123 Days: Sydney

Went to Parramatta Stadium today to watch Sydney FC and Perth Glory. Great game that ended 3-2 in favour of Sydney.

This is the first time that I’ve seen an A League game this season and the crowd was a healthy 8000 odd.

Being at the game reminded me of what it will be like in South Africa. As this game represented exactly what I won’t be seeing in Africa.

Small crowd, hopeless food, hole in the net, unorganised, poor security. The football was ok as it ended up being a great game.

Sydney hit the lead and Perth equalised with the last kick in the first half. Sydney went 2-1 up with a controversial goal that went through the net but was awarded by the assistant referee only for Perth to equalise once more. Aloisi made a great header to win it for Sydney 3-2 and repay his marquee player tag.

Now to continue with my South African driving lessons. Now what does this sign mean ¿


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