118 Days: Potholes ‘deeply alarming’


Missed it by that much

Looks like we’ll need to keep our eyes open at all times especially when driving. From a recent report on potholes in South Africa the following has been communicated: 

Roads in Joburg and Durban are in an “alarming state” as a result of years of neglect and poor planning, while giant potholes are left unattended – including one just 100m from President Jacob Zuma’s private residence and another one a street away from where Nelson Mandela lives.

Luckily we have 2 experienced drivers who are used to the roads around the Central Coast area dodging hitchhickers, drunken people in general, people with limited education, surfies, bikini clad women and the occasional pot hole. 

In breaking news Nacional from Montevideo won their Copa Libertadores game however conceding 2 goals. 3 valuable points in their attempt to win La Libertadores. No harm in dreaming I say 😉 


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  1. The problem here – is that this photo was not taken in South Africa. While we have huge pothole problems, our potholes are not left to grow quite THAT big!

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