It’s All in the Mind

Back when I was a kid, the Beatles really had quite an impact on me. This is way back before the internet and when the types of media were very limited. I used to buy vinyl records and sometimes you would be lucky and the lyrics were on the back cover or on the inner sleeve.

I would find old records and books wherever I could, keeping a close eye on anything I could find Beatles related. Ringo would always find brilliant throw away lines like “Eight days a week” or “It’s been a hard days night”, but then you have lines like “Imagine” or “It’s all in your mind you know”.

The latter, both address the mind and the power you have within it. I then began to research the mind and that led me through a journey like Alice in Wonderland from Hare Krsna to John Kehoe.

I was introduced to John Kehoe by a friend of mine back in the 1980’s. I went to his presentation on his program “Mind Power”. Following his quite radical ideas I decided to buy his book. We all gathered around him after the presentation and asked him questions. I don’t know what I would have asked him but I know that I asked him to sign my book. John signed it “Have a Great Life”

That was around 1988 and now here we are in 2020, some 32 years later and I’m currently completing his Master Class 7 week program online. John also offers a 7 week Mind Power Training program online and once you complete it you can enroll in the Master Class.

I’m really enjoying the Master Class program and getting a fresh understanding of where we are now with our understanding of Quantum Physics and the new understanding of the universe. To have John provide his views and teaching is a real honor.

I have decided to bring back this blog and while in a completely different direction from where it was before, it has risen like the Phoenix from the ashes. I will be updating all the different sections on this site when I have time and posting more regularly.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about John Kehoe and download his free book please visit this link.