4 Days: Futbol Carnival


Futbol Carnival

 As I sit here reading my tweets from no-one and every-one just after midnight, I start dreaming of the Futbol Carnival ahead. The information for this World Cup is amazing thanks to the technology on hand. I’m getting tweets from Diego Forlan letting me know that he has arrived and that he has finished training. I get information from reporters that are in Africa covering the event. Tweets from fans, politicians, SBS, CBN, ESPN and Tenfield to name a few.  

The latest news at hand, that the South African World Cup is cursed. With the amount of injuries happening people always look for a culprit. There has to be some-one to blame. Even Forlan got tackled by Gargano and there was an injury scare.   

Then there are thoughts that a terrorist could do something, there could be a volcano, tsunami, meteorite could hit Tabletop Mountain, South Africa might run out of Coca-Cola, the new ball is so unpredictable it might not show up for the final. With all this happening within a split second, I have to sit back and laugh as I eat my frog legs in anticipation of the Greatest Event known to mankind.  



Below is a video explaining the Uruguayan roots of Candombe: 


It’s going to be a dream come true to see La Celeste in colour: 


Uruguay in Black and White


Uruguay in Colour

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