138 Days: “¿ Who are more dangerous: South Africa or Uruguay ?


Natalie Swanston and Simon Fuller were robbed in Montevideo while taking vacations in Punta del Este. The theive/s took belongings including a gold chain with diamonds and sapphires, gold and diamond bracelet, watch, gold earrings and plenty of cash.

Simon Fuller is the creator of the Spice Girls and American Idol. Natalie Swanston is an interior designer and married to Simon. The robbery took place in a rented villa in Punta del Este. Punta del Este is 150 kms east of Montevideo.

These Uruguayans are pretty good when you consider the skill involved in actioning a crazy idea like that. I wonder what the judges on American Idol would score their performance. Cat Burglars are back and when you look at South Africa, man it’s got some cats.

I’m now re-evaluating my security plan for South Africa. The focus has now been redirected to Uruguay especially those nacional supporters. Oh no, I just realised I have two of them travelling in the same car as they are my crew for the documentary.

I will now have a new version of the security plan just in case they plan a mutiny and will document accordingly. We will need to keep one eye on the South Africans and two eyes on the Uruguayans.

By the way,  the cat burglar/s took home more than U$S  100,000 worth of jewellery and cash.


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  2. Ola, me gustaria utilizar esta imagen del tigre en un proyecto..puedo poner el nombre y creditos a quien tomo la foto..puedo?
    perdona por mi espanhol, es que yo hablo portugues.

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