English Ref for Uruguay vs Ghana


FIFA has appointed an English referee for the game between Uruguay vs Ghana. This now adds the extra element I was already expecting. To win the World Cup not only do you need to play decent futbol but you also have to beat the establishment. You can see it clearly at the World Cup, all the preference are for teams like Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

From a Marketing point of view the dream FIFA final would not include Paraguay, Ghana or Uruguay. FIFA would hope for a Brazil vs Argentina, Brazil vs Spain or any variance with Germany in it. This isn’t a surprise for me as I expected this type of favouritism.

One thing is for sure, it’s going to take more than the referee to stop Uruguay reaching the Semi Final. Uruguay will be intense and will never give up. We have depth on the bench with players they don’t even expect. We can change the game from a defensive style to a double playmaker if both Nacho and Lodeiro play. We can play any formation with a strong midfield as both Eguren and Gargano have either not played or played very little.

We have a great coach who has found the tactic and players. We might end up winning in extra time or on penalties with ony 8 men but we will fight to the end. Uruguay is used to playing against the odds and the Africans will learn what it’s like to play in the qualifiers in South America. We have already been in every situation possible. We were even out of the World Cup at one stage  in Ecuador only to turn the game around and win with the last kick of the game.

Vamos Uruguay Vamos Carajo Vamos!!!!!!!


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