144 Days “Brazil 2 del Mundo”


Brazil are Team 2 with a FIFA ranking of 2 in the World. Brazil are the only team to have qualified for every single World Cup, winning the tournament on 5 occasions in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.  Brazil have only won the Copa America on 8 occasions compared to Uruguay and Argentina who have both won it 14 times each.  

When you consider that Brazil have taken part in every World Cup their record doesn’t seem that impressive. The World Cup final in 1950 on Brazilian home soil that Uruguay ended up winning seemed to really upset the Brazilians and 8 years later they managed to win their first World Cup. After the Pele era it took Brazil 24 years to win a World Cup. The 1994 tournament ended with a penalty shootout which the Brazilians won over Italy. Not very Brazilian compared to their 1970 win over Italy 4-1. 

Considering everybody seems to think that Brazilian futbol is so entertaining, when you look at Brazil since 1994 they are just like any other team. Now with Dunga they are a boring European styled team just like in 1994, who plays a style that can not be classed in the “futbol bonito” category. Sure they get results and will be one of the favourites for this World Cup, however will they dazel the crowds like in eras gone by. Somehow I don’t think so.  

The Brazilian egos are so big I hope that South Africa has enough room for them with all their tantrums, crying, thanking Jesus, juggling balls while eating breakfast, complaining to the referees, diving, cheating, speaking portuguese which is technically “badly spoken Spanish”. 😉 and not to mention the sort of media attention they receive as they are heros for Continents like Africa and Asia. The media seems to live in the past as does Dunga who has reverted the team to the 1990’s. 

Brazil are in Group G with Korea DPR, The Ivory Coast and Portugal. They might meet Spain or Chile in the Second Round which are tough opponents especially after playing such an easy Group Stage. 

My Prediction: Semi Final (If the weathers not too cold) 








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