Person of the Year 2012

The stage is set for El Maestro to continue the history of the Uruguayan Football Olympic Team. Uruguay have participated in two Olympic Tournaments (1924 and 1928) winning both and maintaining an undefeated record. The draw has placed Uruguay in Group A with hosts Great Britain, United Arab Emirates and Senegal.

Uruguay also has an undefeated record with regards to the Copa America when hosted in Uruguay. Since 1916 Uruguay have never lost a Copa America game in Uruguay. That is quite an amazing record which gives me hope that Uruguay can also maintain their Olympic Record.

Uruguay play against the United Arab Emirates at Old Trafford, Manchester on the 26th of July. Uruguay then play against Senegal on the 29th of July at Wembley Stadium, London. The final game which could be the group decider when Uruguay meets Great Britain at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales on August 1st.

El Maestro who qualified for the 2010 World Cup via a play off with Costa Rica. Who came 4th at the 2010 World Cup and who won the Copa America 2011 is again in Group A, having to play the hosts. Could this be the year that El Maestro not only brings home the Gold from London, maintains Uruguay’s undefeated record at the Olympic games and is awarded Time magazines Person of the Year?

The Olympic Football Tournament is an under 23 competition with 3 over age players allowed. Just who those three over age players are is still a mystery. All the polls I have seen on most sites lean towards Suarez, Cavani and Forlan. Some sites mention Lugano, el Cacha and el Ruso. The under 23 team plays Egypt tomorrow and it will be a great game to see how they perform against African opposition.

Now that Uruguay have made history with Tabarez by being 3rd in the World as per the FIFA rankings, amazingly our next friendly game with the under 23 team will be with Chile and will go towards the FIFA rankings (Bizarre!!!)

As El Maestro has been quoted as saying that in London we could be a total disaster, however we could also be a great success. I believe if Uruguay bring Gold back from London, the pound should reflect this with a small adjustment.


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