¿ Will Nacional Show Up?

La Fuga
La Fuga

This Monday morning Sydney time El Classico between Peñarol and nacional will kick off. The real question is whether nacional will show up for the game and /or the second half. The famous game back in 1949 where nacional did not show up for the second half.

 Now due to this game nacional will always be remembered as Chickens (Gallinas).

Escudo nacional
Escudo nacional

Will SportBet have odds on nacional showing up or not, will the Uruguayan Futbol Federation offer ticket buyers a money back garantee if nacional don’t show up? It’s bound to be a dramatical game as always with Peñarol hoping to make a come back in La Liguilla and defeating it’s arch rival. Lets hope it finishes like the last time they played.

Vamos Manya Vamos


The Hiddink Legacy


Well once again Guus Hiddink has made a name for himself for being the half way man. Once again he has sold his soul to help a nation achieve nothing and in the process knock out his own country of birth (Holland) before a final. He is now a South Korean, Australian and Russian citizen but will The Netherlands accept him back?

It’s hard to say as the following picture shows Guus getting ready for a visit to Amsterdam.

Guus Praying

Guus and Dutch Friends

Guus at Amsterdam Airport with all his Dutch Friends.

Guus back in Holland

Guus outside Amsterdam Airport being greeted by some Dutch Fans from the Dutch Open Karate Rotterdam School.


Asking for forgiveness from Van Basten.

Van Basten advising Hiddink that they will be going out for a bite to eat, maybe some pizza!!!!!!!!


Guus advising it’s his shout.


Over pizza Van Basten and the dutch fans quiz Guus on his International record and see a pattern appear of never going all the way. So they ask? How does your wife feel about this?

Guus International Record

Guus advises all of Holland that he has a new book out which will help everyone understand him better. Saint Guus!!!!


All of the Netherlands agree that it’s time for a book signing and help with the preperations:

hiddink Tank

Guus Hiddink on the way out of Holland was apparently seen three times:

one of them was having a chicken burger with Elvis,


 The Other was exchanging tactics with Osama as to disguises, 


The third advising everyone that he will now coach the USA and piss off one more nation.


Thanks Guus Hiddink, you have now pissed off the Italians, The Uruguayans and the Dutch. One more you say, but who could it be


Vamos Peñarol Vamos!!!!


Mario Saralegui

Peñarol, the flamboyant champion of the Clausura tournament will go in search of the first semifinal of the Uruguayan championship this Sunday when faced with Defensor Sporting, the champion of the Opening Tournament and the Annual Table.

Mario Saralegui, DT of Carbonera, expressed:

“The only problem we had this week was that Fabian Estoyanoff was unable to train for a flu issue but we believe that tomorrow he is going to be fine,” he said. The flu went through the aromas last week and attacked several players. First there were Maximiliano Bajter and Antonio Pacheco and then-this week-Diego Rodriguez and Estoyanoff.

The coach also noted that the players who were injured, Ruben Olivera and Omar Perez already recovered while Dario Rodíguez is “improving”.

The team
The eleven for Sunday, as confirmed Saralegui, will go with Biglianti in the goals, Aguirregaray, Alcoba, Manrique and Perez; Alvarez, Roman and Pacheco; Olivera, Estoyanoff and Bueno.






How Things Change

Jorge Del Solar

When a result is so bulky it is difficult not to agree that a team crushed the opposition. Uruguay beat Peru 6-0 at the Estadio Centenario. While the international media hailed Diego Forlán, Peruvians demanding resignations and accuse the coach for not taking a step to the side. “Caradura!”, Titled the Lima daily El Expreso next to a photo of coach Jose Del Solar.
To have a Professional Futbol player pose for a picture holding a Gun in one hand and a futbol in the other. Having two of their best players suspended by their own Futbol Federation for hiring some hookers to the hotel they were staying in. Now having their coach talk to his team in such a unprofessional manner. A country that is willing to sell a whole mountain to the Chinese. You have to ask yourself, Have they all Gone Mad!!!!!!!! Bring back Los Indios Por Favor….

¿ Lo Que’? Uruguay 6-0 Peru


“A Picture says a thousand words”

This picture left me speechless when I saw it. It still amazes me even now. Futbol in one hand and gun in the other. Remember that Uruguay has survived with Brasil on top of us and Argentina next to us. Looks like Peru will need to point the gun at their next opponents or after this performance, at their own coach??????

To Major who left a comment. I guess you didn’t realise that the game has already been played. Watch below:




Uruguay lose Two Crucial Points


Once again El Maestro loses two crucial points at home. He needs to take full responsibilty for the result. He still selects the same players that don’t perform. He insists with Carini, Forlan, Nacho. Some of these players are not playing for their teams and lack match fitness and touch.


How many points has Carini cost us in this qualification. He is not starting for his team yet they seem to want to make sure he breaks the record of appearences. What’s happened to Muslera, Viera, Castillo. Tabarez have the balls to change the GoalKeeper like Saralegui did with Peñarol.


Whats happened to players like, El Lolo, Vargas, Eguren, Olivera, Bueno, Alcoba. How we missed a player like el Lolo on the right wing today. Fast, great crosses and intelligent.