Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz

Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz

As I sit here watching the Napoli vs Chelsea 1st Leg of the Champions League game on SBS HD with commentators Martin Tyler and his side kick nobody, I can’t help but think of Suarez. The comments from commentators that are meant to be professional however decide to comment like fans would in the stadium. An example is when Cavani gets fouled and the referee awards a freeekick to Cavani however side kick nobody decides to tell Cavani to get up and get on with it. Yes Mr Nobody, Cavani got on with it all right, he scored and set up the third goal and was involved in the 1st goal for Napoli’s 3-1 win over Chelsea. A classic example of Napoli having a player like Cavani who cost $16 Million and Chelsea with Torres who cost $70 Million and on the bench without coming on.

Then you have Suarez who won Most Valuable Player at La Copa America 2011 in which Uruguay were Champions on Argentinian soil. There has been a lot said over the Evra incident and I will give you my thoughts. In the report Evra states that he said to Suarez “the cunt of your sister” before anything was said about his skin colour. Ok that’s all I need to know!!! From that moment on, everything is in play. If Suarez wants to say something about Evra’s skin colour then he is within his own right. I’ve had enough here in Australia being called a wog. As soon as you call me a wog then anything could happen, it just depends what head space I am in.

So I begin my countdown to the London Olympics which are on this year (2012) in July. Tabarez has named the entire World Cup/Copa America squad and the under 23 players in contention for a place in the Olympic Squad as he states that they are all Olympians. Bravo Maestro, as now no-one including nobody knows if Suarez will be playing. Uruguay will however be playing to bring back the Gold from London which is achievable. Imagine a Cavani and Suarez attack. Opa!!!!!!! Then El Maestro still has one more over age player to select. How about a relentless midfielder like El Ruso, El Cacha or El Mota? How about some backs like El Tota, El Pelado or  Coates? Maybe Muslera instead? Then you have Forlan who won the Best Player of the World Cup 2010, would be great as a playmaker. Forlan, Cavani and Suarez for Gold!!?

Diego Forlan
Edison Cavani

Maybe we can look at helping the Argentinos to buy back Las Malvinas since we are now buddies in our attempt to co host the 2030 World Cup? We can always look at melting the Gold and if they don’t want to sell, we can always buy some Greek Islands????

Saludos y Hasta Pronto


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