God save the Queen

It sure has been an interesting morning for all Uruguayans. I got to see Luis Suarez score three goals in the Premier League, Edison Cavani score against Roma for Napoli and thanks to YouTube, watched the first half of the Uruguayan Sub 23 game against Egypt which ended 0-0. There is no doubt in my mind that 2 of the 3 over age players for the London Olympics have to be Suarez and Cavani. Luis Suarez during the game against Norwich was constantly booed every time he touched the ball. This has been happening to Luis ever since the Evra incident. I guess if Luis ever wanted to make a documentary it could easily be called “This is England”.

A country that has crucified Luis for the Evra incident and has avoided the John Terry incident by deferring his case until after the 2012 Euro Championship. If John Terry is found guilty will the English public also boo him at every game? Every time he touches the ball? Every time he plays for England? Is racism in England dependent on who the player is?

To have Luis Suarez playing at the Olympics at Old Trafford with the whole crowd booing him will be a great example of what England really is. Luis Suarez is very strong mentally and the more the crowd boos him the closer he will come to scoring. I’m confident that Suarez will be booed throughout the tournament and lets hope when Uruguay receives the Gold Medal the English will play the Uruguayan anthem as loud as possible (at 11).

Now lets look at the players that would make my under 23 Uruguayan Olympic Squad:

Luis Suárez (25) Liverpool, England

Luis Suárez

Edinson Cavani (25) Napoli, Italy

Edinson Cavani

Egidio Arévalo Ríos (29) Club Tijuana, Mexico

Egidio Arévalo Ríos

Abel Hernández (21) Palermo, Italy

Abel Hernández

Sebastián Coates (21) Liverpool, England

Sebastián Coates

Tabaré Viudez (22) Nacional, Uruguay

Tabaré Viudez

Matías Aguirregaray (23) Palermo, Italy

Matías Aguirregaray

Diego Polenta (20) Bari, Italy

Diego Polenta

Gastón Ramírez (21)  Bologna, Italy

Gastón Ramírez

Nicolás Lodeiro (23) Ajax,  Holland

Nicolás Lodeiro

Jonathan Urretaviscaya (22) Vitória S.C, Portugal

Jonathan Urretaviscaya

Adrián Luna (20) CE Sabadell FC,  Autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain

Adrián Luna

Juan Cruz Mascia (18) Nacional, Uruguay

Juan Cruz Mascia

Leandro Cabrera (20) CD Numancia, Spain

Leandro Cabrera

Martín Campaña (22) Cerro Largo, Uruguay

Martín Campaña

Starting with Martín Campaña from Cerro Largo there is no need to think of Muslera as an over age Goalkeeper option. From what I have seen Martín is more than capable of performing exceptionally at the Olympic Tournament. In defense there is no need to think of Lugano as an over age option with Sebastián Coates who is only 21 years old and is prime to continue in the Montero, Lugano style.

So that leaves the midfield to consider for an over age player. I can not look past Egidio Arévalo Ríos (El Cacha) as the third over age player. I have posted a video of El Cacha highlighting the work he performs in the midfield. We need someone with both World Cup and Copa America experience in the midfield and what a great option El Cacha would make. There has been calls for Forlan to be included but I believe we have two under age options which are capable of a great tournament (Tabaré Viudez and Nicolás Lodeiro). Either Viudez or Lodeiro can play the number 10 role as creative midfielder or play maker.

The attack would naturally be Suárez  and Cavani as the over age players and a nice option of Abel Hernández who is only 21 on the bench. I also would like to throw in an 18-year-old by the name of Juan Cruz Mascia, as I like to have a balance of youth and experience. This sure looks like a Champion team and all I can say to England is:

“God save the Queen”!!!


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