135 Days: World Cup 2010 Predictions


Pele Predictions

Pele has been awarded “Worst World Cup Predictor of All Time”.

Everywhere I look all I see is the same prediction, that Brazil will win the World Cup. 

I have already given my predictions for South Africa 2010 as I pick Uruguay to win the World Cup. Why is it that the media asks all these ex great players for their predictions when everyone knows that they wouldn’t have a clue? 

My guaranteed prediction is that Pele will advertise something at the World Cup to keep the money rolling in but will it be Viagra again 😉 

My Predictions are: 

There will be a penalty shootout. 


There will be fouls. 


There will be fights. 


There will be Goals. 


There will be Red Cards. 


There will be crazy fans (mostly the Dutch)