29 Days: It’s only 7 Games


The World Cup starts on the 11th of June and finishes on the 11th of July. In those 31 days it will take only 7 games to lift the World Cup and become World Champions. It’s only 7 games!!!! That equates to 1 game every 4.428571428571429 Days, which is a highly achievable target.

The other amazing statistic is that you don’t need to win any of the games in 90 minutes or in extra time as long as you win the penalty shoot out. You can get through the group stage by drawing every game and if other results go your way still qualify. You can then go and play the next 4 games without scoring one goal in normal or extra time, winning the penalty shoot out for each game and lifting the World Cup as World Champions.

With this in mind the Uruguayan Association has decided to add goals to all the urinals so that the Uruguayans can practice at every moment that difficult yet simple art of penalty taking.



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