6 Days: Time to Pack


Se viene Uruguay


The Uruguayan squad are packing their bags ready for South Africa as we speak. Travel documents have been organised, accommodation is all worked out. A few tonne of Yerba is being loaded on the plane with tactics worked out, the Pilsen crates have also boarded. 

The latest news on hand “ESPN says: Uruguay triple world champion!”  Through a system called The Eliminator, the journalist Damian DiDonato concluded, and so published on the website that the Celeste will lift the cup on 11 July. Finally someone agrees with my prediction.  

The only issue I have with Mr DiDonato is that Uruguay would become 5 Time World Champion. I know it’s a long time ago and the whole world was in black and white but FIFA advised that the 1924 Olympic Football Tournament Winner would be crowned World Champions. The same for 1928 which were both won by Uruguay and why we have the extra two stars on our shirt. The stars don’t represent World Cup wins however represent becoming World Champions. I forgive him though for putting Uruguay in the headlines. 

With the news that Uruguay are packing their bags, I have decided to start packing myself. First on the list is a parachute. 



Next is the Gas Mask: 


Followed by my South African Survival Kit: 



Vamos Uruguay Carajo!!!!


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