Uruguayan World Records

Caricatura de Forlan

Some very interesting Guinness Book of Records for Uruguay. Federico Delgado Heredia took 5 hours and 50 minutes to complete the caricature of Diego Forlan that measures 91.35 m (299 ft 8.45 in) in length and 60.90 m (199 ft 9.63 in) in width, measuring 631.20 m² (6,794 ft² 21.6 in²) and used 60 litres (13.2 UK gal; 15.85 US gal) of black paint!!! Bien Ahi Federico.

The largest collection of pencils belongs to Emilio Arenas (Uruguay)  who started his collection in 1956 and consists of 14,552 black pencils from 60 countries as of 3 August 2011.

The largest matchbox collection belongs to Emilio Arenas Florin of Colonia (Uruguay) with 9,130 unique matchboxes; which he has been collecting since 1980.

The largest alfajor weighed 464 kg (1,022 lb 15.11 oz) and was made by Alfajores de Las Sierras de Minas (Uruguay), in the main square of the city of Minas, Lavalleja, Uruguay, on 12 December 2010.


Uruguay was the largest per capita consumer of beef and veal in the world during 2010, at approximately 62.1 kilograms (136 lb, 14.51 oz) per person.

The highest margin of victory in a Copa Sudamericana match is nine by Defensor Sporting (Uruguay) in a 9-0 win over Sport Huancayo (Peru) in a second-stage first leg match in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 16 September 2010.

The record for the fastest goal by a substitute is 18 seconds by Uruguay’s Richard Morales against Senegal at the 2002 World Cup in Suwon, South Korea on 11 June 2002.

The most wins of the Copa America for the South American football championships is 15 by Uruguay between 1916 and 2011. “La Celeste” defeated Paraguay, 3-0, in the final at Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 24 July 2011. Uruguay is the only nation besides Argentina to win the Copa America when hosted by Argentina, having done so three times (1916, 1987, 2011).

The oldest referee to officiate a FIFA World Cup finals match is George Reader (UK) who was 53 years 236 days old when he refereed the final game of the 1950 World Cup at the Maracana stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 16 July 1950. The match was won by Uruguay who beat the hosts Brazil 2-­1 in front of crowd estimated at 200,000 (although officially recognized by Fifa as 174,000) to go top of the final group and win the World Cup for the 2nd time.

The fastest time to be sent off in a World Cup finals match is 1 minute by José Batista, playing for Uruguay against Scotland on 13 June 1986 at the Estadio Neza ’86, Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico.

The first ever FIFA World Cup goal was scored by Lucien Laurent (France), playing for France against Mexico at the 1930 World Cup, in Estadio Pocitos, Montevideo, Uruguay, on 13 July 1930.

The first ever clean sheet recorded in a football World Cup match was recorded by the USA in it’s 3-0 victory over Belgium at Estadio Parque Central, Montevideo, Uruguay on 13 July, 1930.

What is really interesting is the last World Record at the Parque Central which is Nacional’s home ground. Now you hear the bolsos (Nacional Fans) always going on about having a stadium and Peñarol not having a stadium. I would like to translate to the illiterate bolsos, that the name of their so called stadium is “Parque” which translates to “Park”. So in reality their stadium is not a stadium but just a park. If it were a stadium they would be able to host the Classico but they can’t, so the game is played at Peñarol’s stadium of el Centenario.

Records from The Guinness Book of Records at the following link: Guiness Book of Records

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