15 Days: Fear the Shirt


La Celeste

Let the conspiracy begin as FIFA are up to their old tricks again. Looks like Uruguay will play with La Celeste against France and against Mexico, however for some reason not against South Africa. Now lets study the South African Shirt and how the colours would be an issue.   


Bafana Bafana

Looking at the above picture you have to wonder why Uruguay will play in White. Then again is this what FIFA wants Uruguay to do? 


I can understand the fear that happens when La Celeste is seen, as opposition players have been recorded as jumping out of buildings, jumping out of ships, jumping out of planes, jumping out of trains, jumping out of grandstands and running with fear in their hearts. 

I believe FIFA should enter their own team in the World Cup to make it easier to have results go in the interest of the FIFA game.  


FIFA United





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