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Uruguay vs Korea Republic

Uruguay are one game away from a Semi Final appearance at the 2010 South African World Cup. The game that Uruguay needs to win is against Ghana, who is the only African team left in the first World Cup held on African Soil. 

An African committee has been established to encourage all Africans to support Ghana. The South Africans were supporting Korea Republic, which ended up being a home ground feeling for the Koreans. Now the Africans want everyone to support Ghana because Uruguay knocked South Africa out. 

What the South Africans don’t understand is that we actually helped them by beating Mexico in the last group game and they beat France but missed a host of goals which would have got them through to the next round. It was the South Africans lack of goals that eliminated them. It’s a matter of how you see the glass of water, it’s either half full or half empty. Now for the game against Ghana it will be a home ground for Ghana which actually suits the Uruguayans as we are small in numbers, the only large numbers we have is our Futbol history. 

When I look at the possible Quarter Finals that are left we have what I believe as the most accessible Quarter Final. The referees have been in the highlight with huge mistakes against England and Mexico and will always be a decisive element to the game. Lugano has expressed his concerns with the referees, Lugano explains that against Korea Republic the referee did not award a hand ball in the penalty box, an offside was given when Suarez was left one on one with the keeper even though he was on side and the Korean free kick which led to the goal he believes should not have been a free kick in the first place. 

We are now getting ready to watch Brazil vs Chile and have just watched Holland beat Slovakia 2-1. We have been without an internet connection for 24 hours as this is Africa. We had no hot water this morning, they ran out of garbage bags and toilet paper. When we asked for fresh towels they told us they will get some for us and ended up arriving the next day. Welcome to African time. This is all a great omen as Forlan, Suarez and Cavani will score against Ghana before they even kick off. 




Uruguay 2 -1 Korea Republic
Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!!



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7 thoughts on “Uruguay Gana”

  1. Tell Lugano, if he whinges anymore about the refs we’ll give him an English jersey….lol

  2. BTW, I thought you’d apperciate this little story. Over the last few days I got into a heated discussion on facebook over why Uruguay ARE a Football superpower, and France, Holland and England ARE NOT!

    1. He he, That would have been a laugh. It’s only England that matters but someone forgot to mention it to the Uruguayan refs!!! It’s only France that matters but someone forgot to mention it to the South Africans. I don’t think Holland can beat Brazil…..

  3. Gus, I find myself thinking, “is it really possible that we can be world Champions?” I actually thought that it would not happen in my lifetime. My dad said he was 10 years old when Uruguay won in 1950 and he remembers quite a lot of the madness that was a poor Montevideo after full time.

    I have now made a pledge to myself that I will not miss Brazil in 2014. Im so there.

    I can’t wait till our national anthem is played yet again in from of the whole world and “la celeste” show the world our glory days are back again.

    We will get the Ghana and set up a massive Semi final against either of the two Football Superpowers that is Argentina and Germany.

    And then who knows.

    Your living a dream of mine to be in the stadiums when our beloved Celeste plays in the Mundial.

    Remember that a tear or two will run down my face when the national anthem is played yet again in front of three quarter of the worlds population.

    Deep I know but true.

    Vamos Uruguay carajoooooo

    1. Buenas Jorge, We should get past Ghana comfortably and then it’s Brazil or Holland. Holland doesn’t impress me and Brazil are always tough. This a great opportunity Uruguay has and should take it with both hands. It’s so close I can taste it…..
      Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!!!!

  4. URUGUAY NO MAS!!! They can have the whole world against us, BRING THEM ON!!!

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