141 Days: “Short Filmmaking on a Shoestring Budget”


I just enrolled in a fantastic course on Short Filmmaking on a shoestring budget. I qualify for all the requirements, I’m short, I have film, I can make things and have  a shoestring budget. My only concern is how I will manage to get around with the above camera.

The course details:

Want to produce and direct a short film or doco that finalises in film festivals? Have an idea for a film but not sure what equipment, crew, skills and how much money you need to make it? This course will cover cost productivity, technical jargon, different stages of filmmaking i.e. pre-production, production and post production. It will also encompass directing and the knowledge to produce and direct your own short film or documentary. Tutor has produced, written, directed and edited short films which have finalised in major film festivals, and all on a shoestring budget!

Sounds like a fantastic course and exactly what I was looking for. Below is some footage of the last movie I made, enjoy.





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