140 Days: “UFO over Montevideo”


UFU over Montevideo

With the news that there was a UFO sighting over Montevideo it makes me wonder, Is this the divine intervention that Recoba talked about?  

There are many ideas as to who was in the UFO.  

Could it be the Brazilians spying on the Uruguayan National Team, is this how Recoba travels now, tactics being delivered for El Maestro, the 1930 or 1950 squad travelling back to the future to play at South Africa 2010,  a new mate’ strain, alien women, the aircraft Uruguay will use to travel to South Africa, aliens wanting futbol lessons, aliens wanting to be Uruguayan Citizens, wanting to eat un asado, drink malta, eat biscochos, drink pilsen, watch a game that Fenix plays, graffiti the Bimbo Champions Headquarters. I guess only the AUF know the answer to this puzzle, so have a look at the footage below and see if you can see anyone in one of the windows of the space ship.  






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