133 Days: Two Million Tickets Sold


Just received confirmation that South Africa has reached the two million tickets sold stage. The countries that have the most requests are the following:

USA (50,217), UK (41,529), Australia (15,523), Mexico (14,804), Germany (14,647), Brazil (10,767), Botswana (2,519), Mozambique (1,795), Namibia (1,191). Uruguay have 3 tickets sold so far and they are for Luis, Andres and Sienzuf.  😉

It’s getting closer and closer till we find out what tickets we get and the suspense is keeping me awake.

When I try to work out the amount of games and the size of the stadiums the whole thing just doesn’t add up. Tickets usually sell better if there is an idea of limited tickets. You hear people like Maradona trying to encourage people to buy tickets and then there are reports of over subscribed games.

The reports attempt to keep everyone confused and worried. Panic works a treat and it looks like the locals are feeling the pressure and buying tickets left, right and centre.

The next ticketing sales phase will start on 9 February 2010 and end on 7 April 2010. During these 58 days, more than 400,000 tickets will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The hotline number for international customers is 0041445832010, and for domestic customers 0831232010.


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