114 Days: Crazy Plan

Part of the crazy plan is Andres wanting to swim with the Great White Sharks in Cape Town.

I wish him all the luck in the world. At least he’ll get to see Uruguay play one game.

Andres also would like to safari somewhere in South Africa. I wish him luck with this one as well.

When travelling sometimes confusion reigns, as during my time in Nepal I went on a safari by foot looking for tigers. The guide had a big stick in case we found one. They told us to stand still and not move if we found a tiger. Luckily we found no tigers but the rhino wasn’t too happy to see us, however it was too tired to chase us.

These are the crazy things you do when overseas, now that I’m older and toothless the only way I’ll do a safari is if I go with the guys in the below picture.


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