134 Days: FIFA is Europe


FIFA is Europe

Looks like FIFA has given the strongest hint so far that Australia and any other Non European country can forget hosting the 2018 tournament. The Europeans know that outside of Europe they have never won a World Cup. What this means for Australia is a chance to host the 2022 tournament. 

I guess we will have to wait another 12 years to see the World Cup in Australia. Australia had a great opportunity to host the World Cup after the Sydney Olympics however no effort was made to make a bid. The 2014 tournament will be held in Brazil and my guess for the 2018 tournament is that it will be held in England.  

The world cup has been in South America, Central America, North America, Europe, Asia and now Africa so that leaves Oceania and the Middle East. Australia should get 2022 and I’m sure FIFA (Federacion Internacional de Futbol All over Europe) will want the 2026 tournament back in Europe. Especially knowing that the World Cup Centenary will be held in Uruguay/Argentina in 2030. 

I guess one step at a time and let’s focus on South Africa. Should be one interesting World Cup. 







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