142 Days: “32 Day Update”

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil

It’s been 32 days since I spoke about something other than the Teams involved in the World Cup for South Africa 2010. In so saying that, I have to include in my 32 day update no other than the FIFA President himself. Mr Sepp Blatter has advised that FIFA will not punish Henry for his double handball against the Irish. As a handball is not a serious offence 🙂 (Tell that to the English).

FIFA have always enjoyed making up the rules as they go and I’m amazed that they didn’t allow Ireland and Costa Rica in to the World Cup as Team 33 and 34!!! FIFA could organise a World Cup with wildcards in it, just like Rocky who got a shot at the World Title without qualifying for the privilege. I guess we will have to wait for that one.

The AUF have managed to keep everyone confused as to Uruguay’s next friendly game as we were playing Chile at one stage, then Switzerland, then South Africa and now we could be playing nacional instead. nacional today managed to become BIMBO champions after beating Danubio on penalties (Recoba played for Danubio and waved). nacional deserve to be BIMBO Champions as I can not imagine any other team living up to that expectation. Congratulations bolsas 😉

Talking about bolsas, I have an exclusive on the spot interview with Andres who will be travelling to South Africa wearing the Celeste. Hear his astonishing Predictions and more.

In other news relating to the South African trip, the final day for the Third Ticket Sales Phase ends on the 22nd January. Lets hope those orange ticks (awaiting allocation) become Green ticks (allocations awarded) as the suspense is affecting my sleep. 500,000 tickets have been requested so far so let’s hope it’s not just One scalper who’s got them all ;(

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on the 32 Teams to play in South Africa, unfortunately I do moderate all comments and had to leave 99% off the blog, due to profanity. I understand that my Predictions upset a lot of people however please remember that they are only My Predictions and should be 99.9% right. Interesting enough the people who get upset the most seem to be the English, the Germans, The Chileans, The Africans, the Middle East, the Brazilians and Argentinians, the nacional supporters and all women in general. So this next picture will be as non sexist as I can possibly make it.


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