121 Days: Wait for the Green Light

Speed limits are usually clearly indicated in South Africa. Speed limits on highways are 120km/h, those on major roads outside built-up areas are 100 km/h, those on major roads within built-up areas are 80km/h and those on normal city/town roads are 60 km/h.

Looks like we will need to get upto speed on this one, well except for Luis and Andres who usually do these speeds in the car park!¿

Wearing of seatbelts is compulsory.

Red traffic lights (called Robots) require a full stop. It is not permitted to turn while the light is red.

A special kind of crossing is the ‘four way stop’ where the car that stops first has right of way.

You will not encounter many traffic circles, but when you do, take special care since the general attitude of drivers is that traffic circles do not constitute a traffic management roadway structure.

Now do I really have to wait till it goes green?


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