148 Days “Germany 6 del Mundo”


Germany are Team 6 with a FIFA ranking of 6 in the World. 16 appearances in the World Cup, winning it in 1954, 1974 and 1990.

  • 1930 Withdrew
  • 1934 Third
  • 1938 1st Round
  • 1950 Banned
  • 1954 Champions
  • 1958 Fourth
  • 1962 Quarter Final
  • 1966 Runners Up
  • 1970 Third
  • 1974 Champions
  • 1978 2nd Round
  • 1982 Runners Up
  • 1986 Runners Up
  • 1990 Champions
  • 1994 Quarter Final
  • 1998 Quarter Final
  • 2002 Runners Up
  • 2006 Third

Wow, what a Record, man these guys are serious. It makes you think how they would have done in 1950 considering they were banned and ended up Champions 4 years later. Even 1930 when quite a few European countries did not want to travel to South America and interestingly the Uruguayans ended up winning those tournaments in 1930 and 1950.

This fear that the Germans have when it comes to the Uruguayan National Team could appear again, as Uruguay are linked to play Germany at the round of 16 or Quarter Final.

Germany are in Group D with Serbia, Ghana and Australia. Ghana and Australia will have to fight it out with Serbia to qualify after the Germans.

My Prediction: Quarter Final

Hitler's Dream

Just imagine what the World would have been like if the Germans had won. We will never know what would have happened between 1938 and 1950 and the World Cup has never stopped since 1950 “Gracias a Dios” or  to whoever created the algorithm for life in this Universe. The car parks to all fussball games would have looked like the above picture titled “Hitler’s Dream”.


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