22 Days: Matías Aguirregaray


Matías Aguirregaray

What a sensational performance by Matías Aguirregaray for Peñarol in the Classico today. Not only did he score a great goal showing his strength and balance but he was everywhere. This Manya is only 21 years old and was part of the Uruguayan Sub 20 and after this performance if it was up to me he would be going to South Africa as a wildcard. Matías Aguirregaray was born in Porto Alegre in Brazil but his blood is sky blue with a touch of black and gold.

When I saw the nacional players wearing  jackets because it was too cold but the Peñarol players with no jackets and huevos enormes, I knew the Championship was coming home.    


Dale no me jodas bolsos cagones, tanto frio no ace!!!!

Peñarol drew with nacional 1-1 to clinch the title after a 3 match finals series. nacional won the opening Championship and Peñarol won the Closing Championship. Peñarol also won the Annual Table which dictates how the finals series gets played.

The first classico was won by nacional 2-0 which created another 2 classicos which the AUF where already counting their pesos. Due to massive crowd problems in the usually safe Olimpica section between the Manyas and bolsos during the first game, the next two classico saw the Olimpica nearly empty. 

The AUF will learn their lesson and build a wall of china with barbwire and split the Olimpica into two sections and use the tower for surveillance. The 2nd Final was won by Peñarol 1-0 which meant a draw would be enough and it was.   


Peñarol Campeon 2010


Peñarol El Mas Grande
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