Uruguay First Red Card in Africa


La Cede Uruguaya Cape Town
La Cede Uruguaya Cape Town

 Great news as Uruguay has made history in Africa on the first day of the World Cup. Uruguay is the first country to receive a red card in a World Cup held on African soil. I would like to congratulate Nicolas Lodiero for an incredible accomplishment being so young and inexperienced.  

Africa got to see two World Cup Champions in action for the first time in a World Cup held on African soil. Most of the crowd would have been mesmerised with the chess game that was played. Nobody was giving anything away and hopefully no one fell asleep and hurt themselves by falling out of bed or out of their chair.  

France without the headbutting Zidane are a different team and even when the double hand balling french Henry came on the field nothing was going to change. What was ironic was Henry asking for a hand ball in the Uruguayan penalty box. I guess he was complaining because the Uruguayan only hand balled it once and not twice within the same play?  

Then there is the French coach who suddenly thought he was Napoleon and conquered the field as the Referees were overawed by the occasion and forgot about the rules as they allowed him on the field with no penalty. 

Then there is El Maestro who played with the same tactics throughout the game only to change them after the Nicolas send-off. Both teams had chances to win the game however I believe both teams are happy with the result as now the remaining games become crucial for qualification. Group A finishes after the first game with all teams on one point, however the difference being that Mexico only managed a draw against South Africa. If Uruguay manage to beat South Africa and France manage to beat or draw against Mexico then Uruguay will only need a draw in their last game to qualify. 

Being at the game was a great experience and the crowd were fantastic. No one around me fell asleep and the Uruguayans were in their typical chanting and opinionated comments. Well the Dream has become a Reality as I have now seen Uruguay play in a World Cup. Now for qualification which is in our hands. Now to relax and enjoy the futbol until the next Uruguay game.

Locos por Uruguay
Locos por Uruguay




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