36 Days: Time to Start Praying


Time to Pray
Time to Pray

Last night I got together with my astrologer, numerologist, tarot card reader, rocket scientist and psychic. We asked the Universal Question: “Will Uruguay win the World Cup 2010?”

We set up the Tarot cards and selected the following card:


We looked at the alignment of the Planets and Galaxies and Moons:

The Rocket Scientist advised what the magnetic pull will do to the Uruguayan Players and Tactics:

The Numerologist came up with the following numbers:

1 9 2 4 1 9 2 8 1 9 3 0 1 9 5 0  

The Psychic was able to become possessed with Obdulio Varela and began talking in a pure Uruguayan accent from the 1950’s:


Obdulio Varela
Obdulio Varela


When we then gathered the data from all our experts the answer to the question was quite simple:

Time To Start Praying



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