The Price of Oil

The Price of Oil

The price of oil has had a direct impact on the Uruguayan League. Peñarol made the Copa Libertadores Final in 2011 and now not only find themselves out of the Copa Libertadores but also out of the Uruguayan League Championship. After Peñarol lost the Clasico there has been a lot of talk about sacking the President of Peñarol. In all fairness I have to sympathize with the Peñarol President. At the start of the Uruguayan Championship which is played in two stages called the Opening (Apertura) and Closing (Clausura) Championships Peñarol found themselves without a coach as Diego Aguirre was lured to the Qatar League with money that only the price of oil could achieve.

One of the decisions that Diego Aguirre made was to release Tony Pacheco from Peñarol. Pacheco is a Peñarol Legend and was treated disrespectfully in my opinion. I always believe that the coach decides on the players and the system so I was satisfied that Tony Pacheco should leave, as the coach did not see him in his plans. The problem I have is Diego Aguirre making the decision to release Pacheco who signed for Wanderers and then Diego Aguirre decides to leave Peñarol after only a few games and sign for Al-Rayyan Sports Club. Once again I can understand Diego looking after his families interest but all the great work that he accomplished in 2011 has now been destroyed in 2012. The loss in the Clasico which knocked Peñarol out of the Uruguayan Championship came from a legend player called Alvaro Recoba who scored the winner from a free kick. 

Peñarol’s legend and free kick specialist Tony Pacheco is playing for Wanderers thanks to Diego Aguirre and that was the difference in the Clasico as Nacional were able to bring on Recoba and Peñarol had no one with the type of experience that is required in this type of game. 

Tony Pacheco

Recoba the difference

Both Presidents have been critised as Nacional is out of all cup competitions and is now on the verge of playing the Uruguayan Championship Finals, which is all they have left for 2012. The teams are always having players sold and the coaches having to adapt with the players they have and the budget that is available. Peñarol is in the process of buying land to build a stadium and has found itself going through 4 coaches during the current Uruguayan Championship. Now the new coach Jorge da Silva will have time to build a new team for 2013 and lets hope the price of oil doesn’t have another major impact on Peñarol!!!!

Los Presidentes

Now the focus moves from El Clasico

El Clasico

To Uruguay vs Russia (Friendly)

Uruguay No Mas!!!