145 days “Netherlands/Holland 3 del Mundo”


Holland are Team 3 with a FIFA ranking of 3 in the World. 8 previous World Cup appearances and runners up twice in 1974 and 1978, also finishing 4th in 1998. The Dutch have only ever won ONE Trophy,  being the 1988 Euro  which was held in Germany. The Dutch seem to keep everyone confused as no is really sure who the Dutch are, who the Netherlands are or who Holland is?  



I guess the confusion keeps everyone away from analysing their football history. Lets have a look at Holland’s World Cup Record:  

  • 1930 Did not Enter
  • 1934 Group Stage
  • 1938 Group Stage
  • 1950 Did not Enter
  • 1954 Did not Enter
  • 1958 Did not Qualify
  • 1962 Did not Qualify
  • 1966 Did not Qualify
  • 1970 Did not Qualify
  • 1974 Runners Up
  • 1978 Runners Up
  • 1982 Did Not Qualify
  • 1986 Did not Qualify
  • 1990 Round of 16
  • 1994 Quarter Finals
  • 1998 Fourth
  • 2002 Did not Qualify
  • 2006 Round of 16

The Dutch seem to have an obsession with the colour Orange which could be their downfall as it’s not the sexiest colour you will ever see.  





Dutch Fans




The Dutch were also the creators of Total Football which gave them no titles whatsoever, however managed to piss off the Uruguayans. 




Holland/The Netherlands or whoever the hell  they are, are in Group E with Denmark, Japan and Cameroon. I would love to see the Dutch play Total Football in South Africa 2010 to see that system again. 


My Prediction: Quarter Final 












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