136 Days: Everyone is Scoring



Knowing your current form will determine if you make the squad for South Africa 2010, Oscar Washington Tabarez has some decisions to make. You would have to believe that Forlan and Suarez are automatic selection, however who will make the team from the following strikers?


 La Joya currently playing for Palermo and scoring:   

La Joya



Gimenez currently playing for Bolonia and scoring:      




El Rifle currently playing for Osasuna and scoring: 





Cavani currently playing for Palermo and scoring:   




El Loco changing teams every couple of months, so no idea where he is playing but I’m sure he is scoring:   




Chevanton back and currently playing for Atalanta and scoring:   



 There are many more playing and scoring that I have not included like: Carlos Bueno, Sebastian Fernandez, Rodrigo Lopez to name a few. El Maestro will need to keep an eye out for all these players who are trying to force their way into the Uruguayan National Team which will compete at South Africa 2010. 

Uruguay in Africa for the first World Cup ever held on the African Continent. Let’s make history muchachos. Vamos Uruguay Carajo Vamos!!!! 

Just who will qualify for the Cheerleader auditions to represent Uruguay in South Africa. Below are some contenders: 


 Looks like Maradona will have to keep an eye out on Milito who scored once again for Inter Milan against no other than AC Milan. Ronaldino will be doing himself no favours by missing a penalty at the end of the game as I’m sure Dunga is watching, however maybe not as closely as Maradona.

Final result Inter Milan 2-0 AC Milan 🙂



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