Five Reasons to Believe

Ghiggia predicted the 5-0 scoreline
Ghiggia predicted the 5-0 scoreline

Ghiggia predicted the 5-0 scoreline between Uruguay and Jordan and now more than ever there is reason to believe.

Here are five reasons in pictures:

Mono Periera scored the first goal against Jordan
Mono Pereira scored the first goal against Jordan
Cristian Stuani scored the second against Jordan
Cristian Stuani scored the second against Jordan
Lodiero scored the third against Jordan
Lodeiro scored the third against Jordan
Cebolla scored the fourth against Jordan
Cebolla scored the fourth against Jordan
El Matador scored the fifth goal against Jordan
El Matador scored the fifth goal against Jordan

I urge all the Jordanian players, coaching staff, fans and journalists to come to Montevideo to celebrate with Uruguay. It’s going to be an experience you will never forget. Everyone will be partying like it’s 1950 again. You will be playing in the stadium where the first World Cup was held and playing in the country where the first World Cup was won by Uruguay.

Don’t worry about the result as it really doesn’t mean much considering all the world’s troubles. Football for Uruguay is something more than a game and helps people forget all the daily issues that they need to deal with, it’s an escape from reality and the passion will be there.

The stadium won’t be as intimidating as it usually is, sure the people will be passionate but it’s not like it would be if it was the first game. Now with a five goal start and considering they are five away goals which count as two, everyone will be very calm and enjoying it as a spectacle.

Jordan come and enjoy the food, music, beaches, port and make sure you visit the Museum of Futbol………


We’re on a Mission from God


We're on a Mission from God

Sometimes I feel I’m in the Blues Brothers, driving around South Africa with a mission. I sometimes hear in my head the Blues Brothers theme playing and feel “We’re on a Mission from God”. Not trying to upset the religious folk out there but I’m an atheist, thank God.    


Blues Brothers Speedometer

Yesterday was an amazing game that totally drained every bit of energy I had left. We had driven for 12 or 16 hours from Port Elizabeth and arrived the morning of the game. After waiting for McDonald’s to open at 6am, we proceeded to have breakfast. We then arrived at our accommodation and I think I fell asleep for 30 or 40 minutes. We got ready and headed off to watch Holland vs Brazil. We watched the first half only and then proceeded for an endless journey to the stadium. 

It started with a drive to the designated area to park and catch a bus. We parked the car and walked for 10 to 15 minutes to the bus. Caught the bus which seemed to take the scenic route around Jo’Berg. After what seemed like a 30 or 40 minute bus ride we got dropped off about a 40 minute walk from the stadium. We walked and walked to the stadium only to be walking further away from the stadium but finally arrived after the marathon journey. 

I knew it was going to be a tough game as everyone and his dog were instant Ghana fans. Everyone we spoke to said they felt sorry for us having to play against all of Africa. I guess they don’t understand that we have done all this before. During the qualifiers Uruguay played in hostile environments and are very experienced with these type of games. 

The noise coming from the stadium could never pass the regulatory frequencies that are allowed, as these vuvuzelas have no rhythm and are just a loud noise. I believe they were actually as much a problem for Ghana as they were for Uruguay. The Ghana fans were playing drums and had a nice rhythm going but were drowned out by the rhythmless South Africans. 

The stadium erupted everytime Ghana attacked and went mad when Ghana scored. They seemed to get a little scared after the Forlan goal as the stadium went totally quiet except for the Uruguayan fans. The Africans were complaining about everything, Suarez diving, the referee, the offsides, the freekicks but only if they were against Ghana. I got the feeling that a lot of the African fans didn’t know the rules and seemed confused with the missed penalty kick and then the penalty shootout. 

When El Loco stepped up to take the penalty kick to win the game, most around me did not realise that if El Loco scored it was the end of the game. After seeing El Loco take the penalty kick in the Copa America I knew he was going to do the same thing and I prayed that the Ghana Goalkeeper had not done his research. When El Loco scored the stadium went dead quiet and people around me did not understand what had happened. I explained to them that Africa is out of the World Cup, Ghana has lost the game and Uruguay are in the Semi Final. 

Save of the Tournament

Who said that the volleyball training wouldn’t pay off. A lot of people are comparing this to Maradona and Henry but I would like to remind everyone that the difference is that Suarez got caught. He got sent off and a penalty was awarded. Now if Ghana cannot score that penalty it’s not Uruguay’s fault. These things happen in futbol and you have to move on and for Africa move on out of the World Cup 2010. 


Golazo Forlan
Muslera Que Grande
Esta Loco
Grande Muslera y Suarez
Uruguay No Mas
Uruguay Que No Ni No

 Holanda te vamos a cojer, Holanda te vamos a cojer, te vamos a cojer, Holanda te vamos a cojer!!!!!!!!


Holanda te vamos a cojer


English Ref for Uruguay vs Ghana


FIFA has appointed an English referee for the game between Uruguay vs Ghana. This now adds the extra element I was already expecting. To win the World Cup not only do you need to play decent futbol but you also have to beat the establishment. You can see it clearly at the World Cup, all the preference are for teams like Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

From a Marketing point of view the dream FIFA final would not include Paraguay, Ghana or Uruguay. FIFA would hope for a Brazil vs Argentina, Brazil vs Spain or any variance with Germany in it. This isn’t a surprise for me as I expected this type of favouritism.

One thing is for sure, it’s going to take more than the referee to stop Uruguay reaching the Semi Final. Uruguay will be intense and will never give up. We have depth on the bench with players they don’t even expect. We can change the game from a defensive style to a double playmaker if both Nacho and Lodeiro play. We can play any formation with a strong midfield as both Eguren and Gargano have either not played or played very little.

We have a great coach who has found the tactic and players. We might end up winning in extra time or on penalties with ony 8 men but we will fight to the end. Uruguay is used to playing against the odds and the Africans will learn what it’s like to play in the qualifiers in South America. We have already been in every situation possible. We were even out of the World Cup at one stage  in Ecuador only to turn the game around and win with the last kick of the game.

Vamos Uruguay Vamos Carajo Vamos!!!!!!!

Uruguay Gana


Uruguay vs Korea Republic

Uruguay are one game away from a Semi Final appearance at the 2010 South African World Cup. The game that Uruguay needs to win is against Ghana, who is the only African team left in the first World Cup held on African Soil. 

An African committee has been established to encourage all Africans to support Ghana. The South Africans were supporting Korea Republic, which ended up being a home ground feeling for the Koreans. Now the Africans want everyone to support Ghana because Uruguay knocked South Africa out. 

What the South Africans don’t understand is that we actually helped them by beating Mexico in the last group game and they beat France but missed a host of goals which would have got them through to the next round. It was the South Africans lack of goals that eliminated them. It’s a matter of how you see the glass of water, it’s either half full or half empty. Now for the game against Ghana it will be a home ground for Ghana which actually suits the Uruguayans as we are small in numbers, the only large numbers we have is our Futbol history. 

When I look at the possible Quarter Finals that are left we have what I believe as the most accessible Quarter Final. The referees have been in the highlight with huge mistakes against England and Mexico and will always be a decisive element to the game. Lugano has expressed his concerns with the referees, Lugano explains that against Korea Republic the referee did not award a hand ball in the penalty box, an offside was given when Suarez was left one on one with the keeper even though he was on side and the Korean free kick which led to the goal he believes should not have been a free kick in the first place. 

We are now getting ready to watch Brazil vs Chile and have just watched Holland beat Slovakia 2-1. We have been without an internet connection for 24 hours as this is Africa. We had no hot water this morning, they ran out of garbage bags and toilet paper. When we asked for fresh towels they told us they will get some for us and ended up arriving the next day. Welcome to African time. This is all a great omen as Forlan, Suarez and Cavani will score against Ghana before they even kick off. 




Uruguay 2 -1 Korea Republic
Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!!


South America conquer Africa


Uruguay vs Mexico
Uruguay vs Mexico

 The first thing I would like to say is that the only reason I’m in South Africa is to see Uruguay lift the World Cup and become World Champions for the 5th time. It’s easy to get lost in this place due to the lack of normality. This post might sound a bit angry and negative, but at the moment I could take on 5 Korean Kung Fu impersonators all at once. I feel like I’m in Australia sometimes, with regards to the coverage and commentary from the South Africans. 

This country is a Rugby Union country who tolerates soccer. The first time I saw something that met my expectations of what I expected in Africa was when we went to see Australia vs Ghana. The Africans from Ghana had rhythm and were colourful, full of dance with a couple of witch doctors on hand. 

The game against Mexico would be one of the most frustrating games I have ever attended. The Mexicans were calling the Uruguayans “putos” (poofters). Entering the stadium most of them were pissed (drunk) on tequila and calling us putos. I started losing my cool but I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and progress without incident as they were drunk. 

Once in the stadium I started to realise that the North American border with Mexico has been penetrated as the stadium was full of Mexicans with a sea of green. I contacted Interpol and suggested they wait outside the stadium and arrest the 99% who were not carrying a green card. 

Then the Mexicans started calling the Uruguayans “putos” every time Muslera (Uruguayan Goalkeeper) did a goal kick. I started losing my cool some more as these little uneducated toilet cleaning, grass cutting, dish cleaners were getting under my skin. I decided to have my own chant every time they called us putos, and it went something like this: “Mexicanos andate a la putisima madre que te recontra pario, hijos de putas la concha de tu madre, nunca ganaron nada pajeros de mierda”. There is no need to translate this section as English will only take the passion away from the words. 

There was an incident when a Mexican who wasn’t thinking clearly joined in on the chant of “putos” but he was situated within the proximity of the crazy Uruguayan fans. One of the fans went over and said to the Mexican, come on say it to my face. The Mexican said puto to the Uruguayans face and ended up on the floor with a possible face reconstruction. The brawl was so serious that they announced that the Mexicans had to leave the stadium first and we needed to wait 15 minutes after the game finished before the Uruguayans could leave the stadium. 

I quickly checked my iPhone “Mexicans Running from a Stadium app” to calculate where the Mexicans would be in 15 minutes time running at their pace and being drunk so I could catch up with them and continue our discussions on sexual preferences and all things futbol. On leaving the stadium instead what I found were the Mexicans wanting to have photos taken with us (Uruguayans). I politely replied to each and every one of them that they could stick their camera up their arse. When they asked me why I would say something like that I had to explain to them that if they call me a poofter first and then want a photo taken, the only photo they will get is a xray of their face with every bone I can manage to break with their camera. 

I ended up catching a bus full of Mexicans and all they could talk about was how they are going to beat Argentina. Just like they said they would beat Uruguay and just like they say they will beat anyone, but instead Mexico achieve not winning anything. I managed to inform some Argentinians from the ultras of what the Mexicans do when the opposition takes a goal kick so that they can plan a response. I hope there is enough security for that game as there are more Argentinians here then Uruguayans and from what I have heard on the street, the advise is to keep clear of the ultras from Argentina as they will even steal your family name. 

With regards to Uruguay it’s been a sensational experience from seeing them play, to seeing them score and seeing them win. We have had the luck of seeing the Uruguayan team up close as we went to their hotel before the Mexico game only to find the players very relaxed and walking around. Drinking mate’ as the below picture with El Cacha.   


Cacha Tomando Mate'
Cacha Tomando Mate'

  One of my goals for this trip was to try and meet Ghiggia the scorer of the second Maracanazo goal in the 1950 final which Uruguay beat Brazil 2-1. I met Ghiggia who signed my Uruguayan cap and complained about the pen I was using, he was very funny and I think he’s even shorter than me. I thanked him and let him know that it was an honour meeting him. I have a strong feeling about Africa and this could be a oman of things to come. 

The squad were staying in the National Park where Andres and his dad did a safari. I noticed a sign that was on the fence with regards to the animals. I looked for animals and didn’t see many. When I asked the African workers where the animals were like Lions and Elephants they advised me that since the Uruguayan squad arrived they all ran away with fear in their hearts. 


   Now we are staying around the block from the Uruguayan Hotel. We organised our Hotel in between seeing Uruguay arrive and the Uruguayan fans having a futbol game at the park across from the Uruguayan squad. You could see the players at their room windows placing flags and recording and watching the game. I found the game played between the Uruguayan fans much more entertaining than some of the games in this World Cup. We have met journalists, nacionals president (can’t think of his name?), TV presenters, players families.  

It’s nearly 1am and time to go to sleep and dream of a Uruguayan Victory over Korea Republic. I finally have an internet connection and should be able to post over the next few days, however this is Africa and anything can and will happen. 

Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!!   


Naci Celeste
Naci Celeste




Bafana Bafana Te Metimos Tres Banana


It’s been a marathon couple of weeks and here I am at 1:15am South African time drinking mate with internet access at speeds I haven’t seen since the 1990’s. Staying in a Guest House ready for a blog entry. I have so much to say and I have no idea where to start so excuse me if I ramble on.

I am Uruguayan and a pure futbol fanatic, so the whole purpose of this trip to South Africa was to watch futbol and most importantly to see La Celeste play in a World Cup. It’s been a lifelong dream that has been realised.

South Africa has been an interesting place to visit and I was advised of many things to look out for and I do take that seriously and am prepared at every moment, however after seeing the South Americans I feel safe and insecure at the same time. To start with, a Brazilian and Peruvian were arrested for stealing South African ladies handbags, the ultras for both Uruguay and Argentina walk the streets as if they are in South America and I wouldn’t be approaching them unless you want to find a new storage area for you’re vuvuzela.

The futbol coverage in this country reminds me a lot of the Australian Soccer Coverage. Not only do they call it soccer over here but most people are only interested in Rugby Union. The experts talk about the strangest things, from asking the Question as to why Nigeria is not the favourite against Greece (Nigeria lost the game!!!) they say that the African teams are never taken seriously. In my opinion you first have to win something and secondly you have to have a healthy FIFA ranking and thirdly you need to play futbol to be taken seriously.

It’s midnight the following day and I’m still trying to finish this blog entry. I never thought I’d say this, but man I miss our internet speeds in Australia.

I love the media here as they are so biased it’s like a comedy routine. The build up to the Bafana and Uruguay game had me in stitches and angry. The experts here were stating that Bafana should rest their players for the game against Uruguay as this was their easy game and they could focus on the tough game against France. They were saying that the game was going to end up in favour of Bafana either 2 nil or 3 nil. They were talking about who they were going to face in the second round and gave no respect to Uruguay at all. Just the sort of coverage you get in Australia.

Walking into the stadium Andres was advised that the result would be 3-0 in favour of Bafana just like it said on his ticket. We looked at the ticket and we were trying to understand what they were trying to say. These guys have no idea and it’s a laughable situation.

Now that the game is over not only did they not show the highlights to the game but everyone seems to say that they only care about the Rugby Union. Congratulations South Africa, as you beat Los TeRRos (Uruguay Rugby Union Team) 1000 to 3 at the Rugby Union World Cup in Australia. I think that South Africa will beat Uruguay at cricket as well.

Just a reminder Africa, this is the World Cup in Futbol and before you talk show some respect as the Champions of the World have only been from two continents, South America and Europe.

Now for my own highlights show:






Hours to Go: Uruguay Sold Out


Every Team Needs a Bomber Ad


 It’s been an epic journey to get to this stage in preparation for Uruguay’s first game against France in Cape Town. The 3 Amigos (Andres Fontaine, Luis Fontaine and Sienzuf Fontaine) set out from Sydney Australia to Cape Town South Africa. After staying at a hotel near Sydney Airport and spending hours trying to unlock my iPhone from the optus network we headed to the airport with no sleep.  

We flew from Sydney to Melbourne and caught our flight to Jo’berg. The flight was a mighty 16 hours which was then followed by a drive to Cape Town which was another 16 hours. All up it took us 32 hours to get to Cape Town from the time we left Melbourne, but luckily we managed to fit 32 hours into one day.    



Cape Town Uruguay
Cape Town Uruguay


We have looked everywhere in Cape Town for  Uruguayan Merchandise and it seems that Uruguay is Sold Out. I still haven’t been able to find a Uruguayan scarf, shirt or cap. We are always getting approached when we are at a set of red lights to buy a flag, however when we ask them for a Uruguayan Flag they say they haven’t got one and leave us alone.  



View from where we are staying
View from where we are staying

 The South African people have been fantastic and we are having a great time. Today we really felt what it is like to lose the technology we have come to take for granted. Both our iPhones lost total battery and we had nothing to charge them with. Luis left his phone where we are staying but no one was home. We wondered the street aimlessly as we were trying to come to grips with the reality of no google, no twitter, no sms and no contact information. 

Now it’s time to go to sleep as it’s 1am in Cape Town and I have finally finished charging every single devise I’ve got. Maybe they can start to focus on longer lasting batteries and I can focus on setting up the asado for the pre match to Uruguay vs France. 



South African Asado
South African Asado



Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!!!! 


4 Days: Futbol Carnival


Futbol Carnival

 As I sit here reading my tweets from no-one and every-one just after midnight, I start dreaming of the Futbol Carnival ahead. The information for this World Cup is amazing thanks to the technology on hand. I’m getting tweets from Diego Forlan letting me know that he has arrived and that he has finished training. I get information from reporters that are in Africa covering the event. Tweets from fans, politicians, SBS, CBN, ESPN and Tenfield to name a few.  

The latest news at hand, that the South African World Cup is cursed. With the amount of injuries happening people always look for a culprit. There has to be some-one to blame. Even Forlan got tackled by Gargano and there was an injury scare.   

Then there are thoughts that a terrorist could do something, there could be a volcano, tsunami, meteorite could hit Tabletop Mountain, South Africa might run out of Coca-Cola, the new ball is so unpredictable it might not show up for the final. With all this happening within a split second, I have to sit back and laugh as I eat my frog legs in anticipation of the Greatest Event known to mankind.  



Below is a video explaining the Uruguayan roots of Candombe: 


It’s going to be a dream come true to see La Celeste in colour: 


Uruguay in Black and White


Uruguay in Colour

6 Days: Time to Pack


Se viene Uruguay


The Uruguayan squad are packing their bags ready for South Africa as we speak. Travel documents have been organised, accommodation is all worked out. A few tonne of Yerba is being loaded on the plane with tactics worked out, the Pilsen crates have also boarded. 

The latest news on hand “ESPN says: Uruguay triple world champion!”  Through a system called The Eliminator, the journalist Damian DiDonato concluded, and so published on the website that the Celeste will lift the cup on 11 July. Finally someone agrees with my prediction.  

The only issue I have with Mr DiDonato is that Uruguay would become 5 Time World Champion. I know it’s a long time ago and the whole world was in black and white but FIFA advised that the 1924 Olympic Football Tournament Winner would be crowned World Champions. The same for 1928 which were both won by Uruguay and why we have the extra two stars on our shirt. The stars don’t represent World Cup wins however represent becoming World Champions. I forgive him though for putting Uruguay in the headlines. 

With the news that Uruguay are packing their bags, I have decided to start packing myself. First on the list is a parachute. 



Next is the Gas Mask: 


Followed by my South African Survival Kit: 



Vamos Uruguay Carajo!!!!

7 Days: Tactics Ready


Uruguayan Tactics
Uruguayan Tactics

El Maestro has finished writing the tactics that will be used in South Africa. Everything is on track and the team are in a relaxed mood. Drinking mate’, eating biscochos and being allowed to have sex. What more could you ask for really???? 

We organised our seats for the flight to Melbourne/Johannesburg and are sitting together. We have found via FIFA another Uruguayan that is travelling to Cape Town with a huge hand to wave at France’s Henry (very appropriate). There are also some Uruguayans going from the Candombe Group  URUMBE who have arrived with drums in hand. 

It’s all falling into place and the dream is becoming reality. Vamos Uruguay Vamos Carajo!!!! 




18 Days: South America European Champions


Milito (Argentino)

The Best of Europe’s Club Side Competitions finished today with Inter Milan (Internazionale) being crowned Champions of Europe. In the Europa League Atletico Madrid were crowned Champions of Europe.  


What’s the similarity: A Uruguayan and Argentinian scored two goals in each final. 

Diego Forlan scored twice to bring the Europa Cup back to Atletico and Diego Milito scored twice to bring the Champions League Cup back to Inter Milan. 

South America are Champions of Europe!!!!! 



Forlan Campeon
Forlan Campeon

Next is South Africa and with the way the South Americans are scoring I believe the First World Cup on African soil will return to its only true home of South America.