Time for a New World Champion


Andres, El Loco y Luis
Andres, El Loco y Luis


It’s time for a new World Champion as Spain will meet Holland in the World Cup Final. Interesting enough this could be the third World Cup Final that Holland lose if Spain are able to secure both the Euro and the World Cup. With reports that Spain were already bribing the referees before the World Cup started and the fact that it will be an English referee, it looks like a Spanish Dream will come true. 

It sounds good to me as there have been countries that have annoyed the hell out of me and one of them were the dutch. The dutch would have to be a bunch of drunk, drug taking idiots I have ever seen. They even beat the Mexicans in the category of wankers. The dutch are so busy trying to outdo each other with outfits and drinking that they forget about the actual game of futbol on hand. They are annoying and don’t seem to understand futbol as they were calling themselves World Champions. Laughing at my face and saying we have lost to the World Champions. Trying to explain to the dutch that they haven’t won anything yet and if we are going to use the words “World Champion” at this stage it would be that they have just beaten a 4 time World Champion and that’s it. 

It was interesting playing in another stadium where everyone was against Uruguay. The dutch were everywhere wearing their orange. The Africans were all against Uruguay because of the Suarez incident and because we knocked out Africa twice. If only the blacks here would understand that it was the dutch that came to this country and enslaved them. That  Uruguay was one of the first countries in the World to end slavery. Uruguay was the first country to have a black player in their team (Andrade) and many European countries protested in the 1924 Olympics of his inclusion. Many people had never seen a black person until they saw Andrade. 

I always had a soft spot for African teams in World Futbol, however I now have a completely different view due to my experience in South Africa. The Africans can support the country that put Mandela on Robben Island and implemented Apartied. I will be hoping that Spain finally win a World Cup as I am a fan of their coach and I have Spanish blood. I will never support any black or African team in my life as they would have to be one of the most ignorant people I have ever met. I can’t wait for the World Cup in Brazil as they are a true futbol country who understand the game. 

Another topic is the Suarez handball. If we were in Brazil it would be discussed but in a different way. Here in South Africa they are obsessed with it. In Africa has anyone ever watched or played futbol? I have played in games where a player has saved the ball with his hands to avoid a goal. It’s no big deal, it’s just like a player taking down a player in the penalty box as he’s about to score. Red card and a penalty, it’s so simple but everyone is crying. Get over it and move on, Gyan missed the penalty so go and ask him why he missed!!!!! Was it the pressure???? What happened Gyan?????? Was it the Jabulani??????? 




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3 thoughts on “Time for a New World Champion”

  1. I am a South African who shares your frustration. I wore the colors of South African in the first stage, but was gradually won over by the fighting spirit of Uruguay and the charisma of star striker Diego Forlan.
    The best moment of the World Cup for me was at Green Point Stadium when Forlan scored that scorcher of an equalizer with individual brilliance.
    The whole continent cheering against Uruguay and the booing that Suarez received in PE was embarrassing for me, because it just showed a bad loser attitude and a typical third world knee-jerk reaction.
    I liked both Ghana and Uruguay at the quarter final but in the end the game ended fairly in penalties because the two teams were equally matched up. In my mind Suarez handball did not win the match for Uruguay but prevented their sudden death in the final second. Ghana were very much in the driver seat until Gyan missed the penalty and had still a fighting chance with PKs. You are right that most people who were against Uruguay were watching football for the first time in their lives, there were weird suggestions of banning Suarez for life or allowing a technical goal etc… etc..
    I doubt that Ghana would have done any better than Uruguay in the semi final though, I believe the better team won. Ghana came within a whisker of disqualification had it not been for the valiance of the Australians.
    Do not right off Africa and South Africa, some of us loved you guys, and I would take Uruguayan fans over the Dutch anytime although perhaps by sheer numbers the Dutch were better for our economy. For me as a person the Uruguayans were surely the better behaved.

  2. I’m surprised you were able to con Abreu to appear on your website? Doesn’t he know you’re a die-hard Manya?

    Pretty cool though, the website has really improved, better than the Nacho-Love-fest we got going on LCB.

    Seriously though, keep up the good work.

    “YORUGUA” (El primito) 😉

    1. He he. Gracias Primo 😉

      It was like an infestation in South Africa, there were bolsos everywhere. I had no choice and put the future coach of Uruguay for 2030… El Loco Abreu…

      Thanks for the comment and La Celeste Blog is looking good with all the guest writers and looking forward to one of your audio rants!!!! When is the next Nacho interview?

      Saludos Flaco…

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