Bafana Bafana Te Metimos Tres Banana


It’s been a marathon couple of weeks and here I am at 1:15am South African time drinking mate with internet access at speeds I haven’t seen since the 1990’s. Staying in a Guest House ready for a blog entry. I have so much to say and I have no idea where to start so excuse me if I ramble on.

I am Uruguayan and a pure futbol fanatic, so the whole purpose of this trip to South Africa was to watch futbol and most importantly to see La Celeste play in a World Cup. It’s been a lifelong dream that has been realised.

South Africa has been an interesting place to visit and I was advised of many things to look out for and I do take that seriously and am prepared at every moment, however after seeing the South Americans I feel safe and insecure at the same time. To start with, a Brazilian and Peruvian were arrested for stealing South African ladies handbags, the ultras for both Uruguay and Argentina walk the streets as if they are in South America and I wouldn’t be approaching them unless you want to find a new storage area for you’re vuvuzela.

The futbol coverage in this country reminds me a lot of the Australian Soccer Coverage. Not only do they call it soccer over here but most people are only interested in Rugby Union. The experts talk about the strangest things, from asking the Question as to why Nigeria is not the favourite against Greece (Nigeria lost the game!!!) they say that the African teams are never taken seriously. In my opinion you first have to win something and secondly you have to have a healthy FIFA ranking and thirdly you need to play futbol to be taken seriously.

It’s midnight the following day and I’m still trying to finish this blog entry. I never thought I’d say this, but man I miss our internet speeds in Australia.

I love the media here as they are so biased it’s like a comedy routine. The build up to the Bafana and Uruguay game had me in stitches and angry. The experts here were stating that Bafana should rest their players for the game against Uruguay as this was their easy game and they could focus on the tough game against France. They were saying that the game was going to end up in favour of Bafana either 2 nil or 3 nil. They were talking about who they were going to face in the second round and gave no respect to Uruguay at all. Just the sort of coverage you get in Australia.

Walking into the stadium Andres was advised that the result would be 3-0 in favour of Bafana just like it said on his ticket. We looked at the ticket and we were trying to understand what they were trying to say. These guys have no idea and it’s a laughable situation.

Now that the game is over not only did they not show the highlights to the game but everyone seems to say that they only care about the Rugby Union. Congratulations South Africa, as you beat Los TeRRos (Uruguay Rugby Union Team) 1000 to 3 at the Rugby Union World Cup in Australia. I think that South Africa will beat Uruguay at cricket as well.

Just a reminder Africa, this is the World Cup in Futbol and before you talk show some respect as the Champions of the World have only been from two continents, South America and Europe.

Now for my own highlights show:







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