We Won They Lost

Uruguay Lineup against Great Britain
Uruguay Lineup against Great Britain London 2012 Olympics

When Uruguay win we say ” We Won” and when Uruguay lose we say “They Lost”. Today Uruguay lost 1-0 against Great Britain at the London Olympics which sends Uruguay out of the tournament at the group stage. To be disappointed you need to have an expectation. My disappointment happened during the UAE game as I could see that Uruguay were not playing well and both strikers of Suarez and Cavani were out of touch. This concern was never resolved by el Maestro as the pair were unable to score at London 2012. On paper Uruguay looked strong in attack but on the field Uruguay were weak in defense and out of touch in attack. The midfield was held together by el Cacha however there were no other defensive midfielders to get the ball back and maintain possession.

I did not expect Uruguay to win today as in the previous two games el Maestro could not resolve the issues with the substitutions. Today however el Maestro froze and only made one substitution which was Lodiero for Vuidez. Sure we had chances to score but for the whole of the second half we knew we needed to score two goals without conceding to progress to the next round and Tabarez did very little!

The stage was set for Suarez to silence the stadium and in return knock Great Britain out of the Olympics. I have written previous blog entries stating that the decider was going to be against Great Britain and if Suarez was there he would score and that he would be booed. What affected me the most (being Uruguayan) was hearing the crowd in Wales today boo the Uruguayan National Anthem. This is a disgrace not only for the Olympic Football Tournament but for Great Britain as hosts. It reminded me of the game against Australia back in 2005 when the Australian crowd booed the Uruguayan National Anthem.

Suarez commented after the game that booing the Uruguayan National Anthem was disrespectful to the Olympians of Uruguay. Interesting to see that the FA, FIFA and the Olympic Committee do not comment with regards to this type of unsportsmanlike behavior. If it affects me I can only imagine what it does to the players on the field.

Uruguayan National Anthem
Uruguayan National Anthem

Having said that, Uruguay did not play well and did not deserve to progress in the tournament. What Uruguay did do was give it all they had. Remember this is an under 23 team who has gained valuable experience at an international tournament. These are young players that will slowly be introduced to the National Team. They got Uruguay to the Olympics which is a great achievement considering we have to knock out either Brazil or Argentina to qualify.

Well done muchachos and thank you.

Olympian Diego Rodriguez
Olympian Diego Rodriguez

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8 thoughts on “We Won They Lost”

  1. Yeah!!! You perfectly right, our loss to Senegal, was our premature exit then. Uruguayan football history has been to high to sustain, but what the heck, who ever wins the GOLD this year, no country, no one, not even Brasil can reach us. LONG LIVE URUGUAYAN OLIMPIC ARCHIVES!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mira loco lots of things were wrong, Cavani and Suarez looked tired they have not stopped playing football at all in 12 months. My frustrations are why didnt he use Hernandez? Why did arguably our best player at the U20 tournament Polenta did not play at all, lele Cabrera didnt even make the squad. Perhaps in hindsight we didnt need both Suarez and Cavani, one would have been enough. Maybe el Ruso or even Lugano would have been better choices. Our build up was way too slow and players from the opposing team got behind the ball giving Suarez and Cavani no space or time. I like Ramirez but he needs to find another gear, he seems to do things very slowly, and Lodeiro does them too fast. I just think we never found the balance. Asi se dan las cosas, we have been spoilt for the last 24 months and our expectations are unrealistic.

      2. Agree with you 100%. I agreed with the initial selection of Suarez, Cavani and Cacha. After seeing the way they were playing it was obvious they were out of touch due to long European seasons.

        So true about Lodeiro too fast and Ramirez too slow. In hindsight I would have gone with Lugano as I didn’t realise how weak the defence was and another defensive midfielder.

        El Maestro has issues with the amount of time he takes to make subs and when he finally makes a decision it makes no sense!!!!

        Saludos Flaco y Vamos Uruguay Carajo!!!!

  2. I just wanted to see gold around their necks but we got a rope! It didnt look promising from the start however what it did confirm for me is that Uruguayan based players are not up to the high levels of International football (and this was a mid level in my view) without some prior European or other major league experiance
    . still I thought we would at least squeeze past the group stage. Basically this campaign was a failure. There are better things ahead and I cant wait to be in the Maracana in 2014 when Lugano holds up that Gold trophy and after dancing cumbia and drinking brasillian beer till the sun comes up two days later. URUGUAY QUE NO NI NOOO

    1. So true, rope around their necks instead of gold. Ha Ha Ha!!! That sums it up. Yes you can see the difference between the European based players and the local players.

      Let’s hope we qualify for Brazil and have a better Confederations Cup. Brazil will be a great World Cup to be at and a real Futbol Country!!!!


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