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Soccer International 

I was in Boarders today and had a look at the magazines available. To my surprise I found the World Cup Commemorative Program 2010 by Soccer International Magazine.  

When I looked at the cover the first thing I noticed were the countries they selected to be on the cover. There are 7 countries that have won the World Cup, however this magazine decided to put 5 winning countries on the cover. They have Pirlo (Italy); Ballack (Germany); Torres (Spain, never won the World Cup); Messi (Argentina); Kaka (Brazil); Rooney (England); Cahill (Australia, Never Ever won the World Cup); Sneijder (Holland, never won the World Cup).

I guess FIFA asked the Magazine not to include France due to the Zidane and Henry performances? The Magazine also would have thought there was no need to include a South African player on the cover but we’ll just throw in some Lions and Tigers…

I guess they didn’t have room for Uruguay with a picture of Forlan right?  


Diego Forlan
Diego Forlan

Well since the cover of the magazine states that this is “Your Ultimate 140 Page Guide”, I thought I’d give it a chance so I went straight to the Uruguay section on page 56. 

The article is written by Adrian Musolino and in the section of the downside to Uruguay he writes the following. 

“As demonstrated by it’s (Uruguay’s) inconsistent qualifying campaign, where they held Brazil and defeated Argentina, yet suffered a 3-0 defeat at home to the lowly Venezuela, the team hardly impressed and rarely settled on a formation” 

Che Mr Musolino you got your stats wrong buddy as this was the 2006 campaign. For the 2010 campaign we lost against Brazil and lost against Argentina and we drew against Venezuela. 

Then Adrian talks about the class of players  for the 2010 campaign are not at the same level as the 2006 campaign. There is no Recoba or Zalayeta. What are you talking about loco, we have Muslera (Lazio); Diego Forlan (Atletico Madrid); Martin Caceres (Juventus); Walter Gargano (Napoli); Luis Suarez (Ajax); Edison Cavani (Palermo); Jorge Fucile (Porto) and Cristian Rodriguez (Porto) just to name a few. 

Then again the magazine is called Soccer International and I should not expect the level of journalism that you would get from a Futbol International Magazine!!!!! 







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