24 Days: The Three Amigos


Andres Luis Sienzuf

After reading Andres’ Blog The Old 3 Card Magic Trick and reading about our adventures ahead, he mentions the 3 Amigos and I believe that sums us 3 perfectly. Three Uruguayan Amigos on a journey of a lifetime following La Celeste.  

It’s great to see that some of the Uruguayan fans have gone to Lesotho to train the people on how to support and follow Uruguay as per below video…. Enjoy and Vamos La Celeste!!!!!! 




41 Days: Sienzuf Presents




Looks like Suarez is over the moon to hear that I have decided to start a “Sienzuf Presents” series. I start with a video I have put together with audio I received some 31 years ago. 

Back when the whole world was in black and white I received a cassette with the full commentary of the 1950 World Cup Final by the famous Carlos Sole. I have located some footage of the 1950 final and added the commentary by Carlos Sole with a few extras. 




Cassette Tape
Cassette Tape



50 Days: “Magical Number”


50 Days before South Africa Welcomes the World Cup to the African Continent and I start dreaming of what the number 50 means to me and all my Uruguayan Brothers and Sisters.

The First thought would have to be Ghiggia in ’50 scoring the winning goal to make Uruguay 4 time World Champion. The emotions are hard to explain but my dad remembers it well as he was 9 years old and was staying near the Brazilian border listening to the game on the radio. The Uruguayans would throw rocks across the river at the Brazilians and this continued throughout the game. Only to finish with a celebration that could only be compared to a meteorite storm.


The second thought, would have to be “El Mundialito” in 1980 which was the 50 Year Anniversary of the first World Cup held in Uruguay in 1930. Once again Uruguay was able to win the tournament at home and once again beating Brazil in the final like in 1950 by the score of 2-1.




125 Days: World Cup Simulator

Today I invested in the World Cup Simulator which predicts the winner of South Africa 2010.

The simulator collated all the data of the 32 countries, the weather for South Africa for June this year, all data for the predicted referees, predicted bribing, FIFA and their double dealings, drug use, sex, religous beliefs, political views, history, gypsy fortune teller predictions, money, astronomy, mathematics, formulas, time, recovery and all things Futbol.

The simulator came back with the following prediction:

The 2010 World Cp Final

Uruguay 3 – 2 España

Vamos Uruguay Vamos!!!!

126 Days: Phase 3 Tickets Comfirmed

Fantastic news as the tickets for Andres and Luis have been confirmed this morning.

Now we know that the 3 amigos will be in the stadium for Uruguays 3 Group Games. Just thinking about that makes me get emotional as it will be amazing. Then of cause depending on Uruguays performance it could end after the first game.

One thing that Uruguay guarantees is that there will be suffering. Hay Que Sufrir, Hay Que Sufrir…

127 Days: Been Done Before

Testing the WordPress App again, let’s see if it let’s me insert an image.

Been Done Before, the classic line used in many situations. Uruguay have won the World Cup and not once but twice.

Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Brazil, England, Argentina, France….. what do all these countries have in common?

They have all won the World Cup and are the only countries that can claim to know how to play football, fussball, futébol, Futbol.

All the other countries are improving and can dream of winning the World Cup sometime soon.

The pressure is on to be the World Cup winner in Africa. Will any of the top 7 win it again?

My guess is yes, but just where will Uruguay place that 5th Star. Let’s do it different to Brazil and place it on the currency, develop a new stamp, add it to the national flag, car licence plates, cedular. 😉

129 Days: Uruguay No Ma



!!!!!Vamos Uruguay Vamos!!!!!



The best game in the whole South American Qualifiers would have to be the Ecuador 1-2 Uruguay. I remember watching the game live and thinking we could still get a draw after losing 1-0. The instant equaliser and then a penalty at the end of the game was a great moment for Uruguay. That foundation built strength for the team with a qualification attitude. We need a big game against France and recover in time for South Africa.

Mexico will be the Decider…


134 Days: FIFA is Europe


FIFA is Europe

Looks like FIFA has given the strongest hint so far that Australia and any other Non European country can forget hosting the 2018 tournament. The Europeans know that outside of Europe they have never won a World Cup. What this means for Australia is a chance to host the 2022 tournament. 

I guess we will have to wait another 12 years to see the World Cup in Australia. Australia had a great opportunity to host the World Cup after the Sydney Olympics however no effort was made to make a bid. The 2014 tournament will be held in Brazil and my guess for the 2018 tournament is that it will be held in England.  

The world cup has been in South America, Central America, North America, Europe, Asia and now Africa so that leaves Oceania and the Middle East. Australia should get 2022 and I’m sure FIFA (Federacion Internacional de Futbol All over Europe) will want the 2026 tournament back in Europe. Especially knowing that the World Cup Centenary will be held in Uruguay/Argentina in 2030. 

I guess one step at a time and let’s focus on South Africa. Should be one interesting World Cup. 







Andres' Camping Site Sign


135 Days: World Cup 2010 Predictions


Pele Predictions

Pele has been awarded “Worst World Cup Predictor of All Time”.

Everywhere I look all I see is the same prediction, that Brazil will win the World Cup. 

I have already given my predictions for South Africa 2010 as I pick Uruguay to win the World Cup. Why is it that the media asks all these ex great players for their predictions when everyone knows that they wouldn’t have a clue? 

My guaranteed prediction is that Pele will advertise something at the World Cup to keep the money rolling in but will it be Viagra again 😉 

My Predictions are: 

There will be a penalty shootout. 


There will be fouls. 


There will be fights. 


There will be Goals. 


There will be Red Cards. 


There will be crazy fans (mostly the Dutch) 

136 Days: Everyone is Scoring



Knowing your current form will determine if you make the squad for South Africa 2010, Oscar Washington Tabarez has some decisions to make. You would have to believe that Forlan and Suarez are automatic selection, however who will make the team from the following strikers?


 La Joya currently playing for Palermo and scoring:   

La Joya



Gimenez currently playing for Bolonia and scoring:      




El Rifle currently playing for Osasuna and scoring: 





Cavani currently playing for Palermo and scoring:   




El Loco changing teams every couple of months, so no idea where he is playing but I’m sure he is scoring:   




Chevanton back and currently playing for Atalanta and scoring:   



 There are many more playing and scoring that I have not included like: Carlos Bueno, Sebastian Fernandez, Rodrigo Lopez to name a few. El Maestro will need to keep an eye out for all these players who are trying to force their way into the Uruguayan National Team which will compete at South Africa 2010. 

Uruguay in Africa for the first World Cup ever held on the African Continent. Let’s make history muchachos. Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!! 

Just who will qualify for the Cheerleader auditions to represent Uruguay in South Africa. Below are some contenders: 


 Looks like Maradona will have to keep an eye out on Milito who scored once again for Inter Milan against no other than AC Milan. Ronaldino will be doing himself no favours by missing a penalty at the end of the game as I’m sure Dunga is watching, however maybe not as closely as Maradona.

Final result Inter Milan 2-0 AC Milan 🙂


176 Days “Zakumi”

He’s a fluffy young leopard with green hair and a wide smile.

“One thing is for sure, Zakumi will be first on the dancefloor and last off it at the biggest party in the world,” Fifa says on its website. “He symbolizes South Africa and the rest of the African continent through his self-confidence, pride, hospitality, social skills and warm-heartedness.”

The name “Zakumi” is a composition of “ZA” (South Africa’s international country code) and “kumi”, a ki-Swahili word that means 10. Since South Africa aims to make 2010 a truly African World Cup, the LOC (Local Organising Committee) decided to use a word from a language widely spoken across the continent.

Another detail worth noting is that Zakumi was born on 16 June 1994, a day and a year of great significance in South Africa.

The 16th of June 1976 saw the beginning of the Soweto youth uprising, when school children took to the streets to protest against apartheid, many of them cut down by police gunfire.

And 1994 was the year that South Africans of all races cast their votes for the first time to elect a new post-apartheid democratic government.

“The big party is in 2010, when Zakumi turns 16, but we will also have had 16 years of democracy then,” says LOC chief executive Danny Jordaan said. Zakumi is therefore “the ambassador for all our hopes, dreams and aspirations in South Africa.”


182 Days “Tickets Confirmed”

Tickets Confirmed


FIFA have confirmed my Tickets for South Africa 2010. I selected following Uruguay which gives me tickets to Uruguay’s 3 group games. Tickets to the second round, Quarter final and Semi Final. The Final had to be left out due to budget constraints and I will be attempting to get into the Final somehow, someway!!! 

Great news for Andres and Luis as they have also received confirmation that their ticket requests have been received and a confirmation number has been allocated.  

Now begins the process of renewing my passports. I need to renew both my Uruguayan and Australian passports. No visa is required for South Africa if staying less than 3 months.