23 Days: The Sun Shines Upon Us



This will be the Bus to look out for carrying the Uruguayan Squad and with the saying: “El Sol Brilla Sobre Nosotros¡Vamos Uruguay! Quick translation “The Sun Shines Upon Us” 

Now lets look at what the other teams will have on their Bus: 

 South Africa:  A nation, proudly united under arcoíris 

 France:  All together  looking for a new blue dream 

Mexico: It is time for a new champion 

Now lets look at the Group we will meet when we qualify from the Group Stage: 

Argentina: Last Stop, the glory 

Nigeria: Super Eagles, super united fanatics we are 

South Korea: The red shouts, United Republic of Korea 

Greece: Greece is on all sides 

Now lets look at our possible opponents in the rest of the tournament: 

Germany: On route to obtain the Cup 

England: Playing with pride and glory 

Italy: Our sky blue in Africa 

Holland: They do not fear to the five great ones, fear the eleven Oranges 

Serbia: They play with the heart, win with a smile 

Spain: Illusion is my way. Victory my destiny 

Brazil: Filled! Whole Brazil is in here 

Some of the rest making up the numbers: 

Australia: Here we go here we go here we go, here we go’, 

here we go all the way home, he we go here we go here we go…. 

New Zealand: To kick in the style of the Kiwi?????? 

Switzerland: Hopp Schwiiz! Hop Suisse! Forza Svizzera! C’ Mon Switzerland! (We go Switzerland in four languages)??????? 

North Korea: 1966 again. To win North Korea???????? 

USA: Life, freedom, and the search for victory 

I know I haven’t included all 32 teams but my translation skills are limited and I was not able to find a translation for all team phrases. Here is an example: 

Portugal: Un sueño, una ambición… ¡Portugal campeón! 

When I tried to translate the phrase by Portugal my computer kept freezing on the words “Portugal campeón” and I would need to restart every time. So I have decided to stop here and let the sun shine on me. 





Hippie Uruguayo
Hippie Uruguayo


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