Uruguay vs Argentina “One of the Oldest”

Uruguay vs Argentina 1928 Olympic Final
Uruguay vs Argentina 1928 Olympic Final

Uruguay and Argentina have a unique football history which started in 1901 when they first played each other. The game was held in Montevideo and Argentina won 3-2 which was both countries first international. This result could have set a precedent for the future however it provided an opportunity to physically, tactically and technically find a way to beat Argentina when the important games came around.

In Uruguay’s history Argentina is very prevalent as we also played them in 1902 to receive our biggest loss in the history of the Uruguayan National team… we lost 6-0 in Montevideo.  Soon however the real games would be played between Uruguay and Argentina…

In 1916 the South American Championship (Copa America) were held in Argentina and was played as a round robin between; Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Uruguay beat Chile 4-0… Argentina beat Chile 6-1…. Uruguay beat Brazil 2-1….. Argentina drew with Brazil 1-1… This left the last game of the round robin between Uruguay and Argentina… The First Final as such. The rest of the story will provide a glimpse of what was going to be seen between two great rivals in international football.

The final was played at the Gimnasia and Esgrima Stadium in Buenos Aires and after only 5 minutes of play the game needed to be abandoned due to a riot within the spectators which then spilled onto the field and the wooden tribunes were torched and the match was ended as the stadium was on fire. The match was re-scheduled to Racing Club Stadium and the result was 0-0 which meant Uruguay were the first South American champions having beaten Brazil and Argentina only managing a draw. Uruguay had won it in Argentina.

This tournament also provided the first opportunity for Uruguay to show just how far ahead they were in relation to racism compared to other countries not only in the region but around the world. The first game that Uruguay played against Chile in the tournament ended with a Uruguayan win but also with an official complaint from Chile regarding Uruguay selecting “Coloured” players. Uruguay fielded Isabelino Gradin and Juan Delgado who were both coloured. The complaint was dismissed by the South American Football Association.

The next South American Championship were played in Uruguay in 1917 and was once again a round robin between Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Uruguay beat Chile 4-0… Argentina beat Chile 1-0… Uruguay beat Brazil 4-0… Argentina beat Brazil 4-2…. So once again we had a final between Uruguay and Argentina however this time a draw would not be enough for either team. Uruguay won 1-0 in Montevideo at the Parque Pereira to win the first two South American Championships. We then went on to beat Argentina in the final in 1920, 1923, 1924, 1926 and 1934. The only final they beat us in the 1920’s was in 1927.

The next time Uruguay was to meet Argentina in a final that wasn’t in the South American Championship was at the 1928 Olympics held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Argentina defeated Egypt 6-0 and Uruguay beat Italy 3-2 in the Semi Finals. The final was a 1-1 draw between Uruguay and Argentina and a replay was scheduled 3 days later. The second final was won by Uruguay 2-1 over Argentina to be Gold Medal winners and as per FIFA’s announcement before the 1924 Olympic Tournament it would be classed as a World Championship and the winner of the tournament would be world champion. Uruguay won the 1924 and 1928 Olympic Tournaments and was declared World Champion in 1924 and 1928. Once again Uruguay was able to defeat Argentina in a final and be declared world champion and current South American Champion ahead of Argentina.

Then came the World Cup in 1930 and once again Uruguay were to meet Argentina in a final, a World Cup Final. The final was held in Montevideo and the result was Uruguay 4-2 in front of 93,000 fanatical fans. Uruguay were crowned first World Cup Winners of the Jules Rimet Trophy.

Jules Rimet Trophy
Jules Rimet Trophy

Now lets jump to the present. Uruguay has 15 South American Championships, one more than Argentina. Uruguay has two Gold medals in football and so has Argentina. Uruguay has two World Cups and so has Argentina. Argentina is ranked 2nd in the world and Uruguay is 7th in the world. In 2011 Uruguay once again was able to win the Copa America (South American Championship) in Argentina. The World Cup qualification head to head; 2004 Argentina 4-2 Uruguay…… 2005 Uruguay 1-0 Argentina…. 2008 Argentina 2-1 Uruguay…. 2009 Uruguay 0-1 Argentina….. 2012 Argentina 3-0 Uruguay…. 2013 Uruguay vs Argentina ????

What I can see is that Uruguay also gets the result they require depending on the game. I wouldn’t be too concerned about friendly internationals. I wouldn’t be too worried about the World Cup Qualifiers as the above results would show Argentinian superiority however we came 5th in 2005, 2009 and most likely in 2013. Uruguay have won 2 out of 3 play offs and now against Jordan Uruguay would be favourites and this could mean qualifying 3 out of 4 play offs. The objective is to reach the World Cup and then go on to win the World Cup.

Fray Bentos paper mill
Fray Bentos paper mill

The game on Wednesday (Australia time) will have the extra tension due to the recent paper mill dispute that has previously seen the bridge that links Uruguay and Argentina closed by Argentina. The Argentinian Government is not happy that the Uruguayan Government did not consult them over the 10% increase in production. The Argentinians believe that this will cause pollution to the water supply and wants the mill closed down. There had been an agreement in place the previous time (2006) that Argentina took the case to The Hague but the case was rejected by the International Criminal Court and now are not happy that Uruguay is increasing production.

The other interesting fact about the game against Argentina is in relation to the seeding at the World Cup. At the moment Uruguay and the Netherlands are battling for the final seed. If Uruguay beat Argentina they are automatically the last seed with no dependence on the Netherlands game. The Netherlands play Turkey and will be looking for a win to ensure their place as a seed and be allocated in pot 1. So far we have the following countries in pot 1: Brazil; Spain; Argentina; Germany; Italy; Colombia; Belgium. Being in Pot 1 will mean you get to avoid all those countries at the group stage. It’s definitely in Uruguay’s interest to beat Argentina and then go on and beat Jordan in the play off, qualifying for the World Cup and go into pot 1….

Uruguay vs Argentina


11 Days: ¿ Just Who Can Score ?



Looking at the goal scorers for the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers, some interesting facts for the 5 South American World Cup Representatives. 

  • Chile took out the honour with 10 goals from Humberto Suazo.
  • 9 Goals from Brazil’s Luis Fabiano
  • 8 Goals from Bolivia’s Joaquin Botero (Bless the Altitude)
  • 7 Goals from Uruguay’s Diego Forlan
  • 6 Goals from a few players but I will only mention the player’s going to South Africa from here on: Argentina’s Lionel Messi
  • 5 Goals from Uruguay’s Sebastian Abreu and Luis Suarez; Brazil’s Kaka and Nilmar; Paraguay’s Nelson Valdez.
  • 4 Goals from Uruguay’s Diego Lugano and Carlos Bueno; Brazil’s Robinho; Chile’s Matias Fernandez

Now lets look at the assists: 

  • 5 assists from Uruguay’s Luis Suarez; Brazil’s Maicon; Chile’s Matias Fernandez
  • 4 assists from Uruguay’s Diego Forlan and Cristian Rodriguez; Argentina’s Lionel Messi; Chile’s Jorge Valdivia

Now we look at Yellow (Y) and Red Cards (R) 

  • Argentina’s Carlos Tevez 4 (Y) and 3 (R)
  • Argentina’s Javier Mascherano 7 (Y)
  • Uruguay’s Diego Perez 6 (Y) and Martin Caceres 4 (Y) and 1 (R)
  • Argentina’s Martin Demichelis 6 (Y)
  • Chile’s Alexis Sanches 4 (Y) and 1 (R)
  • Brazil’s Luis Fabiano 4 (Y) and 1 (R)
  • Paraguay’s Dario Veron 4 (Y) and 1 (R); Julio Caceres 6 (Y)
  • Uruguay’s Diego Lugano 5 (Y); Diego Godin 3 (Y) and 1 (R); Cristian Rodriguez 5 (Y) and 1 (R)

 When analysing this data it becomes obvious who the players are to look out for. Starting with Discipline, it becomes confusing as there are strikers getting yellow cards for goal celebrations. Most of the time when a striker scores they tend to take their shirt off to celebrate which incurs a yellow card for unsportsmanlike behaviour. It’s very hard to determine anything from this statistic without further examination.

I have left Cristian Rodriguez in the statistics even though he is not travelling to South Africa to highlight the fact that compared to some other players discipline record, his suspension was rather harsh to say the least. The rest is clear as far as Forlan, Suarez, Suazo, Messi and Fabiano are the danger men for South America.

Will a South American win the Golden Boot and win the Golden Cup?  


FIFA Golden Boot
FIFA Golden Boot


FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup


South America
South America




38 Days: What are the Odds?


Fortune Teller
Let me look into the Crystal Ball


It seems every where I turn there is someone predicting the teams that will qualify for the second round and how they will progress throughout the tournament. Everybody seems to be talking but nobody is putting their money where their mouths are. Then there is Sportsbet who are putting their money on the line, so lets analyse what they predict.

Group A

A1: France $2.00

A2: Mexico $4.33

A3: Uruguay $4.50

A4: South Africa $6.50

Group B

B1: Argentina $1.50

B2: Nigeria $5.00

B3: Greece $6.50

B4: South Korea $11.00

Group C

C1: England $1.33

C2: USA $5.00

C3: Slovenia $10.00

C4: Algeria $19.00

Group D

D1: Germany $1.73

D2: Serbia $4.50

D3: Ghana $5.50

D4: Australia $8.00

Group E

E1: Holland $1.67

E2: Cameroon $5.00

E3: Denmark $5.00

E4: Japan $8.00

Group F

F1: Italy $1.44

F2: Paraguay $4.00

F3: Slovakia $7.00

F4: New Zealand $26.00

Group G

G1: Brazil $1.67

G2: Ivory Coast $4.00

G3: Portugal $4.00

G4: North Korea $41.00

Group H

H1: Spain $1.33

H2: Chile $5.50

H3: Switzerland $8.00

H4: Honduras $17.00

Well now that we have all the Group Winners we can begin with the second round. There are some instances where the odds are the same for the Group Winners so you will see two countries vs one. This will not cause an issue as the rest of the tournament will be based on the odds of winning the World Cup.

Second Round

A1: France $15.00 vs B2: Nigeria $101.00

M1: France

B1: Argentina $8.50 vs A2: Mexico $81.00

M2: Argentina

C1: England $6.50 vs D2: Serbia $67.00

M3: England

D1: Germany $14.00 vs C2: USA $76.00

M4: Germany

E1: Holland $14.00 vs F2: Paraguay $67.00

M5: Holland

F1: Italy $14.00 vs E2: Cameroon $101.00 or Denmark $126.00

M6: Italy

G1: Brazil $6.00 vs H2: Chile $67.00

M7: Brazil

H1: Spain $5.00 vs G2: Ivory Coast $31.00 or Portugal $26.00

M8: Spain

Quarter Finals

M1: France $15.00 vs M3: England $6.50

QF1: England

M2: Argentina $8.50 vs M4: Germany $14.00

QF2: Argentina

M5: Holland $14.00 vs M7: Brazil $6.00

QF3: Brazil

M6: Italy $14.00 vs M8: Spain $5.00

QF4: Spain

Semi Finals

QF1: England $6.50 vs QF3: Brazil $6.00

SF1: Brazil

QF2: Argentina $8.50 vs QF4: Spain $5.00

SF2: Spain

World Cup Final

SF1: Brazil $6.00 vs SF2: Spain $5.00

2010 World Champions: Spain

What are the odds of a penalty shootout?

155 Days “Chile 15 del Mundo”


Chile are Team 13 with a FIFA ranking of 15 in the World. Seven previous World Cup appearances with their best result back in 1962 when they hosted the tournament and finished 3rd. 

Their last trip to the World Cup was back in 1998 and were coached by a Uruguayan. After 12 years they return to the World Cup with an Argentinian coach. Expectations are high for the Chileans who see Bielsa (Chile Coach) as the saviour for Chilean futbol. The Chile squad have the youngest average player age of all the South American teams, however a lack of experience could be their downfall. 

Chile are in Group H with Spain, Switzerland and Honduras. Their first game is against Honduras who at one stage were the possible play off candidate for Uruguay. Chile will need a good start to the tournament with a win,  if they hope to qualify from this group. If Chile qualify 1st or 2nd in Group H they will either possibly meet Brazil or Portugal in the second round. 


My Prediction: Second Round 











Uruguay 3 – Chile 1 SUB 17

Bandera de Uruguay
Bandera de Uruguay

Fantastic start to the Sub 17 South American Championships with a 3-1 win to Uruguay over Chile. Uruguay are looking good and if they can maintain their momentum, then they should go far in the tournament. Once again Chile can only complain as usual about everything but once again their futbol let’s them down. Happy Birthday Pepe, this one’s for you.

Enjoy the highlights:

Substitute the Referee

Hector Baldassi
Hector Baldassi

Argentinian referee Héctor Wálter Baldassi has sent a strong message to both Chile and Uruguay: “Stay away from the Top 4”.

Just when Diego Maradona’s Argentinian side lost 6-1 against Bolivia another Argentinian ensured Argentina would not suffer too much. Baldassi refereed the game between Chile and Uruguay. When Chile looked like scoring he sent one of their players off, then when Uruguay was getting on top he decided to yellow card as many Uruguayans as possible. He ignored any penalty claims and tried to keep the game a draw. With both Chile and Uruguay only progressing with one point, it helped Argentina as neither country left them too far behind.

When a player is playing badly he is substituted and another player gets to have a go, so why not introduce that rule with referees? If the referee is performing badly, maybe even his assistants (lineman) why not substitute them by the 4th official.

Héctor Wálter Baldassi was having a terrible game, though I believe on purpose. It would have been fantastic to have seen a different referee for the second half.

The credibility of the South American qualifiers are becoming a joke ,from Bolivia in the high altitude beating a team like Argentina 6-1, where in normal situation that would never happen. For example Uruguay beat Bolivia 5-0 at home and Argentina beat Bolivia 3-0 at home.

Having South American referees is also a joke, for example in the game between Chile and Uruguay you have a conflict of interest as the Chilean coach is in fact Argentinian so how can the referee be from Argentina?

The majority of the players from Uruguay, Brasil, Argentina come from playing in leagues in Europe so why not have european referees? This would prevent the constant biased which is clearly seen. We have now lost 4 points thanks to Argentinian referees, the other culprit being Señor Pezzotta.

Maradona Argentine Coach
Maradona Argentine Coach asking Baldassi for a Draw




10 Huevos equals 1


The Chileans are taking fotos of the Argentinan referee Hector Baldassi who sent off Mauricio Isla in the 33nd minute of the game between Chile and Uruguay. I don’t believe it was a second yellow and his sending off changed the game. The Uruguayans won’t be happy with him either as a penalty for hand ball was not given. There were some strange fouls awarded and Mr Baldassi had a terrible game.

El Maestro Contra Chile
El Maestro Contra Chile



El Maestro made a strange sub when he replaced the yellow carded Diego Perez for Alvaro Fernandez from Nacional Montevideo in the 40th minute? Is this a player that Casal needs to sell?

Alvaro Fernandez Contra Chile
Alvaro Fernandez Contra Chile



 The second half was all Uruguay trying to score and missing incredible chances. Forlan missed a few that still amazes me now.

Forlan contra Chile
Forlan contra Chile


Uruguay is 5th again and Chile moves to 3rd, Uruguays next game is at home against Brasil.

By the end of the game el Maestro was playing with 4 strikers: Forlan, Suarez, Abreu, Cavani. Chile fought hard to stop the Charruas and tried their luck on the counter attacks. Chile did hit the post in the first half before the sending off. At the end of the game Chile and Uruguay share 2 points and both countries will be hoping they bump into Hector in some dark alley to discuss the game.


Below are some highlights:

Tricky Chile

Chile Futbol Team
Chile Futbol Team

Well Chile are well known for their tricks (truco) and it would be no surprise if they field the above team to break Uruguays concentration. The Uruguayans will be totally focused on ensuring they leave Santiago with 3 points in their luggage. On the other hand the Chileans will be doing everything possible to ensure the Uruguayans luggage is lost and found in the Chilean Futbol Teams dressing room.

They have tried everthing in the past and nothing has changed. Below is a picture of the possible line up for the game.

Chile Futbol Team
Chile Futbol Team


If the Uruguayans have one weakness it would have to be women and the Chileans are fully aware of that fact. The one thing they haven’t taken into account is that the Uruguayans determination to not only win the game but to also pick up and the above team would save them time.

Que Huevon

Huevones Everywhere


The Countdown is on until we play the Kings of Chile, yes that’s right; “Los Reyes de los Huevones”. It’s going to be an awesome game with many an incident to talk about as these games are always tough and dirty. As you can see from the below picture, this is how the Chileans advertise they Estadio Nacional in Santiago. The picture says it all:

Estadio Nacional de Chile
Estadio Nacional de Chile

For the courages Uruguayans crossing the Andes to watch this game, there will be only two things on their mind. One will be 3 points, the other will be those Hot Chilean Women!!!!!!!

Miss Chile
Miss Chile