149 Days “France 7 del Mundo”


Well well well if it isn’t the French Team that has a FIFA ranking of 7 in the World and are Team 7. 11 World Cup appearance winning the trophy in 1998, runner up in 2006, third in 1958 and 1986 and fourth in 1982.   

It was a Frenchman that organised the first World Cup and the trophy was called Jules Rimet (named after him). Uruguay managed to win the Jules Rimet trophy on two occasions and played to take the trophy home forever. The 1970 World Cup offered Uruguay, Italy and Brazil the opportunity to win the Jules Rimet Trophy a third time. To win it three times meant you would have it forever. The Brazilians ended up winning it and keeping it, however for a short period of time as the typical Brazilians ended up losing the trophy forever 😉     




Jules Rimet

 France are in Group A with South Africa, Uruguay and Mexico. The french have been rather controversial lately with the infamous Zidane headbut and now the Maradona trained Henry double handball against the luck of the Irish. The Irish will still be in South Africa doing their utmost to upset the french in everyway and anyway possible. FIFA did not punish Henry for the incident, however FIFA have other ways to get the outcome they require (always in the name of Football right 🙂 )   

With that in mind I don’t believe France will be given any favours, it’s in FIFA’s interest for South Africa to progress and France to disappear. So for all the Irish out there, Uruguay will do everything possible to say “au revoir France”   

My Prediction: Out Before the Tournament Starts   












DownTown France



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