6 6 6

6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses
6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses

The witchdoctor was right, Uruguay has a hidden agenda. Tabarez formulated the table to finish with 6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses after 18 games. If you add up 18 like in numerology 18= 1+8 = 9…Turn 9 upside down and you get 6.

We now play Costa Rica in the play off for Sud Africa 2010. If you add up Sud Africa you get 9. Turn 9 upside down and you get 6.  If you add up 2010 you get 3 so we need another 3 to make it 6. Then we will end up with 666 for wins/draws and loses. 666 for the amount of games played in the Conmebol Qualification. Adding up the name of Sud Africa and now adding up 2010. Witch leaves another 3 to complete the 6.

That means El Maestro will need his formulas and hoodoos all worked out for a 3 gol margin. Then the 3 from 2010 and the 3 from the goals scored will give him 6 to complete the 666 and offer his sacrifice to the witchdoctor and complete the profecy of Uruguay reaching the World Cup.

With that in mind I believe we will draw the first game 1-1 which adds up to 2 and then we will win 1-0 at home to complete the 3 gol margin adding up 2010 which is 3 and completing the 666.




6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses and 18 games which = 9 = 6
6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses and 18 games which = 9 = 6

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…turn me on deadman turn me on…turn me on deadman……….



Ojito ~


Sabemos Cumplir

Awaiting the Classico Rioplatense with 9 hours to go. It’s nearly midnight and I can’t sleep. So I started practicing the Uruguayan National Anthem for the game. The words that are now stuck in my head are “Sabemos Cumplir” translation “We know how to fulfill”.

These words have a strong resonance and vibration when you have 60,000 singing it in the stadium with another 3 million in the country and another 6 million all round the world. That vibration will be felt by the players and knowing that a win will put us in the top 4 with an automatic qualification to Sud Africa 2010, I feel a win is on the table.

Uruguay Top 4

 Uruguay in the Top 4

The other element would have to be the Charrua Spirit. If ever there was a time to destroy Argentina then this is the time.  Direct qualification will allow us to avoid any more suffering until Sud Africa 2010, however Argentina will be suffering for 2 more games if Chile draw or beat Ecuador.


Don't cry for me Maradona
Don't cry for me Maradona
My bold prediction for the game is:
Uruguay 5-0 Argentina
Uruguay 5-0 Argentina

Penalty!!!! OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Which is the most freightening word to say to a Uruguayan. The word would have to be “Penalty” aka “Penal”. Watching the game against Ecuador and knowing that the very last kick of the game is a Penalty for Uruguay which Mr Forlan is taking and if he scores we win the game 2-1 and are still alive. As the Uruguayan commentator says: “Me Quiero Matar” translation: “I want to kill myself”. Due to the agony as he awaits the penalty kick, knowing our history!!!!  All these thoughts come to mind, the game against Australia, The Copa America, The Sub 20… The list goes on.

However somehow in some way Forlan scores just under the cross bar, even though when it left his boot I thought it was heading to the top part of the stands; it went in.

Uruguay won a dramatic game and now we have a classico of vintage proportions in the Relic Stadium Centenario. I say we let Argentina play with their ball for the first half and we play with our ball for the second half just like in 1930.

We might avoid the calculator alltogether but there are many scenarios.

Scenario 1: Uruguay beat Argentina, Chile beat Ecuador and Brasil beat Venezuela = 4th Uruguay, 5th Argentina

Scenario 2: Uruguay beat Argentina, Ecuador beat Chile and Brasil Draw Venezuela = 4th Uruguay, 5th Ecuador

Scenario 3: Uruguay beat Argentina, Chile draw Ecuador and Brasil Draw Venezuela = 4th Uruguay, 5th Argentina

Scenario 4: Uruguay draw Argentina, Chile draw Ecuador and Brasil Draw Venezuela = 4th Argentina, 5th Uruguay

Scenario 5: Uruguay draw Argentina, Chile beat Ecuador, Venezuela beat Brasil = 4th Argentina, 5th Uruguay

Scenario 6: Argentina beat Uruguay, Chile beat Ecuador and Brasil beat Venezuela = 4th Argentina, 5th Uruguay

Scenario 7: Argentina beat Uruguay, Ecuador beat Chile and Venezuela beat Brasil = 4th Argentina, 5th Ecuador

Scenario 8: Argentina beat Uruguay, Chile draw Ecuador, Venezuela beat Brasil = 4th Argentina and 5th ??? not sure as Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela end up on 24 points..What the?????? I need help on this one…

Since I’m exhausted I will stop at Scenario 8 as there are many more scenarios…

The Sub 20 lost against Brasil 3-1 and had a great tournament. It’s great to know there are young players still coming through. I’ve received a lot of negative comments about Uruguay from fellow South Americans which surprises me as there is no harm in supporting your own country and dreaming of winning a tournament like the Sub 20 or the Mundial itself. Somehow some fans seem to enjoy Uruguay losing more then they enjoy their own country winning. That’s the human mind I guess and to all those who left those comments on YouTube, try to focus on your own country and their performances first, before making comments against La Celeste.

Now we await the game against Argentina and we keep dreaming of Sud Africa 2010.

Some highlights Ecuador vs Uruguay:







Mexican Rule

Mexican Refs
Mexican Refs

As Uruguay prepare for their quarter final game against arch enemy Brasil in the Sub 20 World Cup, the news at hand is that the referees will be Mexican.

The AUF is trying to negotiate some USA Greencards for the refs in appreciation of the great effort in their performance. We have decided to change from having an asado to having a piñada, buritos, tacos and have invited the greatest mexican wrestler of all time. Yes Nacho himself will be there to sign autographs and eat most of the food.

I have faith in the mexicans and even more faith in the Charruas. It will be one hell of a game but let’s hope that Uruguay gets through in any way possible and as controversial as the refs can make it.

Vamos Uruguay Vamos Carajo!!!!

Nacho LibreNacho Libre
Nacho Libre

What will Brasil do?

Uru vs Gha 2

Uruguay did everything possible to beat Ghana and came away with a draw in stoppage time. Uruguay 2 – 2 Ghana. This puts Uruguay in 2nd position in the group and awaits the game between Brasil and Australia.

The question is; What will Brasil do? If they win, they will be first in their group and meet Uruguay next. If they field a team of reserves,  Australia might beat them and depending on the other result between Costa Rica and the Czech Republic…Brasil has the potential of avoiding Uruguay.

After seeing the game today, Ghana seemed strong and the answer to the question is that Brasil will beat Australia and meet Uruguay in the quarters.

Below are some highlights of Uruguay vs Ghana:

Uru vs Gha 1

Uruguay 3 – Chile 1 SUB 17

Bandera de Uruguay
Bandera de Uruguay

Fantastic start to the Sub 17 South American Championships with a 3-1 win to Uruguay over Chile. Uruguay are looking good and if they can maintain their momentum, then they should go far in the tournament. Once again Chile can only complain as usual about everything but once again their futbol let’s them down. Happy Birthday Pepe, this one’s for you.

Enjoy the highlights:

10 Huevos equals 1


The Chileans are taking fotos of the Argentinan referee Hector Baldassi who sent off Mauricio Isla in the 33nd minute of the game between Chile and Uruguay. I don’t believe it was a second yellow and his sending off changed the game. The Uruguayans won’t be happy with him either as a penalty for hand ball was not given. There were some strange fouls awarded and Mr Baldassi had a terrible game.

El Maestro Contra Chile
El Maestro Contra Chile



El Maestro made a strange sub when he replaced the yellow carded Diego Perez for Alvaro Fernandez from Nacional Montevideo in the 40th minute? Is this a player that Casal needs to sell?

Alvaro Fernandez Contra Chile
Alvaro Fernandez Contra Chile



 The second half was all Uruguay trying to score and missing incredible chances. Forlan missed a few that still amazes me now.

Forlan contra Chile
Forlan contra Chile


Uruguay is 5th again and Chile moves to 3rd, Uruguays next game is at home against Brasil.

By the end of the game el Maestro was playing with 4 strikers: Forlan, Suarez, Abreu, Cavani. Chile fought hard to stop the Charruas and tried their luck on the counter attacks. Chile did hit the post in the first half before the sending off. At the end of the game Chile and Uruguay share 2 points and both countries will be hoping they bump into Hector in some dark alley to discuss the game.


Below are some highlights:

Welcome Back

Uruguay Sub 20
Uruguay Sub 20
Now that Peñarol has sacked it’s coach who got them to the Libertadores Playoff in the first place,  has now been knocked out of the competition before it has even started. Now we have a new coach who since being appointed has shown everything to be back to what it was before Saralegui. With this in mind I have been to busy screaming and swearing to write any entries on this blog that has now been listed on the nearly extinct list.

The only joy at the moment is the Under 20 South American Championship which has produced some exciting players and exciting games. Uruguay lost against Brasil 3-2, Beat Colombia 2-1 and beat Argentina 2-1 in the final phase of the competition. Now with two games left against Paraguay and Venezuela there is a chance of qualification to the Youth World Cup held in Egypt.
Below are some highlights of the game against Argentina.




Uruguay vs Argentina
Uruguay vs Argentina