Did Uruguay Qualify for Africa?


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I tend to see things with Uruguayan eyes and from what I have seen so far in South Africa it leaves a lot to be desired. The first topic I would like to discuss is the TV presenters and analysts covering the World Cup in South Africa. The pre show to Uruguay vs Korea Republic they had the two kits presented on two dummies. The Uruguayan kit was all light blue. They had no idea that Uruguay play with black shorts and socks. They call Mexico a South American country. Maybe the dummies should be hosting the show and the presenters can play the part of the dummies since they are already qualified. 

Then you have the expert analysts who are so unknown I have forgotten their names. The only name I remember is John Barnes giving his most biased English commentary he can find. Then you have the African commentators who are angry that the African teams are not taken seriously and are never favourites. I think its fine, make all the African teams favourites, but make them favourites to go back home at the Group Stage. 

We have started a tradition here, which is going to any vendor and asking them if they sell anything from Uruguay. The usual response is “Did Uruguay Qualify”? We have not been able to find anything from Uruguay except a miniature vuvuzela (which I’m always tempted to destroy but it’s not mine), a scarf I bought of a bouncer from a pub and a Flag that suddenly appeared before the Korea Republic game.  

Then you have the mess of no one knowing what the hell is going on. You ask for directions and that’s all you get “directions that go nowhere”. Yesterday we asked at the FIFA Fan Fest where the FIFA Ticketing centre was. We got directions, however the only problem with the directions was that they were not for the FIFA Ticketing Centre!!!! 

Trying to get into the stadiums has improved but our first attempt took 1 hour and a half to get through the first check point. Then we have the issue of not being able to park near the stadium and have to take a bus which on the way back takes an eternity. 

Some of the stadiums aren’t top quality and some have just been completed as you can still see the construction areas that have not been cleared. Grass has not been laid, footpaths not finished. The night games are being played at -1 degrees and you guessed it; “they only sell ice-cream????? I followed directions as I was asking for a nice hot coffee. They made me circle the stadium only to find out that no one is selling coffee, only ice cream. 

The news here are trying so hard to make it seem that everything is running so smoothly but things are far from being “The Greatest  World Cup Ever”. How different Brazil 2014 will be. 

Well I think I have complained enough for one day and I’m sure I will find more to complain about tomorrow. The hot water has just been fixed, I seem to have the internet still connected, the sun is out and it’s a beautiful 27 degrees, time to go for a walk along the beach and prepare for the game tonight. 



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