced.  

Africa got to see two World Cup Champions in action for the first time in a World Cup held on African soil. Most of the crowd would have been mesmerised with the chess game that was played. Nobody was giving anything away and hopefully no one fell asleep and hurt themselves by falling out of bed or out of their chair.  

France without the headbutting Zidane are a different team and even when the double hand balling french Henry came on the field nothing was going to change. What was ironic was Henry asking for a hand ball in the Uruguayan penalty box. I guess he was complaining because the Uruguayan only hand balled it once and not twice within the same play?  

Then there is the French coach who suddenly thought he was Napoleon and conquered the field as the Referees were overawed by the occasion and forgot about the rules as they allowed him on the field with no penalty. 

Then there is El Maestro who played with the same tactics throughout the game only to change them after the Nicolas send-off. Both teams had chances to win the game however I believe both teams are happy with the result as now the remaining games become crucial for qualification. Group A finishes after the first game with all teams on one point, however the difference being that Mexico only managed a draw against South Africa. If Uruguay manage to beat South Africa and France manage to beat or draw against Mexico then Uruguay will only need a draw in their last game to qualify. 

Being at the game was a great experience and the crowd were fantastic. No one around me fell asleep and the Uruguayans were in their typical chanting and opinionated comments. Well the Dream has become a Reality as I have now seen Uruguay play in a World Cup. Now for qualification which is in our hands. Now to relax and enjoy the futbol until the next Uruguay game.

Locos por Uruguay
Locos por Uruguay



37 Days: The List is Ready


Francisco "Paco" Casal

 Great news as my ex Fenix buddy has confirmed he has the list ready. Francisco “Paco” Casal has assured me that he has sent El Maestro his list of 30 players to be selected for the World Cup 2010. He would not discuss with me who is on the list but confirmed there are no Fenix players, however this should not cause any issues. 

Now we await the announcement from Oscar Tabarez (aka El Maestro). 



136 Days: Everyone is Scoring



Knowing your current form will determine if you make the squad for South Africa 2010, Oscar Washington Tabarez has some decisions to make. You would have to believe that Forlan and Suarez are automatic selection, however who will make the team from the following strikers?


 La Joya currently playing for Palermo and scoring:   

La Joya



Gimenez currently playing for Bolonia and scoring:      




El Rifle currently playing for Osasuna and scoring: 





Cavani currently playing for Palermo and scoring:   




El Loco changing teams every couple of months, so no idea where he is playing but I’m sure he is scoring:   




Chevanton back and currently playing for Atalanta and scoring:   



 There are many more playing and scoring that I have not included like: Carlos Bueno, Sebastian Fernandez, Rodrigo Lopez to name a few. El Maestro will need to keep an eye out for all these players who are trying to force their way into the Uruguayan National Team which will compete at South Africa 2010. 

Uruguay in Africa for the first World Cup ever held on the African Continent. Let’s make history muchachos. Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!! 

Just who will qualify for the Cheerleader auditions to represent Uruguay in South Africa. Below are some contenders: 


 Looks like Maradona will have to keep an eye out on Milito who scored once again for Inter Milan against no other than AC Milan. Ronaldino will be doing himself no favours by missing a penalty at the end of the game as I’m sure Dunga is watching, however maybe not as closely as Maradona.

Final result Inter Milan 2-0 AC Milan 🙂


Uruguay Back To Normal

Uruguay vs Ecuador
Uruguay vs Ecuador

Well just when you thought there was some hope, Uruguay manage to drop 2 Glorious Points at home. With all 11 Ecuadorians in the penalty box there was no way to get through and at some stages they were all holding hands on the gol line blocking every gap and packaging themselves 1 point.

Luckily the other results went the way of the Charruas as Brasil at home could only draw 0-0 with last placed Bolivia. Bolivia playing most of the second half with 10 men. Is this the end of the Dunga Era or will the Brasilians resort to some Macumba Black Magic.


The other surprise result was Peru 1- 1 Argentina. The Peruvians managed to draw the game in the last few seconds and secured a point with a very successful comeback to win 4 points out of a possible 6. Considering their last performance before these 4 points, was a loss to Uruguay 6-0 in Montevideo.

Well what now for El Maestro Tabarez?????  His next two games are away to Argentina and away to Bolivia in the mountains with no air. We are now placed 5th and in the Playoff Zone as always. It’s great to see Uruguay Back To Normal after the dream of el Estadio El Campín de Bogotá.

El Maestro back to the Drawing Board
El Maestro back to the Drawing Board